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Stop paying to much for Electricity!


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Stop the madness. FREE ELECTRICITY- Learn about Ambit Energy and their free electricity program. Customers can earn valuable discounts that include travel rewards, cheap electric rates, and even free electricity.

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Stop paying to much for Electricity!

  1. 1. Timely advice from an Ambit Energy Consultant Michael Underwood“Stop payingtoo much forelectricity.” Join the growing base of Ambit Energy customers who are saying NO to high electricity bills. Ambit Energy provides an attractive alternative every month simply by referring people they knowto your incumbent provider. Ambit is approved by to use our service.the Public Utility Commisssion of Texas as a RetailElectric Provider (REP) that you can choose to save Convenience! There’s no complicated paperwork to start saving. Simply complete a short onlinemoney on your electricity bill. order form and Ambit will take care of the rest. NothingSavings! When you choose Ambit Energy, you will change in the way your service is delivered.can save an average of 10% to 20% on your energy Your incumbent will still supply the energy to yourbill every month. There’s no cost to switch to Ambit home, and will restore it in case of an outage.and no risk. Ambit is backed by a world-classservice guarantee. Free Travel! Enroll today and you’ll receive a FREE travel voucher good for a two-night, three-dayFree Energy! Ambit Energy customers can stay at over 20 exciting destinations.reduce or eliminate the amount of their energy billsJoin me in saying NO to high energy bills today.I’ll show you how.Contact me: Michael UnderwoodVoice: (800) 417-3259 Cell (972) 639-6992E-mail: Michael@EnergySavings2011.comOnline: