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Open Dialogue MICs Conference 2013 Vienna May 8, Presentation by Ecuador


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Thematic Dialogue on Environmental Sustainability and Green Industry, Inclusive Growth and Prosperity and Financing for Sustainable Economic Development

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Open Dialogue MICs Conference 2013 Vienna May 8, Presentation by Ecuador

  1. 1. Challenges to Sustainable Developmentand International Cooperation inMiddle-Income CountriesThe Role of Networks for Prosperity
  2. 2. National Development planPlan for good living
  3. 3. Growth and Redistribution• Generate wealth and achieve equality in the societyat the same time.• The economy has grown. Wealth has increased. It isan ethical responsibility to promote its distributionand redistribution.
  4. 4. Growth of GDP in 2011 (%)• third largesteconomic growth in LatinAmerica.•doubled the regionalaverage.
  5. 5. Ratio of Income betweenthe Rich and PoorTax Collection andTributary Pressure•tax collection has doubled•Now the ones who have more pay more.
  6. 6. Evolution of Oil Extraction• Recover of the state extraction of crude oil and the participationof the State in the oil income.•Due to the renegotiation of contracts, the State receives an additional US$ 46 millionfor each one-dollar increase in the barrel price.
  7. 7. Productive Transformation• Ecuador is on the way to achieve productive transformation toensure economic and environmental sustainability.• The energy mix has started to change. Need to increase theimportance of the industry in the economy.• It is necessary to produce knowledge and to transfer technologyto generate added value in the exportable offer; to develop theinternal market and to encourage economic integration - all withinthe biophysical limits of nature.• Tourism is a force of change.
  8. 8. Energy mix Productive structure• The productive mix has to bee modified.• The industrial share remained at 14 %.
  9. 9. Productive structure• The specialization pattern has not been modified.• The share of primary exports has maintained, onaverage, at 76 %.
  10. 10. Optic Fiber Implementation andInternet Access
  11. 11. Gini Coefficient of Land at National Level• Land concentration is still high.• 5% of owners account for 52% of agricultural land.• 60% of small owners account for 6.4% of the land.
  12. 12. Protected Areas
  13. 13. Environmental Quality• The percentage of urban households using toilet and sewagesystem rose from 71% to 78% between 2006 and 2010.• The percentage of rural households with access to wastecollection rose from 22% to 37%.
  14. 14. Increase in the Purchasing Capacity
  15. 15. Human Development Index• Out of 187 countries, Ecuador ranks 83.• Between 2007 and 2011, Ecuador rose 6 positions in the ranking of the HDI.
  16. 16. Drop of Poverty by Income (%)• In five years of government, the poverty dropped 9 percentage points.• About 650 thousand Ecuadorians were lifted out of poverty in 2011.
  17. 17. Drop of Poverty by Income (%)• Between 2006 and 2010, the poverty of the Afro-Ecuadorian populationfell by 15 percentage points.• The poverty reduction among the indigenous population was of 5percentage points.
  18. 18. Coverage Basic and Middle Education
  19. 19. The Great Challenge is to Improve theQuality of Education and Health• Ecuador has taken steps to improve the quality ofeducation: evaluation, training, merit-based competitionand improvement in the labor conditions of teachers.• Students assessment.• Quality infrastructure (e.g. millennium schools).• New Unified Bachillerato (school leaving examination).• In health, the challenge is to develop an evaluationsystem that assesses the quality of the services.
  20. 20. Higher Education• Ecuador wants to offer higher education of excellence that promotesthe quality at all levels of the educational system and presents thedevelopment generator of the country.• The investment in science an technology was doubled.• The universities were evaluated.• New Constitutional Law of Higher Education.• The new institutions of the system are working for thetransformation of higher education.• Nevertheless, it could advance more quickly.• The conditions are already given; Ecuador must accelerate theprocess of change.
  21. 21. Net Registration Rate inHigher Education• The new Constitution states that public higher education is free.• More young people are studying now at university.
  22. 22. Objectives• Ecuador is committed to overcome conditions of inequality andexclusion, with an appropriate distribution of wealth, withoutany discrimination on grounds of gender, ethnicity, social level,religion, sexual orientation or place of origin.• Ecuador wants to build a sustainable future shared with allEcuadorians.• Ecuador wants to achieve „el Buen Vivir“.
  23. 23. Dignified Work for all Men and WomenRoughly 40,000 people engaged in domestic service receive afair wage and are affiliated to the Social Security Institute.
  24. 24. Ecuadorians have seen their quality of life improvethanks to a fair wage systemThe purchasing power of Ecuadorian men and women hasimproved substantially. From 2006 to 2011, coverage of thebasic food basket has increased by 22%.
  25. 25. Education to change the history ofpreviously neglected groupsIn the last four years, enrollment atthe country‘s universitiesby indigenous and Afro-Ecuadorian citizens has doubled.
  26. 26. Industry continues to growThe industrial base is growing steadily through sales, whichincreased by 56% from 2006 to 2010.
  27. 27. A Record in Public Investment and Efficiency• Investment increased by132% over the threeprevious governments,indicating greaterefficiency in execution.• Red tape has beenremoved and newprocedures have been setforth in the Code ofPlanning and PublicFinance.
  28. 28. Support for Small and Medium-Scale Entrepreneurs for theSustainable Growth of the CountryThe Government of the Citizens‘ Revolution prioritizes small and medium-scale entrepreneurs.Public procurement is an instrument that invigorates the country‘seconomy.
  29. 29. Better Quality of Life forPriority Attention GroupsEcuador values local production that is culturally appropriate for the mostvulnerable population groups. One point three million food rations werehanded out in the 2007-2010 period.
  30. 30. Thank you for yourattention!