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Pe 2010

  1. 1. Basketball.<br />1. Title page<br />2. How to shoot a basketball<br /> - How to do things<br /> - B.E.E.F<br />B-Achieve balance by spreading your legs about shoulder-width and keeping your knees slightly bent. This is known as the triple-threat-position, so-named because you have the option to dribble, pass, or shoot.<br />E-Your elbow should be positioned directly under the ball. The ball should be on your fingertips (not in the palm of your hand).<br />E-Your eyes should be focused at the front of the rim.<br /> F-Always follow through. Keep your off-hand on the side of the ball (this hand is only for guidance). The fingertips of your shooting hand should be spread out, yet relaxed. You can improve your chances of scoring by adding a backspin. This is done by flicking your wrists to add a backward twirl to the ball.<br />3. How to shoot a basketball<br /> - 2 pictures<br />4. Basketball shooting drills<br /> - Basketball shooting skills<br /> - Choose 3<br />1) Proper use of fingertips, wrist and elbow <br />2) Get ball out quickly<br />3) Keep palm pointed at the hoop and back of shooting hand towards the face<br />4) Keep elbows in and ball close to the body at chest level<br />5. Basketball shooting drills<br /> - Choose 2<br />Offence<br />- fast breakPass the ball as far as you can, and do lay up.<br />- triangle option Three player pass to each other, if one player have the chance to score, than pass to them.<br /><ul><li>Four out one in
  2. 2. </li></ul>Defense<br /><ul><li>Zone defense
  3. 3. Man-to-man pressure defense.
  4. 4. Trap defense.
  5. 5. This tatic contain double team defence, and in offence it include pick and roll</li></ul>TOPIC: Volleyball<br /><ul><li>Should I serve to a open space or a player?
  6. 6. I think that it depends, because the first time to serve and you get the point, the next time you serve you will get 0 points.
  7. 7. What type of serves are there?</li></ul>Floaters- Float serves are tough to pass because the ball dances in the air making it tough to judge it will land. On the other hand, the movement can also make it difficult for the server to keep the ball in the court.<br />Top spin- A top spin serve can be tough to pass, because it dropping much faster than floater.<br />Figure 1: a top spin serve<br /><ul><li>Volleyball setting.
  8. 8. Get to the target.
  9. 9. Be ready to move from the target.
  10. 10. Beat the ball to the spot.
  11. 11. Stop and set.</li></ul>Volleyball digging.<br /><ul><li>be up on your toes and on the balls of your feet, not on your heels.
  12. 12. Be ready to get in a stable position to dig a hard driven ball.
  13. 13. Be ready to move to run down a shot or tip.
  14. 14. Arms are bent and in front of you ready to react to dig a ball with your forearms or to play a ball overhead.
  15. 15. Eyes are focused on the hitter watching for any hint as to what they are going to.
  16. 16. Analysis of performance - Soccer World Cup 2010Quick Questions;Who won the 2010 Soccer World Cup? SpainHow many times have this team won the World Cup? 1Which team didnt lose a game during the World Cup? Which teams that had previously WON a World Cup were knocked out in the group stage?Who was the leading goal scorer in the World Cup? Overall World Cup;Which contries have won the world cup? Germany Argentina Italy How many World Cups have their been? Who has scored the most ever goals in all World Cups?WHat year did Women's World Cup start?Who are the only two countries to win the Women's World Cup?2010 World Cup AnalysisChoose any team and anser the following questions;Name of Country GermanyWhere they finished FinalTop Goal Scorer Thomas Muller.Most Significant player(s)Did they do better/worse than expected - explain why you gave your answer.Stick a few pictures in!Overall Tournament AnalysisWas the tournament a succes?How could this be measured?How many goals were scored compared to other World Cups?How many red cards compared to other World Cups?Were the overall croewds bigger or smaller than other World Cups?What about TV audience?What was your personal opinion?
  17. 17. Fitness test result.
  18. 18. 8 lap run.
  19. 19. 56s
  20. 20. 2.06
  21. 21. 3.19
  22. 22. 4.40
  23. 23. 5.58
  24. 24. 7.26
  25. 25. 8.46
  26. 26. 8.46
  27. 27. 9.58
  28. 28. sit ups 40
  29. 29. line jump 121</li></ul> 2. 23/9/2010<br /> 1. 8 laps run<br /> 1. 55s<br /> 2. 1.35<br /> 3. 2.35<br /> 4.3.55<br /> 5. 4.65<br /> 6. 6.01<br /> 7. 7.12<br /> 8. 8.49<br /> 2. jump rope 80<br /> 3. sit up 44<br /> 4. push up 45<br /> 5. line jump 145<br /><ul><li>2