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This brochure was handed out to people who attended the Community Forum on January 11th, 2010.

Michael McCabe and Tom Krause presented their vision of a new charter school within the Kimberly Area School District. Several professionals inspired the message presented in this brochure, including: Mike Rietveld, Rovy Branon, Dr. Rich Halverson, Dr. David Brewer, and Judy Brown.

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Kornerstone Community Forum Brochure

  1. 1. date April 2010 Timeline Event Planning Grant Due Assistance Needed Community Forum KORNERSTONE CHARTER SCHOOL July Planning Form 2010 - Year, set up Governance July school Board 2011 Sept 1, Kornerstone Business 2011 begins Leaders, teaching volunteers, students & Mentors Community Forum The people living in the Kimberly Area School † KORNERSTONE IS... ¢ •Join our Ning at www.kornerstonecharterschool.ning.com District are dedicated to public education and serving KORNERSTONE.CHARTER@GMAIL.COM QUESTIONS? WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT CHARTER SCHOOLS? PLEASE the needs of all students. No where is this more Kornerstone is a community based school which evident than the commitment to making teachers better will emphasize the process of service and through regular professional development, attending exploratory learning for each student. KCS will Want to know more? conferences, and weekly collaboration. What you hear serve students in grades 8-12. (920) 358 - 0441 tonight, is a byproduct from the commitments CONTACT US KCS will empower 21st century students by mentioned above. Please take it with you to other giving students skills to be productive in their EMAIL members in the community and help us shape the best profession and community. A student leaving a brand new school. Kornerstone will possess skills which will allow them to succeed at higher education or in the Our mission is to create a new school to empower work force. We’re preparing the future today’s learners who learn in different ways. We need generation to solve problems which do not yet your help. We want to teach for a long time and we exist. believe we can provide students with a customizable If your child craves exploration, educational experience that will prepare them for is inquisitive, & a problem solver, today’s challenges and tomorrows problems. then he or she will benefit from their journey at Kornerstone.
  2. 2. Plans for a new charter school What we want to investigate the the ‘soft skills’ required for individuals to following: succeed as active citizen in the 21st century. According to several different researchers in the *15:1 student to staff field of education, the top five employability ratio skills which employers seek are: work ethic, *Year round school good communication, collaboration, problem *Fuse Project Based solving & critical thinking, and social Learning & Service responsibility. What if A’s, B’s, & C’s were Based Learning. replaced with a system which indicates a *Mobile learning, students progress level towards the mastery of personal web, & employability skills? Through demonstrating an Personalized Learning Plan smart devices understanding of core employability skills, Each student will have their own *Multiple grading scales students will focus on the processes of learning Personalized Learning Plan (PLP). *High School credit for 8th Graders and find their strengths. They will develop into Through the creation process of the PLP, intrinsically motivated citizens ready to face *Modified/flexible schedule (compressed parents, students, and staff will collaborate to challenges which don’t yet exist. A student courses, classes meet on alternative days, graduating from KCS will be able to attend a 4 create a working document which addresses extended school day, etc) or 2 your college, or enter the work force. KCS the learning needs of the individual student. *Internship opportunities exceeding 18 weeks will prepare students for a changing economy Through the implementation of the PLP, *Community Mentorship Program and for jobs which don’t yet exist. students will create projects which will meet *Students will work with their parents and state standards and actively engage in the Things to know about charter Kornerstone staff to create Personal Learning schools community to foster 21st century Plan (PLP). employability skills. *Each student will have access to emerging *Kornerstone will be a public school within the technologies needed to reach their academic Kimberly Area School District. All students potential. may take up to two classes per semester at Kimberly High School. Cornerstones *All students attending Kornerstone are eligible The 4 cornerstones making up the fundamental to participate in Kimberly High School co- basis of the charter school are featured on the curricular activities and student groups. back of this brochure. Students will create projects in school and within the community *Charter schools are tuition-free, and all that’s which will focus on four main areas: Learning, required for admission is a completed Systems, Design, and Community. application and available spot. Employability Skills *Most colleges and universities have an In August 2007, the Kimberly High School admissions officer who handles administration presented an afternoon of staff applications from students development which focused on Global applying from non-traditional Participant Traits. Global Participant Traits are high school settings.