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Executive summary sponsors


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non-profit promotional plan

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Executive summary sponsors

  1. 1. 108 Pacifica, Suite 270, Irvine Ca., 92618 - - 949-683-7170 Rewards for Giving, My Rewards for Giving, Americas Most Rewarding Prizes, ,America’s Most Socially Responsible Businesses, Social Processing Consultants, Pay any way you want – Get all the rewards you deserve, 4G - Rewards are service marks of Smart Card Professional, LLC. - DBA My Rewards for Giving. Content copyright 2011, All rights reserved
  2. 2. The association would like to offer a revolutionary new rewards program to you.   It will change your perspective to rewards because any business can give cash back rewards to any customer anywhere sponsored by any non-profit irrespective how they pay. The association has privately spent over $100 million and 10 years to design this self sufficient and sustainable program to inspire everyone to sponsor events that raise funds for non -profits. My Rewards for Giving will revolutionize rewards because businesses will get new more loyal customers and non-profits will get cost free funds for the cause.  Unlike all other rewards, only non-profits enroll contributors, each contributor then owns it, can design it on line and can ask any business for cash back using our cost free on line systems.   Best of all, any business can give cash back rewards monthly using any qualifications or amounts to maximize each customer’s loyalty and profits.Our members believe participation can profitably introduce this to targeted national sponsors, non-profits, local events and businesses as a responsible element of their social networking strategies.  Sponsorships can be uniquely valuable to banks, social media, broadcast networks, sports events, retailers, restaurants and just about any other customer relationship not supported by a worthwhile rewards program today.  All you need to do is forward invitations to all your friends, associates, favorite non-profits and cooperate with our considerable experiences. Please let us know of your interest in reviewing the history, presentation details and the social networking possibilities with My Rewards for Giving 
  3. 3. We can process consumers rewards to any one personally owned on line account. Any business invited by any participant can contribute to a cash back reward using our complimentary processing services.The association founders have processed millions of traditional rewards transactions over 20 years.In Beta, the fundraising prizes have raiseda million dollars for deserving causesserving over 50+ different charities andprovided 150+ custom designed privateparties.
  4. 4. 70% of consumers have credit cards with rewards that give very modest value and no store recognition.* Millions of rewards cards work at only one store and provide store value only with little personal recognition.** All rewards programs are owned by businesses or banks. Many redemptions have annoying restrictions/limitations. Rewards are popular but provide limited loyalty & benefits. Personally designed on line rewards, useful anywhere represents dramatic improvements!* U.S. national payments survey* Much like credit before credit cards were introduced
  5. 5. Take our personal test? Would you be more loyal to businesses who reward andrecognize you for giving to schools, charities and non-profits? Want more rewards and recognition because you give?Want many small rewards programs or one big one you own? Want rewards that can work with all other programs?Are you satisfied with the rewards programs you have today?
  6. 6. -Offers personally designed rewards from everyone-Can be customized and changed easily by businesses-Collaborates with other businesses - Rewards are about serving all customers – not just one business!-Personal rewards are fun, exciting and inspire “talk”-Recognizes customers for their non-profit affiliations-Rewards are privately awarded-Discounts are advertised-Accumulates benefits and credits members regularly-Inspires fundraising prizes and contributions-Rewards are for good deeds not just because you buy
  7. 7.   Local rewards association sponsored by us*  Custom fundraising prizes sponsored by us*  Social rewards processing sponsored by us*  Non-profit, volunteer and intern support* Non-equity and equity members are administered similar to early Visa and MasterCard relationships with member banks.
  8. 8.  Members provide complimentary prizes to non-profits and get all the credit.Participate in thousands of private receptions for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, office parties and other celebrations to honor contributions to non- profits.Socially responsible rewards processing for businesses without direct costs, obligations or liabilities.
  9. 9.   Program CRM support and prize administration  “Cool” socially responsible and interactive services  Recognition at sponsored events everywhere  Risk free customer enrollments and redemptions  Fundraising prizes for non-profit contributions  Non-profit administration and use of prizes  Optional rewards consulting services  Multi-million dollar corporate growth strategies  Decades of proven consumer rewards experiences
  10. 10. On line enrollment is easy and complimentaryOn line rewards system converts any discount into cash back and doesn’t require changes to other rewards programs – Customers pay any way they want and get everything they deserve for their loyalty!All businesses can be encouraged to contribute cash back any way productive to their promotional interests.
  11. 11. If you used an advertised coupon and got 25% off, how would you feel about returning and paying full price? - OR- If your favorite business privately gave you 25%+ cash back because you personally give back to non-profits how would you feel?Which businesses recognized you; made you feel special, deserving, appreciated and important?Should businesses evolve discounts into socially responsible My Rewards for Giving?
  12. 12. Millions of credit cards Millions of bank debit cards* Social interaction sites* Internet search engines* Broadcast TV and radio media* Major consumer and business brands* Small businesses Restaurants Retailers Supermarkets Airlines There are billions of under served rewards relationships?* Do not have rewards programs
  13. 13.  Google, Microsoft, NBC Universal,Verizon, Coke, Facebook, local businesses, Chambers of Commerce, churches, schools and non-profits**All these sample organizations offer no rewards and are welcome to refer My Rewards for Giving to good customers.
  14. 14.   Give fundraising prizes to non-profits  Offer sponsorships to deserving fundraisers  Work with sponsor reps to enroll customers  Promote sponsors as the hero to local non- profits, churches, schools and businesses  Deliver prize details to win private referrals  Sponsor annual “Most Responsible” gala awards to recognize major brand initiatives
  15. 15.   Volunteers can nominate local businesses to receive cost free sponsored fundraising prizes and rewards.  Interns and volunteers can train to be a certified Social Responsibility Consultants.  Introduce sports, entertainment and gala events to sell sponsored fundraising prizes and rewards.  Collaborate with fund raising events to serve sponsors with new customer referrals and loyalty.  Anyone can “sponsor” custom designed fundraising prizes and rewards.
  16. 16. Everyone Wins… “America’s Most Socially Responsible Business Awards” “America’s Most Rewarding Prizes” “Sponsored Fundraising Galas, Events and Top Prizes” “VIP Styled Private Receptions” “$100 Million New Year’s Eve School Prize Drawing”** Raffle tickets can be sold by any school and retain all the funds collected. Sponsors contribute their products.
  17. 17. Social responsibility consultants provide: Optional rewards consulting assignments, custom designed rewards programs, specialized event title sponsorships, systems integration into CRM and POS software and all administration of prizes and rewards*Turn key participation is complimentary for everyone. Non-profits, sponsors and social consultants can participate for free. All rewards and prizes are the sole responsibility of Rewards for Giving without contracts or long term commitments
  18. 18.   Charities sell prizes/rewards to fund programs without costs  Businesses win loyal customers with personalized rewards  Members offer prizes for socially responsibility promotions  Loyal customers/contributors get recognized and rewarded  Social responsibility consulting careers can make a difference
  19. 19. Non-profits offer sponsored* on line enrollments so contributors can ask any business for rewards:“Please reward me any way you want because we give to (The Red Cross) Go to Simply use my private number __________ to give me cash back rewards and make me loyal” *The front of the card can advertise sponsors or be your business card - see for personalized rewards cards for free
  20. 20.   Rewards for radio, broadcast, and social media  $100 million in prizes for schools to fundraise  Fundraising prizes offered at popular events  Millions in discounts converted into rewards  VIP designs and styling to raise the bids  Chambers of Commerce collaboration
  21. 21.   Review definition and objectives of assignment  Target equity and non-equity corporations  Price and monetization of products for members  Elect advisory members and financing for O.C. Beta  Design catalysts for emerging payment adoption