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Authorization Presentation


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Presentation used by Kornerstone Planning Team for school board meeting on 3/8/2010. The planning team is seeking permission to turn in a $525,000 grant to the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI).

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Authorization Presentation

  1. 1. Request for Authorization Kornerstone Planning Team March 8, 2010
  2. 2. Review Philosophies driving Kornerstone Student Centered - Personalized Learning Plans Instructional Models - Project Learning/ Service Learning Creation of an innovative school 2
  3. 3. Mission LEARN, CREATE...INSPIRE. 3
  4. 4. School Day/Calendar Year round school - 9 weeks on, 2 weeks off (See Appendix A) June summer school is optional Students attend school from 8am-3:10pm (See Appendix B) 4
  5. 5. Budget $525,000 over 3 years from DPI Grant covers expenses other than building & salaries Per pupil dollars from KASD will sustain Kornerstone Charter School See Appendix C 5
  6. 6. Staffing Goal 15:1 What student teacher ratio is required to cover salaries, building costs, and other expenses after 2013-2014? Year 1 - 2011-12 with 45 students, ($400,000) Year 2 - 2012-13 with 60 students ($520,000) Year 3 - 2013-14 with 75 students ($645,000, estimated with 65 KASD & 10 open enrollment students) Totals are estimated based on a per See Appendix C pupil figure of $9000 & $6000 for open enrollment students for budget estimates 6
  7. 7. Building Stand alone site is critical Autonomy - identity School Culture - Staff & student relationships Flexibility in program and structure 7
  8. 8. Work Stations Design Library Media Room/ windows & planning board Area Center Lab Staff Restroom Restroom Storage Restroom counter Community Conference LGI Room Kitchen Room ROOM Outdoor Learning Area 8
  9. 9. Authority over KCS as an KASD In charge of instrumentality SCHOOL everything of KASD BOARD Creates policies for school KCS GOVERNANCE BOARD Runs KORNERSTONE STAFF School 9
  10. 10. Governance Governance Board established after Master Charter is approved (October, 2010) Governance Board approves policies & expenditures for Kornerstone Governance Board holds KCS accountable School Board holds Governance Board accountable 10
  11. 11. Timeline April 15th, 2010 PLANNING GRANT due to DPI July 2010, DPI awards $525,000 planning grant August 1, 2010 - Planning Grant begins (1st of 3 consecutive $175,000 installments from DPI). October 2010 - Master Charter submitted to School Board for approval, thereby, establishing Kornerstone Charter School as an instrument of KASD. Governance board is formed as a non-profit corporation. November 2010 - Intra-district promotion of Kornerstone January 2011 - Begin enrolling students July 11th, 2011 - Boot Camp with new students August 1st, 2011 - 1st day of school with students. Implementation Grant begins (2nd of 3 consecutive $175,000 installments from DPI). 11