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How to extend print coaching practice to online media in the newsroom.

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Coaching Print & Online

  1. 1. Coaching Writers Print & Online Michael Roberts, The Arizona Republic
  2. 2. Choose a suitable design and hold to it. A basic structural design underlies every kind of writing. Writing, to be effective, must follow closely the thoughts of the writer, but not necessarily in the order in which those thoughts occur. This calls for a scheme or procedure…planning must be a deliberate prelude to writing. The first principle of composition, therefore, is to foresee or determine the shape of what is to come and pursue that shape. -- William Strunk, E.B. White, The Elements of Style
  3. 3. Most editing books work on the assumption that any editor can change any story in any way, and that reporters can improve their work by reading the changes in the paper the next day, intuiting the concepts behind them and applying them in the next story. Missing from this scenario is one human being talking to another. Coaching involves nothing more than talking with writers in certain ways. -- Roy Peter Clark and Don Fry, Coaching Writers
  4. 4. The good editor is prepared for the copy’s arrival. He or she will have worked with the writer planning and conceiving the idea, monitoring the reporting, and collaborating on possible approaches to the writing. -- Carl Sessions Stepp, Editing for Today’s Newsroom
  5. 5. Coaching: 5 Stages of a Story Idea Report Organize Draft Revise
  6. 6. Inverted Pyramid Most important information Next most important Less important Less important Least important
  7. 7. Block Overview / Central point Sub-point 1 Sub-point 2 Sub-point 3 Summary
  8. 8. Layer Cake Scene Background info Scene Background info Scene Background info Scene Background info Scene conclusion
  9. 9. Wine Glass Summary of entire story Begins at the end Segues to start Start Next Next Next Next Next Next Ending / Kicker
  10. 10. Coaching: 5 Stages of a Story Idea Report Organize Draft Revise Organize
  11. 11. CUTLINE 1: (Petri dish) Take a rare tour inside an anthrax lab. Northern Arizona University has the world's largest collection of anthrax with about 2,000 strains. This photo shows gray colonies of Bacillus anthracis, the bacterium that causes anthrax. CUTLINE 1 REVISED: (Keim and vial) Professor Paul Keim of Northern Arizona University played a key role in analyzing anthrax from the 2001 letter attacks, the worst biological attacks in U.S. history. Twenty-two people were infected and five died. Keim’s work made his NAU laboratory one of the leading anthrax research centers in the world. Keim is moving to a new NAU lab in 2008 that will allow him to expand his research on other dangerous germs. Keim is pictured here with a magnified photo of a vial that contains a sample of spinal fluid taken from a Florida photo editor who died of anthrax in the 2001 attacks.
  12. 12. Play Slide Show
  13. 13. Deer Valley HS JROTC
  14. 14. Deer Valley High School's Air Force JROTC program offers students a chance to learn military customs, discipline, leadership skills and teamwork. This year 85 students enrolled in the elective program, some with the goal of joining the military after graduation. The program can be demanding and not everyone makes it to the end. Here cadets march in the Heart of Valor Veterans Day parade in Phoenix, including Jake Suss (front), Michael Campos (left), and Ethan McMannis (right).
  15. 15. Video story forms Event Guide Profile Slice of life Man on the street
  16. 16. Video story forms Event: One-time event. Ongoing, recurring event. Guide: Tour. Orientation. Consumer or participant information. How-to. Profile: Person. Place. Organization. Slice of life: Sights and sounds, often of the familiar. Man on the street: Quotes and views from people.
  17. 17. Morning Morning Advance News Post Update Update Print Story 1-2 graphs Story (A) Story (A) Story (B) Photo Photo (new lede) Video Photos Photos Photos Alt story form Slide show Slide show Alt story form Video Video Online links Blog Blog Poll results Alt story form Alt story form Link set Link set Live feed Live feed Guestbook Guestbook Poll Poll
  18. 18. Example: Arizona Urban Land Institute Advance News Post Update Update Print Advance 2 graphs Story (A) Story (A) Story (B) (new lede) Twitter Twitter Link set Link set Alt story form Blog Blog Online links
  19. 19. By Catherine Reagor The Arizona Republic Metro Phoenix's real-estate recovery is further off than expected. Top analysts and economists at Urban Land Arizona's annual conference Thursday said that the Valley's real-estate market will continue to slow this year and in 2010. A significant increase in home prices and sales likely won't happen until 2012. Here's why a recovery will take longer than a year or two: The foreclosure problem won't go away this year and will continue to push down home values. And the Valley's dependence on the three industries that led the nation into recession -- construction, housing and financial services -- will make any recovery more difficult.
  20. 20. Example: Cardinals return from Super Bowl Advance News Post Update Update Print Advance Story (A) Story Story Story (B) (no parade) (huge crowd) (huge crowd) Poll Poll Poll Online links (on parade) Photos Slide show Live video Live video
  21. 21. Exercise: Your stories Advance News Post Update Update Print Anticipated story Enterprise off the news story