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IM3I Immersive Multimedia Interfaces flyer

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IM3I flyer

  1. 1. Whether audio, video or simply text, having the Whether on your local hard drive, your friends Harnessing content to unleash creativity right content in your context is essential to network, company intranet, and the web, IM3I disclose your productivity and creative provides you a single point of access to all your potential. content and enables you to design and author In today’s world, most creative and productive flexible user interfaces to publish your media business processes start and finish in digital the way you need. form. Relying on digital assets is now common All changes in the content, metadata, and practice in many professional and consumer descriptions are instantly updated on all your settings. But how difficult is it to get oriented in publication interfaces. It keeps you free from an online world awash in unstructured tedious and error-prone export/importIM3I - content?! The ocean of digital content keeps processes and gives you time to focus on yourImmersive unstoppably swelling. Finding the right content.Multimedia information is increasingly challenging, whetherInterfaces online or in private content archives. Use, re-use, re-purpose, connect to your peers and aggregate your content! If you are a media professional or simply a digital enthusiast, chances are that you will Not only does IM3I enable users to manage be hit by information overload. With IM3I, and publish their own content, but also you can simply surf it! facilitates generation of new content networks. IM3I is not just a single enabling technology, IM3I offers an integrated service-oriented but a content infrastructure supporting new environment of processing, analysing, indexing, creative processes and social interactions. It tagging, searching and publishing multimedia truly is a space where professional and semi- content. professional users (content creators, consumers, and distributors) can meet and It is fully configurable to support all media engage in valuable creative interactions. content professionals and digital content enthusiasts, in end-to-end content workflows with tools that seamlessly extend their existing Interested to know more? content repositories into media asset management and publishing systems. Visit or write to us at IM3I offers web-based flexibility and a single point of access for managing and IM3I is co-financed by the European Commission under publishing all your content. No the FP7 programme and is run by a consortium of 5 SMEs export/import needed! and 2 RTD performers from the UK, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Italy and the Netherlands.