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Tired of managing and searching audio-
                 visual media?
                 We are, and we decided to do
Media production                                Educational content workflow                   Publishing archived content...
IM3I -
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IM3I brochure

IM3I Immersive Multimedia Interfaces brochure

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IM3I brochure

  1. 1. IM3I Your multimedia IM3I - Immersive management Multimedia and Interfaces publishing platform Escape the multimedia content overload | Single point of access for managing and publishing all your content | Use, re-use, re-purpose, connect to your peers and aggregate your content! |
  2. 2. Tired of managing and searching audio- visual media? We are, and we decided to do something about it! IM3I provides the creative media sector with a pipelines and workflows; easily framework to enable new ways of searching, customisable to store extracted summarising and visualising large multimedia metadata, annotations and other content archives. This paves the way for a multimedia into any repository structure. information management platform that is more • An environment that exploits repository flexible, adaptable and customisable than current content by the authoring of flexible user repository software and enables new opportunities interfaces whereby each interface for content owners to exploit their digital assets. About IM3I element can be fully configured regarding its layout, the data element it represents and the functionality it provides. This Based on a service-oriented architecture, with a environment is generic enough to allow for variety of services for processing, analysing, the designing and building of a variety of indexing, tagging, annotating searching and web front-ends to interface with publishing the platform can be integrated into multimedia content. existing offerings and infrastructures and supports virtually all content-related services for managing and publishing multimedia content. The IM3I platform has been applied in media production scenarios, as part of an educational content workflow, and for publishing archived The main elements composing the IM3I platform content from repositories and proved so its are: versatility in composing services into pipelines and • A back-end where diverse content-based constructing a variety of interfaces to support indexing modules can be composed into content workflows. 2
  3. 3. Media production Educational content workflow Publishing archived content This scenario presents the application of The IM3I platform is here used in an This scenario exemplifies the use of the the IM3I-platform from the production educational institution to allow students to IM3I platform by an archive aiming to team of a weekly TV programme on communicate in a structured way with open up content to a more ‘social use’ historic events. It highlights how users with their supervisors about their Final Master and invite teachers and students to different roles e.g. production manager, Projects. It covers the stages from the prepare presentations on historical production team, archivists, general submission of proposals until the final events. As such, the archive makes public, interact from their own evaluation of their project and it is available a collection as an IM3I perspective in the same production conceived as a tool to keep track of the repository and allows the authoring of a project with the video and audio materials delivered from the students and “playlist functionality” so that teachers materials stored in the same repository. the feedbacks received from the can use the content collection to The search-engine makes use of both supervisors. A third user, the prepare student assignments and lessons. meta-data and semantic data intrinsic to communication expert of the institution, The IM3I platform is further used as a tool the materials, which are annotated at the can also access the student’s projects in for the students to prepare presentations segment level. The interaction of the order to publish them e.g. on the using multimedia illustrations on a specific general public with the IM3I platform also institution’s website. More than a simple subject. Hence, the IM3I-Platform is here highlights possible features and communication tool, the search-engine conceived as an easy-to- handle functionalities related to generating makes use of semantic and manual management system to work with publicly available documentary listings. annotation as well as meta-data. audiovisual materials. 3
  4. 4. IM3I - Immersive Multimedia Interfaces We would like to hear from you! Start today with becoming a fan of IM3I in Facebook at: Project/219820070170 and get involved to become an early adopter! IM3I is co-financed by the European Commission under the FP7 programme and is run by a consortium of 5 SME's and 2 RTD performers from the UK, Germany, Austria, IM3I Consortium Hungary, Italy and the Netherlands. c/o IN2 search interfaces development Ltd Fahrenheitstrasse 1 | D-28359 Bremen | Germany