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Poster for ACM Multimedia 2010

Published in: Education, Technology
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  1. 1. MediaPick: Tangible Semantic Media Retrieval System Gianpaolo D’Amico, Andrea Ferracani, Lea Landucci, Matteo Mancini, Daniele Pezzatini and Nicola Torpei Media Integration and Communication Center, University of Florence, Italy Retrieval of information within a large amount of multimedia data can be overwhelming. Professionals who work daily with huge digital li- braries (i.e. broadcast editorial staff) require ef- ficient and ease to use interfaces to search, visu- alize and organize video results collected in their archives. Users can browse concepts from an ontology structure in order to select keywords and start the video retrieval process. The system exploits the search engine Sirio for the retrieval and the semantic reasoning on mul- timedia material. The architecture consists of an infrared LED array as an overlay built on top of an LCD screen. The multi-touch overlay detects objects on its surface and sends information using the TUIO protocol. An input manager layer connects a socket server to a gesture framework and a core logic, in or- der to manage data from the video database. ACM Multimedia 2010 - Demo Session -,,,,, Scenario System MediaPick is a system for semantic multimedia content based retrieval featuring a collaborative natural interaction application. The user interact with the system using gestures on a multi-touch screen, performing ontology based queries, retrieving semantic related infor- mation and visually browsing several results. Solution The GUI consists of a concepts view, to select keywords from an ontology structure to create the query, and a results view, which shows the vid- eos returned from the database in a results list. Videos can be placed out of the list and moved along the screen, resized or played. A cluster of videos can be created by collecting two or more video elements. Graphical user interface Concepts view Results listResults view