Culture - Why it matters and what you can do to work with it


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  • Share with your group. See if you can help one another.
  • Culture - Why it matters and what you can do to work with it

    1. Culture - Why it matters<br />and what you can do to work with it<br />SoCalKanban & Lean Meetup<br />June 21, 2011<br />
    2. 16 years IT<br />10 years Agile<br />Strategic<br />Play® <br />
    3. Why is Culture Important?<br />“If you do not manage culture, it manages you, and you may not even be aware of the extent to which this is happening.”<br />“The only thing of real importance that leaders do is to create and manage culture.” <br />Edgar Schein<br />Professor MIT Sloan School of Management<br />Photo courtesy:<br />
    4. Copyright VersionOne 2010<br />
    5. Your turn to play<br />Form groups of 4-5 people.<br />Start by building a tower <br />Black plate on bottom<br />Finish your tower with the man<br />Use StrategicPlay ® to explore culture<br />
    6. Example Survey Question<br />When all is said and done, the way we accomplish success in this organization is to:<br />Create an organization that has the highest possible level of competence and capitalize on that competence.<br />Get and keep control.<br />Provide the conditions whereby the people within the organization can develop and make valuable accomplishments.<br />Put a collection of people together, build them into a team, and charge them with fully utilizing one another as resources.<br />
    7. Your turn to play<br />In your group:<br />Draw Culture Grid on flipchart<br />Pick manifesto or principles<br />Write stickies for each concept and post in a quadrant.<br />Take turns<br />
    8. (Empty!)<br />
    9. Lean<br />
    10. Revisit Your Lego model<br />In your group :<br />Change your model to reflect your new awareness.<br />Take turns sharing your new view.<br />
    11. Ways of working with Culture<br />
    12. Knowing Lean or Kanban is not enough<br />
    13. NUMMI – How was culture changed?<br />“True, the workers were the same, but the managers... <br />... all the managers were new.<br />They may have been from GM, from Toyota or hired from the outside, but they were new to NUMMI.”<br />John Shook<br />Chairman and CEO, Lean Enterprise Institute, Inc<br /><br />
    14. Kanban is Like an Oreo Cookie!<br />Outside: Crunchy Control<br />Inside: Sweet White Agile Goodness (collaboration, cultivation and craftsmanship)<br />
    15. Craftsmanship as a starting place<br />
    16. Your turn to play<br />In your group:<br />Consider your model now and think of what approach resonates with you.<br />Take turns sharing your story of what you see working with your culture.<br />
    17. What’s your game plan?<br />Grab an index card<br />Write down (to take with you):<br />(1) Biggest ah-ha moment<br />(2) Actions for next week<br />(3) What would help you move forward<br />
    18. Feedback<br />Grab an index card<br />Recommendation Rating (1..10)<br />What you liked.<br />What you recommend to improve.<br />Feed my brain!<br />
    19. Thank You<br />