The business case for agile transformation


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There is a wide array of qualitative and quantitative research demonstrating the benefits of Agile. Unfortunately, this research does not disambiguate between the results from Agile Adoption of practices versus Agile Transformation to a new mindset and organizational culture. In this workshop, participants will learn the key differences between Adoption and Transformation as well as characterize the key benefits of each approach. Finally, participants will relate learnings to their current organizations.

The business case for agile transformation

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  3. 3. What is Agile Transformation Anyway?Image CC:
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  5. 5. Adoption of Agile Practices✤Ability to managechanging priorities✤Improved Project Visibility✤Increased Productivity✤Improved Quality✤Reduced Risk✤...
  6. 6. Agile Transformation of Mindset/Culture Goal is break-through organizational culture: ✤Customer Delight ✤Joy at work ✤Engagement ✤Innovation, Creativity ✤Continuous Learning
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  9. 9. 2 minute Video: What you can learnfrom Valve’s employee handbook
  10. 10. Your turn: Look at one companyIn your group, review the handouts to identify:1. Five Key Characteristics of your Company2. Five Most Important Business BenefitsCompanies: Zappos, Valve, Semco, NetflixBeyond Budgeting - is a composite of differentcompanies
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  12. 12. How Ready is Your Organization?Image CC:
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