Online Reputation Management Complexion


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Why is Your Online Reputation Management Complexion So Crucial?
Are you proud of what\'s seen when people Google you or your company? Is it all rosy, positive sentiment? Or, are searchers turned off by a smeary mess of complaints and negativity? WHAT IS YOUR ONLINE COMPLEXION? and better still - what can you do about it?
Online Reputation Management Complexion

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Online Reputation Management Complexion

  1. 1. How Good is Your Online Complexion?Online Reputation Management & Brand-Building
  2. 2. Online Brand Reputation Social Media, Web-based Ratings, Reviews and more have empowered Consumers. The public now stands toe-to-toe with the biggest Brands on the Web, demanding accountability and voicing their opinions. • Negative Sentiment or complaints have a deterrent effect in Search Engine results, diminishing your traffic. • Over 80% of Web consumers are influenced by ratings of businesses prior to purchase – Channel Advisor. • Americans are 12X more likely to trust peer reviews, than descriptions by brands. - eMarketer • Almost 2 in 3 searchers will drop companies from further consideration upon seeing negative remarks in the SERPs. TEST IT YOURSELF – WHAT KEYWORD SEARCHES REVEAL NEGATIVE RESULTS ABOUT YOUR BRAND OR NAME IN GOOGLE?
  3. 3. Reputation Management is No Accident Proactive and informed strategies are best. Learn how best to encourage and promote good reviews. Get help publicizing your successes and contributions. Online Reputation Management can teach you how to turn the conversation to your advantage. Start now, before your brand starts suffering. Recruit your CRM, Customer Service and Sales to help. SEO, Localization and Social Media Optimization improve the visibility of positive sentiment, using micro-focused methods. That can restore and even improve the organic search traffic that your business relies on. Reputation Crisis Management Plans defend your carefully-built brand’s value. This is critical, since negativity can spread like wildfire, leaving your brand like scorched earth. Be prepared, know who’s involved and what steps to take. Do no additional harm.
  4. 4. Reputation Management Consultation But, how does one begin? WebiMax recommends an Online Reputation Audit to Monitor the situation and identify strengths and weaknesses. Creation of a Complexion Report provides a powerful tool to Measure sentiment and passion, and an ongoing way to gauge threats and opportunities. This deep, comprehensive knowledge informs the Proposal. A well-Managed, effective strategy to dramatically improve the online sentiment about your brand and its targeted keywords results. Your dedicated Consultant will interview you to seek out Resources that can be used to your benefit, to economize. Your Project Manager will seek out specific Assets to use as ammunition for your effective, customized campaign.
  5. 5. Complexion Reports Complexion Reporting Individual SERP results are categorized into a four level spectrum by their sentiment. Results are examined for positive, neutral or negative emotional tone and degree of passion. Unlike automated systems, our human consultants are expert at nuance. If the review is negative, the result is examined with regard to its alterability. 5
  6. 6. Complexion Reports Positive Neutral Negative Negative (ALTERABLE) (UNALTERABLE) Client controlled Information pages that can be contained in the Result contains Results stem from enriched during result does not aggregated one complaint, the campaign. imply any ratings that, on and that sentiment in the whole, sentiment is not OR regards to the appear negative. subject to search. revision. External site AND containing OR AND information Tone of page can supporting SERP result is be changed Tone of page client’s product irrelevant to the through cannot be or personal client. additional changed through integrity. positive citations. positive action. OR These include Citations must be Refutation and positive sites, Result is a authentic and rebuttal are blogs and reviews different entity genuine in futile. with same name. nature. 6
  7. 7. Complexion Reports The Complexion Report is a graphic representation of sentiment about your keywords in the Google Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Each column applies to one key phrase. Color coding indicates sentiment and alterability. Domain and Page Authority indicate ability to rank and degree of difficulty to displace. Categorization enables a custom campaign strategy that will be both effective, and efficient. Response to each is crafted on its categorization by authority the domain holds, keyword relevance and type of website or ‘web property’. 7
  8. 8. Complexion Reports SERP Page Domain / Page Authority Search Term Internal Client Page, Positive Yelp, Negative, Alterable High Domain Authority indicates Negative more effort Reviews, will be Unalterable required to effect Irrelevant displacement Content in the SERPs. Negative, Unalterable Blog 8
  9. 9. Complexion Reports – Web Properties Once all SERP results have been categorized by alterability, authority, and type, we can ask a few key questions to begin addressing each one. Alterability Authority & Citations Type of Site Can positive ratings, What is the Page and What type of site is it? testimonials, or reviews be Domain Authority of the Can building a similar added in sufficient quantity target? How difficult will it property replace the target to improve the average be to displace the negative in the SERPs? rating on site? material from view? Onsite Offsite Level of Authority and Respond with same Accurate Citations type or high Required to Succeed authority alternative 9
  10. 10. Complexion Improvement With an expert strategy, your dedicated Project Manager(PM) will work directly with you to keep you informed of progress, place content before you for approval, and to solicit resources to be used in the campaign. The campaign will proceed in a continuous improvement cycle… Monitor Manage Measure Tools will be setup to Creation of pertinent Periodic ensure full awareness properties, upload of reexamination of the of the online citations, creation of SERPs, plus review of conversation about content, optimization all involved websites, you, or your company, of current sites, and webpages, posts, etc… whether on the web promotion will result will provide the or in social media. in better ranking and necessary intelligence Consultation is more accurate that will inform the available to advise portrayals of the campaign for best utilization of company or continued progress these mentions. individual. and better results. 10
  11. 11. Reputation Enhancement Tools The resources you provide will be combined with genuine user content, creative SEO and technical finesse to gain visibility. Our project managers have the entire web and a comprehensive tool box at their disposal, that includes, but is not limited to: Social Media Microsites Rich Media Your Project Manager & Blogs Client-provided will help you to sway photos, audio, videos social media. We can construct documents and entire websites presentations can be This includes setting engineered to provide used to build up social media useful, beneficial attractive rich media monitoring and Google information and collections. Alerts, to inform you increase the when your particular Users respond to findability of positive, keywords appear imaginative imagery, helpful information in the SERPs sound and animation. about your brand. or social outlets. Turn Google likes to add the conversation to Users can appreciate variety to blended your advantage. fresh, unique content. search results. 11
  12. 12. Reputation Enhancement Tools In addition to resources we will create and maintain, we can leverage existing affirmative materials as well. In fact, this makes your campaign more economical. Below is a sampling of the type of properties that your project manager should be made aware of prior to the start of the campaign. Listings Slideshows, Presentations Personal Profiles Publicity, Newsworthy Press Releases Professional Listings Events and Occasions Paid Directories, Industrial, Services, etc Speaking Engagements Photo Galleries Employment Sites Video Collections, Rich Media Social Media Profiles, etc. 12
  13. 13. Complexion Reports Over the course of the next three to four months, we will aid you in leveraging the good will of your customers to build a preventative network of positive sentiment. This network will make your reputation more difficult to tarnish. The typical progression of a campaign unfolds as follows: Month 1 Month 2 Month 3 & 4 The first month is To popularize the The fresh, positive spent largely components and content continues to building out the improve rank, rise in rank, and components of the Fresh Content through campaign, is added and insightful deploying resources promoted. observation of the and creating Linkbuilding and SERPs, we tune our content that will social mentions efforts, and render require your occur in Month 2. success. approval. 13
  14. 14. Emerge from your Reputation Management Issueswith more persuasive, pervasive, positive results. Ask for Your Online Reputation Management and Brand-Building Consultation Now. · 888-932-4629 14