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Ahb handbookrevised

  1. 1. “Bearing Down on Excellence” Staff Handbook 2011-2012 3217 Canterbury Road New Bern, NC 28562 252-514-6414 Phone 252-514-6418 Fax http://craven.k12.nc.us/AHBMichelle M. Lee Principal Tamara Samz Assistant Principal
  2. 2. Craven County Schools VisionCraven County Schools will be the highest performing system of public education in North Carolina. Mission Craven County Schools, united with families and communities, will continuously improve studentlearning and educational services through a focus on expectations and values which support performance excellence. Core Values Visionary Leadership Learning-Centered Education Organizational & Personal Learning Valuing Faculty, Staff & Parents Agility Focus on the Future Managing for Innovation Managing by Fact Public Responsibility & Citizenship Focus on Results Creating Value Systems Perspective
  3. 3. Bangert Elementary School Core Beliefs Through teamwork, commitment, and excellence, we believe• all students will be successful• a safe and inviting environment promotes learning• process improvement creates positive change• building internal & external partnerships enhances improvement• respectful, responsible, and safe behaviors develop productive citizens
  4. 4. • our vision will be attained.
  5. 5. Dear Faculty & Staff,It has been an exciting and busy time around Bangert this summer.Amidst all of the mortar dust and construction chaos, it could have beeneasy to confuse the fact that the building does not make the school, thepeople do. I am convinced that “our people” are the most dedicated andcompetent employees in any school across the nation!You are an awesome group of individuals and work together as a greatteam. I am honored to be a member of this magnificent team. It is mypleasure to extend a warm and heartfelt welcome to you as we begin the2011-2012 school year at A. H. Bangert Elementary School.As I begin my tenure here at Bangert, I will work diligently to promote alearning community supported by a safe and inviting environment.Building positive relationships with students, staff, and parents arecornerstones to our success.Please read his handbook thoroughly. It will enable you to become morefamiliar with the policies, procedures, and expectations. It is my beliefthat in order for any organization to be successful it is vital that everyoneadheres to these policies and procedures.In an effort to continuously improve, I invite you to discuss any issue orconcern with me. I look forward to working with each of you this year.Sincerely,Michelle M. Lee, Principal
  6. 6. Michelle M. Lee, PrincipalTamara Samz, Assistant PrincipalGina Kozup, Data ManagerCathy Brown, Bookkeeper Teacher AssistantKindergarten Carla Atcheson Lisa Gaskins Kelly Coward Yvonne Kolb Debbie Fodrie Natalie HardeeGrade One Kay Adams Ann Ashley Daniels Brandy Cook Gail Borner Linda Barnes Seante JohnsonGrade Two Laurie Armstrong Cindy Belew Nan Barker Erin SaundersGrade Three Kim Cromer Rachel Eure Linda Matthews Meghan O’Brien Nancy WilsonGrade Four Diane Wellington Kristy Williamson Sarah WimmerGrade Five Brenda Edward Jane Harvey Caroline GodwinTitle I Mrs. Martha Ann Patterson Treacy Cumbo Mrs. Jennifer Crosby (Choice Coordinator)Special Education Ms. Jennifer Wood Ann TurnerMusic Teacher Mrs. Meredith InserraArt Teacher Mrs. Marsha RogersPhysical Education Mrs. Megan DavisGuidance Counselor Mrs. Reva MartinMedia Specialist Mrs. Hilda Whitney Bonnie EdwardsTechnology Facilitator Mr. Kevin SmithSchool Nurse Ms. Jennifer EastAIG Teacher Mrs. Diane EllingtonOccupational Therapist Mrs. Roxanne AnkSchool Psychologist Ms. Maggie BushSpeech Pathologist Mrs. Pam Webb
  7. 7. ????? Who To Ask?????Michelle Lee - Principal Tammy Samz -Assistant PrincipalAnnouncements 504’sBudget Assessments (local)Curriculum Bulletin Board ScheduleDiscipline Crisis PlanEvaluations DisciplineFacilities Duty SchedulesHandbooks Effective and Efficient Action PlansHome Visits EC/ESL/AIGInTouch Messages EvaluationsIGP’s Field TripsMaster Schedule Home VisitsMonitor Attendance (student and staff) IGP’sOptimum Student Achievement Action Plans InTouch MessagesPTO Sea SystemSafe and Inviting Action Plans Substitutes for Staff DevelopmentStaff Development SupervisionStrategic Planning TextbooksSubstitues (before & after school hours) TransportationSupervisionCathy Brown-Bookkeeper/Payroll Volunteers / HUG Gina Kozup- Secretary/NCWISETeacher CertificationAttendance-staff Other duties students by the Principal Attendance- assignedTitle I balancesBudget Check In/Out of students and visitorsFacility Rentals Cumulative RecordsFixed Assets Discipline DataKeys Enroll/Withdraw studentsInsurance Federal CardsNurse duties in absence of Ms. East FormsPicture Scheduling / Monies InTouch MessagesPrint Shop orders Mail and message coordinationPurchase Orders Maintenance requestsReceipt money from students/teachers PhonesRecep./Sec duties in absence of Mrs. Kozup Staff directorySubstitutes (during the day or with adv. notice) Tardies/Early CheckoutsWarehouse orders Other duties assigned by the AdministrationWorkman’s CompensationOther duties assigned by the AdministrationReva Martin – Guidance Treacy Cumbo –Choice Coordinator504’s CopiersPEP’s Discipline dataAttendance- Letters LaminatorAwards and Recognition / Qtrly & EOY Schedule students assigned to Choice by Admin.Character Education Assist Title I teacher with remediationCounseling Other duties assigned by the AdministrationSchool Assistance TeamTesting (state and assist AP w/ local)Other duties assigned by the Administration
  8. 8. AccidentsWhenever a student has been involved in an accident at Bangert, it is the responsibilityof the supervising adult to complete an “Accident Report” form, regardless of how smallor insignificant the situation may seem. If an accident reportis completed, the teacher must contact the parent/guardian. A copy of the accidentreport must be given to the school nurse. The nurse will provide a copy to the principal.Employees who have accidents at school must contact the bookkeeper and administrationimmediately, so proper documentation regarding Workman’s Compensation may becompleted. There must be documentation of any accident within 24 hours.Alarm SystemBangert’s alarm will be activated nightly and on weekends. Permission must be obtainedfrom the principal to access the building nights and weekends. The building will notroutinely be opened on the weekend.AnnouncementsAnnouncements will be made each morning following the tardy bell at 8:00 by theprincipal or designee. Afternoon announcements will only be made as needed at 2:40.Staff who would like to have announcements made must submit them to the secretary inwriting on the appropriate form the afternoon prior to morning announcements.Emergency announcements and announcements during the school day must be approved bythe principal. During announcements, teachers are expected to conduct a quiet andorderly classroom so that all staff and students may hear the announcements.AssembliesTeachers are to escort their students to the assembly and monitor the class duringassemblies. Quarterly assemblies will be held following each nine weeks. Everyone shoulduse proper etiquette during assemblies.Awards & RecognitionTeachers are required to prepare a list of students who qualify for the Principal’s List,Honor Roll, and A Team for each grading period. These lists are due to the guidancecounselor no later than three school days prior to report card date for each gradingperiod. Invitation letters to parents/guardians will be sent home in report cards.*Principal’s List- Quarterly award- 93 or above average in all subject areas, all conductgrades are satisfactory or above.*Honor Roll- Quarterly award- 85 or above average in all subject areas, all conductgrades satisfactory or above.
  9. 9. *Perfect Attendance- Quarterly award- No absences (Yearly award- No absences and NOtardies or early checkouts)*A Team- Quarterly award 1st & 2nd grades- All O’s or S’s in academics and conduct, 3 orless absences; 3rd-5th grades- 77 or above average in each subject area, all conductgrades satisfactory or above, 3 or less absences.*Citizenship-Quarterly award- K-5th, 2 per classroom; In recognition of students whoexemplify outstanding character*Art, Music, PE- (Yearly award- Recognition for academic performance at each grade level)*Accelerated Reader and Accelerated Math- As determined by goal teams.Book OrdersTeachers may distribute book club orders to students. All monies must be receipted.Contact book club via email or phone upon deadline. Immediately following the arrival ofthe items, verify items. Submit the initialed and dated invoice to the bookkeeper whowill send a check to the book club.BooksStaff must encourage students to protect the school’s investment of books by handlingthem carefully and not writing in them. Teachers must keep accurate record of textbookassignments. If a student loses a book or if additional books are needed, contact theassistant principal. The student will be charged for the book prior to another book beingissued. The assistant principal will provide teachers with a list of charges regarding lostbooks.Bulletin BoardsBulletin boards should be neat and attractive at all times. All boards should be aligned tothe curriculum (stating the NCSCOS objective), an avenue for communication and sharingexpectations. Teachers are responsible for maintaining bulletin boards in theirclassrooms. All bulletin boards should be current and changed at least quarterly. Adetailed assignment list is located in the S & I section of this notebook.CabinetWe have a building leadership team, voted on by the faculty that uses the continuousimprovement model which puts into practice the School Improvement Plan, Vision, andMission of Bangert. This team is the vehicle to communicate results and plans forimprovement. Everyone is invited to attend cabinet meetings.
  10. 10. CalculatorsStaff must encourage students to protect the school’s investment of calculators byhandling them carefully. Teachers must keep accurate record of calculator assignments.If a student loses a calculator, contact the assistant principal. The student will becharged for a calculator prior to another calculator being issued.CafeteriaStudents must arrive and leave the cafeteria at their designated times in an orderlyfashion. All students must remain silent in the lunch line so the cafeteria ladies can hearstudent’s choices. All K-2 students must remain silent for the first 10 minutes of thelunch period. 3 – 5 students may quietly whisper with their neighbors. Each teacher shallassign a responsible student for cleaning tables. Three weeks notice is necessary forfield trips. Adult lunches are a la carte. Adults may receive an account number from thecafeteria manager.CalendarThere are two calendars for Bangert. Parents/guardians and students have access to acalendar on the AHB website. Staff members may proxy to a separate online calendarcontaining information pertinent to AHB staff. The technology facilitator will maintainthe AHB online calendars. Send any information that needs to be added to the technologyfacilitator.????CelebrationsTeachers should coordinate celebrations that are aligned to the instructional programand accomplishment of goals. Party type celebrations must be approved by the principal.Students will be recognized quarterly and yearly during assemblies for Principal’s List,Honor Roll, Perfect Attendance, A Team, AR, and AM.Teachers may complete a Principal Hotline certificate for outstanding studentaccomplishments to be recognized. Place the certificates in the principal’s mailbox. Thecompleted certificates will be placed in teacher’s mailbox following contact.Classroom ManagementClassroom management is different than discipline. Effectively managing your classroomis an essential part of maintaining control and discipline. An effective teacher manages aclassroom. An ineffective teacher disciplines a classroom. Most issues/concerns comefrom a lack of consistent procedures and routines. Classroom management deals with theprocedures that you must establish at the beginning of the school year. Students mustknow how you want them to begin the day, turn in papers, sharpen pencils, line up, etc.
  11. 11. Procedures must be rehearsed over and over again until the students do themautomatically. When they do, the class has a routine. Effective classroom managementflows and is embedded in everything that is said and done seamlessly. Ineffectiveclassroom management looks like chaos.Computer LabsParents must have provided written approval for students to use the Internet. Thecomputer lab is located in the Kindergarten Pod. K – 3 need to sign up to use the labtwice per week to work on 21st Century Skills. Grades 4 and 5 may sign up to use the labif needed but most work can be done in the classroom with their netbooks. Calendars forsign up are located online. The district technology center has two mobile labs that areavailable. Contact the technology facilitator to set up a time for checkout of the districtlabs.ConferencesTeachers should schedule conferences with students’ families as needed. It is anexpectation for homeroom teachers to contact ALL parents/guardians by the end of thefirst month (preferably face to face). Support teachers should contact at least 5parents/guardians per grade level per nine weeks. It is a best practice to contactparents/guardians on a positive note prior to needing to contact them for a behavior oracademic issue. All conferences must be documented and readily available. They shouldbe held during the non-instructional times (planning, before/after school). If youschedule a conference, please notify the office.The following guidelines are offered to help you prepare for conferences: 1. Share your enthusiasm with the student about meeting the parents/guardians 2. Create a comfortable environment 3. Gather student work samples, grades, observation notes, progress on assessments, compact, PEP, conference documentation, etc. to discuss academic, social, and behavior concerns 4. Discuss issues and concerns professionally 5. Document summary of conference 6. Conversations must be upfront, honest, and courageousCopyright LawsCopyrighted materials, whether printed or not, will not be duplicated unless suchreproduction meets “fair use” standards or unless written permission from the copyrightholder has been obtained. Teachers should see the Media Coordinator if you havequestions concerning copyright issues. All staff must complete the Moodle on CopyrightLaws.
  12. 12. Crisis ResponseBangert Elementary has developed a detailed Crisis Plan in conjunction with localemergency personnel. Refer to the Crisis response flipcharts located near each room’sexit maps for pertinent information.Cumulative FoldersA confidential cumulative record must be on file for every student. Cumulative folders ofstudent records are located in the front office. Folders should only be taken out of thearea after written documentation with Mrs. Kozup. They must not be taken home.Cumulative records must be returned to the main office at the end of the day. Teacherswill review the records of the students they teach within the first ten days of school tocheck for medical, learning, and custody issues. Elementary students are not to haveaccess to cumulative folders without the presence of the parent/guardian.All cumulative records must be completed at the end of the year before teachers leave.It is a best practice to periodically check these records and record accurate informationas the year progresses, so the task is not so monumental at the end of the year. A list ofrequirements is found in the E & E section of this handbook.Students who are transferring from AHB must have accurate records. As teacherscomplete the withdrawal form, please check the folders for up-to-date informationincluded. The withdrawal form must be given to the NCWISE data manager within oneweek after the student withdraws. The data manager will send records accordingly. Color Meaning Person Responsible Yellow 504 504 Coordinators Red ECP EC Teacher Dark Blue AIG AIG Teacher Lavender ESL ESL Teacher Purple Health Nurse White Custody SecretaryDirectoryStaff members are encouraged to provide name, address, phone number, and birthday tothe secretary/receptionist. A staff directory will be developed and circulated.
  13. 13. DisciplineEvery classroom must follow a discipline plan that is posted. The plan shall include rules tofollow, consequences for not following the rules, and celebrations for following the rules.From the beginning, know what you are doing every minute of the day, quarter, semester,and year and Do it! Discipline must be maintained to ensure a safe environment, includingall areas on campus, buses, and field trips. BE FIRM, FAIR AND CONSISTENT!Minor discipline matters are best handled by the teacher. A teacher’s effectiveness isdiminished when minor concerns are referred. Students soon become aware that theteacher is not in control. If a student’s misbehavior constitutes removal, call foradministration immediately. For repeat offenders, be prepared to have discussion withan administrator and/or guidance counselor immediately following removal to develop aplan for the child to reenter class. For constant misbehavior, it is essential thatdiscussion with administration and contact be made with parents/guardians prior to anoffice referral. Parent/guardian contacts must be completed prior to an office referral.The only exceptions are those involving violence, sexual misconduct, drugs, alcohol, orweapons, etc. Due to loss of personnel, there will only be CHOICE for grades 3 – 5 onTuesdays and Thursdays. Only administrators may assign students to CHOICE.Discipline is not a group matter. A whole group should not be punished for the misdeedsof a few or even one. In addition, please talk with students individually concerningbehavior issues.All employees must model the desired behavior. Children must be shown respect and youmust expect it back from them. Children should be taught responsibility and theconsequences that results in the choices they have made. DISENGAGE when a studentattempts to pull you in a verbal/physical altercation. Simply state your expectation andwalk away. Return to the child in a fair amount of time and restate your expectation.Provide student with a choice. “I need you to complete your Math. It looks as if you havedone one problem. You may choose to do it now or this afternoon during snacks. It is yourchoice.”Bangert Elementary has posted proper behavior guidelines for different areas in andaround the school. Instruct and work with your students to follow these guidelines.Teachers and students will be notified by administration if proper behavior is notoccurring.Administration has created a discipline committee. This committee has a plan fordocumenting inappropriate behavior and parent contact. See plan at end of thisdocument.
  14. 14. Keep in mind:Research states that 3-5 rules are sufficientRefer to the Craven County Schools Policies and RegulationsStudents are not to be left unattended as a means of punishment.Designate a buddy teacher, a place where a student can cool down for 10-15 minutesNot every misbehavior can be listed, but a list of misbehaviors for each of the threecategories are located in the appendix to used as a guide:Category A offenses: (Should be handled in the classroom by the teacher)Category B offenses: (Reasons for students to be bounces to another classroom)Category C offenses: (Immediate referral to office)If an offense requires an office visit, staff must complete the AHB discipline referral.Administration will determine the proper category and the consequence for each offense.Referring staff member will be notified of the action taken. All students will have theright to an appeal with the principal.We teach children to be responsible by…Letting them know what is expectedRewarding them for their individual accomplishmentsRecognizing and respecting their worth as unique beingsConsistently modeling appropriate behaviorConsequences will be necessary, but discovering the reason for themisconduct is more important that the punishment.Dress CodeAll staff members serve as role models for our students in the area of proper attire.Thank you in advance for your dress in a professional manner. Please be mindful of theamount of cleavage revealed and length of your skirts and/or walking shorts. Jeans arepermitted on spirit days and O Days only. Professional attire is required on W/PW Days.Refer to Craven County policy 710.20 for additional information.DrillsThere are three main drills that are practiced routinely in Craven County Schools. Thetornado drill is conducted two times a year. Code 300/Lockdown/Intruder drill isconducted quarterly each year. Fire Drills are required monthly.
  15. 15. Procedures:FIRE DRILL INSTRUCTIONS (SIGNAL: CONTINUOUS SOUNDING OF THEALARM BUZZER!)I. The teachers should have each class organized for the fire drill as follows:A. Two or three students assigned to close the windows and doors.B. Students assigned to help other students who may be disabled and need assistance.II. Each class or group upon the sound of the fire alarm and as directed by the teacher shall:A. Form its rank quickly and quietly, without obtaining clothing or personal items, and move in single file, without running toward exits. If this exit is blocked use an alternate exit.B. Proceed to a predetermined point of the campus sufficiently far away from the building and out of the way of others or fire department operations for attendance check by the teacher. Avoid the kitchen and the boiler room areas. Students should stand with backs to the school building.C. Remain at this point until signal for return to building is given.D. The signal to return to your respective classrooms will be our long ringing of the regular bell; return will be in reverse order from which you exited.III. It shall be the duty of each teacher to:A. Post in room fire/tornado evacuation routes.B. Instruct each class in the fire drill procedure and to include instructions in fire safety and fire prevention.C. Maintain order during evacuation.D. Seat disabled students near exit.E. Always keep roll book available for roll call (address and phone numbers included).F. Be the last to leave the room.G. All teachers will take roll and notify the principal if someone is missing. The principal and the fire officials will organize a search. No one is to return to the building until the all-clear signal is given.IV. In case of actual fire, regardless of size, the following procedure should be followed:A. Sound the fire alarm.B. Use fire extinguisher, if possible.C. Notify the officeV. Exit Procedure:A. Follow Fire Drill PlanNOTE: THERE WILL BE A FIRE DRILL DURING THE FIRST WEEK OF SCHOOL AND EACH MONTH THEREAFTER.DO NOT BLOCK EXITS WITH FURNITURE OR DROP CORDS.
  16. 16. TORNADO DRILL INSTRUCTIONSTornado drills will be conducted periodically throughout the school year. The signalwill be 3 short rings. Students are to assemble in the hall areas.Classroom rosters must accompany teachers during any evacuation.Students need to be seated on the floor with their heads between their knees andtheir heads against the wall.The designated areas should be posted in each class and students should follow theevacuation plan for the room they are in at the time of the alert.Students who are outside are to come in by the nearest main entrance and proceed totheir stations in a safe and orderly fashion.All outside classroom doors should be left open or at least unlocked. All hall doorsshould be closed.TORNADO DRILL LOCATIONSMake sure you observe very closely your room number, name, and designated area.Please indicate your designated area on the Tornado Evacuation Map posted in yourclassroom.Name Designated Areas
  17. 17. CRISIS INTERVENTION TEAMFIRST RESPONSE TEAM CPR TRAINED STAFFSAFETY TEAMLOCKDOWNIF A DANGEROUS INTRUDER IS ON THE SCHOOL PREMISES A LOCKDOWNWILL BE ANNOUNCED OVER THE INTERCOM. ACCOUNT FOR ALL STUDENTS,LOCK DOOR AND FOLLOW PROCESS GIVEN IN SCHOOL RED SAFETY BAG.CODE DOROTHYTHIS IS A CODE TO INFORM YOU OF A NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICETORNADO WATCH ONLY. NO DRILL IS REQUIRED - THIS IS JUST TO ALERTYOU OF THREATENING WEATHER. IF A DRILL IS NEEDED, YOU WILL HEARTHE RINGING OF “THREE BELLS AT THREE DIFFERENT INTERVALS”.Drug FreeAll employees of Craven County Board of Education are duly informed that theunlawful possession or use of a controlled substance is strictly prohibited in theworkplace. Severe legal action will be taken against violators of this policy as outlinedin the Craven County Board of Education Policy.DutiesIt is imperative for the safety of our students that staff is on time monitoring daily.Duty is completed when the last child leaves your area. It is your responsibility toarrange coverage of your duty if you are unable to fulfill your duty. Staff must beready for duty according to their stations.Buses will unload breakfast students upon arrival at the front entrance (from thestreet) and remaining students will report to their respective hallways whereteachers will monitor the students as they sit and read, study, and complete workquietly until they are lined up for dismissal to class.
  18. 18. MORNING DUTIESAM/CarpoolDuty 2011-2012 1/4/5 Hall 2/3 Hall Carpool ALL ON ALL ON ALL ONAug 25-Aug 26 DUTY DUTY DUTYAug 29-Sept. 2 Reva Meredith JennySept. 6- 9 Hilda Marsha MarthaAnnSept. 12- 16 Reva Meredith JennySept. 19- 23 Hilda Marsha MarthaAnnSept. 26-30 Reva Meredith JennyOct. 3-7 Hilda Marsha MarthaAnnOct. 10-14 Reva Meredith JennyOct. 17-21 Hilda Marsha MarthaAnnOct. 24-28 Reva Meredith JennyOct. 31- Nov. 4 Hilda Marsha MarthaAnnNov. 7-11 Reva Meredith JennyNov. 14-18 Hilda Marsha MarthaAnnNov. 21-Dec. 2 Reva Meredith JennyDec. 5-9 Hilda Marsha MarthaAnnDec. 12-16 Reva Meredith JennyDec. 19- Jan. 6 Hilda Marsha MarthaAnnJan. 9-13 Reva Meredith JennyJan. 16-20 Hilda Marsha MarthaAnnJan. 23-27 Reva Meredith JennyJan. 30- Feb. 3 Hilda Marsha MarthaAnnFeb. 6- 10 Reva Meredith JennyFeb. 13-17 Hilda Marsha MarthaAnnFeb. 20-24 Reva Meredith JennyFeb. 27- Mar. 2 Hilda Marsha MarthaAnnMar. 5-9 Reva Meredith JennyMar. 12-16 Hilda Marsha MarthaAnnMar. 19-23 Reva Meredith JennyMar. 26-30 Hilda Marsha MarthaAnnApr. 9-13 Reva Meredith JennyApr. 16-20 Hilda Marsha MarthaAnnApr. 23-27 Reva Meredith JennyApr. 30- May 4 Hilda Marsha MarthaAnnMay 7- 11 Reva Meredith JennyMay 14-18 Hilda Marsha MarthaAnnMay 21-25 Reva Meredith Jenny
  19. 19. May 28- June 1 Hilda Marsha MarthaAnnJune 4-6 Reva Meredith Jenny ALL ON ALL ON ALL ONJune 7: Last Day of School DUTY DUTY DUTYKindergarten students will be in the caeteria at a designated set of tablesand monitored by TAsAfternoon Duties The AHB Carpool Team Afternoon Duty ScheduleAugust September October November DecemberDavis Davis Davis Davis DavisSmith Smith Smith Smith SmithEllington Ellington Ellington Ellington EllingtonCoward Coward Coward (K) Coward CowardFodrie Fodrie Fodrie Fodrie (K) Fodrie (K)Atcheson (K) Atcheson (K) Atcheson Atcheson AtchesonJanuary February March April May/JuneDavis Davis Davis Davis DavisSmith Smith Smith Smith SmithEllington Ellington Ellington Ellington EllingtonCoward Coward(K) Coward Coward Coward(K)Fodrie Fodrie Fodrie (K) Fodrie FodrieAtcheson (K) Atcheson Atcheson Atcheson(K) Atcheson(K)-indicates the K teacher that will stay back with the K walkers and 2nd runstudentsEllington-will help with carpool the 2 days that she is at AHB**The carpool team will decide as a team on jobs (calling, gym, post, lining up cars,etc)
  20. 20. EnrollmentA parent or legal guardian must accompany the student and complete the necessarypaperwork to admit/register a student to Bangert Elementary School. All paperworksupporting legal guardianship is required (immunization, official birth certificate (ifofficial birth certificate is unable see CCS policy for alternate sources), socialsecurity card, custody agreements, health assessments for Kindergarten, and proofof address-photo ID and utility bill or lease). New students are assigned by theprincipal. If all class sizes are equal, the student will be assigned to the teacher theprincipal feels will connect best with the student. The principal determines allplacements for students.Parents/guardians and students are given CCS Policies and Regulations, AHB StudentHandbook, lunch form, insurance form, grade level supply list, Internet access,agenda, supply list, and Commitment to Excellence when the student enrolls.Students and parent/guardian will be escorted to the classroom and introduced tothe teacher. A copy of the enrollment form will be given to the teacher.The NCWISE data manager will key in information concerning the student andrequest records. The nurse will verify health card and immunization records. Whenthe student’s cumulative folder is received, the teacher will review and return to datamanager for filing.Field TripsField trips are educational experiences that provide students with insight,information, and knowledge, as well as extensions of the classrooms. Out-of-Countyand overnight trips must be approved by the district Director of K-8, Tammy Cullom.Additional paperwork must be completed. Refer to the field trip checklist for exacttimeline. Forms are available online and in the front office. Signed studentpermission/liability forms must travel with teacher on the field trip.Due to liability, students are not to be transported in private vehicles for field trips.With the principal’s permission, parents may ride white activity buses for field trips,but are not allowed to ride yellow buses.Be sure to have at least 1 adult for every 10 students going on the trip. Contact theassistant principal early to schedule buses. The cafeteria can prepare school luncheswith advanced notice. A first aid kit must be taken on all field trips. Kits areavailable from the nurse. Remember to take student medications on field trips.
  21. 21. Check your calendar for 9 Week Assessment and EOG dates. Do NOT schedule tripsduring these weeks.Any questions regarding transportation for field trips should be directed to theassistant principal. Refer to the 2011-12 CCS Policies and Regulations Handbook forcounty guidelines regarding field trips.General Staff Guidelines - Workday ExpectationsTeachers & Assistants7:40a.m.-3:15 p.m. (unless on duty or a faculty meeting)Please remember to sign in daily in the lounge and check your mailbox and email daily.GradesConsistency of marking and grading standards is important for maintaining goodworking relationships and mutual understanding between the teachers, parents, andstudents. Therefore, each grade level will develop grading standards for their gradelevel and submit to the principal by the end of the first week of school. Includeweights given to tests, quizzes, classwork, and projects.Grades must not be given for homework in regards to accuracy or conduct. Studentgrades must not be penalized due to absences. Teachers must communicate thegrading standards to parents and students within the first week of school.It is crucial for teachers to communicate with parents at progress report and reportcard times when grades/marks are either dropping or 76 and below, NeedsImprovement or Unsatisfactory.Teachers must maintain a grade book (handwritten or electronic) with documentationof title of assignment, date assigned, and grade. Maintain a backup copy of studentgrades.GuidanceThe counselor will meet with individuals, small groups, and whole groups. The guidancecounselor will schedule lessons with classroom teachers at the beginning of the year.Topics will include, but not limited to: study skills, peer pressure, problem solving,character education, interpersonal skills, and decision making. In order to meet theneeds of the students, topics may be for a class or grade level. Students/teachersshould complete a guidance referral form for individual conferences. If more thanone student is involved in an issue, one form may be used. Otherwise individual formsmust be used.
  22. 22. HomeworkTeachers should limit or require no homework on evenings when Bangert Elementaryhas events and functions when families are expected to attend. Teachers who sharestudents should coordinate homework in an effort to not exceed approximate allottedtime. Refer to the 2011-12 CCS Policies and Regulations Handbook for countyguidelines regarding homework.Suggested Times for assigning homework to students:1st grade: 10 – 30 minutes daily2nd & 3rd grades: 30 – 40 minutes daily4th & 5th grades: 45 – 60 minutes dailyPlease also reinforce with students and parents that when no homework is assigned,students are expected to read, stressing the importance of reading and being read toin the development of language and listening skills.Inclement WeatherWhen severe weather indicated the possibility of dangerous roads or hazardousconditions, a decision will be made by the superintendent or his designee to delay theopening of school, to postpone school for the day, or dismiss school early during theday. During the school day, staff and students will be notified of dismissals. Othertimes, staff should listen to the local radio and television stations for updatesregarding school closings or delays due to inclement weather. A recording regardingschool closings may be heard by calling 514-6300.InternetEmails will be used to communicate among staff on a regular basis. All staff isexpected to check their emails daily. Teachers must have an Iweb account. Use thisto access curriculum, resources, and district programs.IntercomUse of the intercom will be limited to emergencies between 8:05 and 2:45. Neitherstaff nor students will be called out of their classrooms to answer the telephone,except in the case of an emergency. If you are called to the office byadministration, you are to report immediately. Please limit the use of cell phone callsfor personal business during school hours.Morning announcements and afternoon dismissal will be addressed through theintercom. Staff should set the expectations and demonstrate proper etiquette whensomeone is speaking on the intercom.
  23. 23. InTouchAll Craven County Schools use the InTouch communication system to notify parentsand staff in the event of an emergency or times when parents/guardians need to becontacted. Encourage parents/guardians to send a note regarding address ortelephone changes.KeysKeys will be distributed to teachers and staff by the bookkeeper at the beginning ofthe year. Keys will be collected at the end of the year. If a key is lost, notify thebookkeeper immediately.Leaving CampusIf an occasion arises when an employee needs to leave campus during working hours,the employee must receive permission from the principal (the assistant principal ifthe principal is not available). These occasions should be only in the case of anemergency. The employee must complete a release sheet and Craven County Absencereport for approval. The bookkeeper receives both forms. Once approved, theemployee must sign in/out on the computer in the main office.Lesson PlansTeachers must plan collaboratively with respective teams. All teachers shall developquarterly timelines, in addition to daily lesson plans. Lesson Plans must be readilyavailable for review upon request by the administration. All teachers will utilize theONCOURSE, an online plan book. Teachers will be trained asap. Until training pleaseplan using an online alternative or traditional planbook, notebook, etc.Lessons should include the following:Review, Focus with obj. # of the Teacher Will (TW) and the Student Will (SW), MiniLesson, Differentiated Guided Practice and Independent Practice, Review/Closure,Materials/ResourcesThe NCSCOS/Common Core/Essential Standards must be the primary source forobjectives to be taught. Additional resources from DPI and CCS should beimplemented. Textbooks should be only used as supplementary resources.In addition, a daily schedule, kid-friendly learning targets for the day, rules,consequences and celebrations shall be posted.
  24. 24. Letters, memos, notices, flyers, etc.All letters, memos, notices, flyers that are to be sent home must be approved by theprincipal. A copy must be on file in the front office. Place the papers in theprincipal’s mailbox for approval three days prior to sending information home. Thesigned and approved information will be placed in the teacher’s mailbox. This doesNOT include individual letters sent home to parents/guardians.MailboxesMailboxes are located in the teachers lounge. Please check your box at least twice aday. Keep the area clean to ensure an effective and efficient environment.MeetingsTeachers need to dedicate Wednesdays from 3:30 to 5:00 for school meetings.1st Wednesday-Reading and Math goal teams2nd Wednesday- Staff Meeting3rd Wednesday-Goal Team- Science/Safety/Technology & Satisfaction/Drop-Outgoal teamsCabinet Meetings- 1st Tuesday of MonthCheck your school wide calendar for specific dates. Staff members are required toattend all staff and goal team meetings scheduled by administration and/or districtpersonnel. Everyone is invited to attend Cabinet meetings; however, only goal teammanagers are required to attend. If a manager or grade level rep is unable to attend,a substitute will need to attend. Additional meetings such as IEP and SAT arerequired by members and referring teachers.NurseThe school nurse is at AHB from 7:45 to 2:15. Medication (prescription or over-thecounter) shall only be administered with proper medical permission. Directparents/guardians to take medication to the school nurse in person.Staff is required to complete a Nurse Referral form and send it with the child to thenurse’s office. Prior to sending a child to the nurse, call to see if she is in her office.If she is not, buzz the office and send the student to the front office. If a studentis injured or experiencing distress, a responsible student or assistant should escortthe student. If an emergency arises, call the office immediately. Please carefullyscreen all nurse referrals.In addition to emergencies and medical issues, the nurse will screen students for theyellow folder process, input immunizations into NCWISE, and screenings for vision,hearing, etc.Hygiene supplies are available.
  25. 25. Physical ActivityAll K-8 students are required to participate in 30 minutes of physical activity daily.This time may be used inside or outside and all at one time or multiple times duringthe day.Parent/Teacher Organization (PTO)You are the “T” in PTO. Our PTO has demonstrated their support for students andteachers. All teachers are required to attend the scheduled PTO Meetings. FamilyFun Nights are not a required event for teachers; however, you are welcomed andencouraged to become involved in the life of the school. Your help and cooperationcreates a partnership that enhances a strong educational program.All teacher assistants are required to attend the student orientation, “Sneak-a-Peek”and the PTO Open House. Family Fun Nights are not a required event for teacherassistants; however, you are welcomed and encouraged to become involved in the lifeof the school. Your help and cooperation creates a partnership that enhances a strongeducational program.Partners in Education (PIE)Staff is encouraged to join Partners. The money raised helps the students in CravenCounty. Many teachers at AHB have earned grants through PIE. Your support isgreatly appreciated.PassesStudents who are not accompanied by adults are to be issued hall passes (destination,time, and teacher’s signature) if traveling from one destination to another. Hallpasses are NOT to be issued after 2:30 PM, except in the case of an emergency.PicturesAll students and staff will have their pictures made in the fall. Fall pictures will beused for the Bangert Yearbook. No student should receive spring pictures until thefall pictures account is clear.PlanningGrade level and content planning meetings will occur daily for articulation. Each gradelevel will elect a chairperson. Chairpersons will ensure information is disseminated.Minutes from each meeting should be emailed to all stakeholders including theprincipal and assistant principal. Each week on the designated day administration willmeet with grade levels during common planning time. The other days the subjectareas are also designated below.Mon. K-2 Admin
  26. 26. Tues. ReadingWed. 3-5 AdminThurs. MathFri. Science or Social StudiesPromotion & RetentionTeachers will provide documentation to the parents and principal, prior to the end ofthe first semester of students who may be retained or simply not meeting promotionrequirements. Additional information is located in the 2011-2012 CCS Policies andRegulations handbook.Rarely does a student profit from repeating a grade. Work with parents/guardiansclosely to provide the most successful education. Being proactive and plannedinterventions are most helpful.Progress ReportsIf your student’s progress is unsatisfactory in any subject, a progress report will besent home with the student at the midpoint of each grading period or as soonthereafter as it becomes apparent that the child is failing. All progress reportsshould be signed by a parent and returned to the teacher to verify that the parenthas received them. Progress reports will be sent home on the following dates:September 28, 2010December 9, 2010May 12, 2011Receipt BooksNo money is to be left in the school overnight or unattended during the day. Thisincludes leaving money and receipt books in bookkeeper’s office unattended.Students and volunteers are NOT to transport receipt book bags containing money.Call the bookkeeper if you need assistance in transporting money to the office. It isthe responsibility of the staff member to replace stolen or lost money.All monies must be receipted; therefore, teachers will be issued a receipt book.Write the specific reason for the purpose of the money on the receipt and thetreasurer’s report. Also, use exact field trip names on the receipt and treasurer’sreport (ex: Haiti, Cinderella, Aquarium). Leave the white copy attached to the yellowcopy in the receipt book. Do not tear receipts out of the receipt book. Do not erasemistakes. Mark over the mistake and initial. If money is due to the student, teacherneeds to note on the receipt. Turn in zippered bag with the receipt book, treasurer’sreport, and money to the bookkeeper daily. Student change (money) will be placed inan envelope attached to the receipt after the daily deposits.
  27. 27. All monies collected must be turned in to the bookkeeper by 12:30 the day it iscollected. All checks received should be made payable to AH Bangert ElementarySchool. Phone numbers of parents/guardians must be on the checks.Renaissance PlaceBangert Elementary students participate in two individualized programs-AcceleratedReader and Accelerated Math. In Accelerated Reader, teachers should use theSTAR tests and child’s reading ability as indicators to determine individual goals foreach student. We will not have a schoolwide designated AR time this year. Insteadeach teacher should schedule a solid 30 minutes daily of AR time. This will bemonitored by administration. In Accelerated Math, teachers should determine theskills taught and child’s ability to set the objectives assigned. Use the programs asresources. Monitor the participation and success by accessing the dashboard anddiagnostic report. Although, Model Classroom certification is not required, pleaseknow that these are district initiatives and must be implemented with fidelity. It isessential that you follow the guidelines to ensure success.Expectations and Best Practices for the Implementation of Accelerated ReadingThe Accelerated Reader (AR)/ Reading Renaissance (RR) program is to be used apositive motivator for students.Accelerated Reader can have a significant affect on reading achievement whenimplemented using the following practices. Research indicates that the qualityof reading practice is one of the principle correlates of reading performance. ARis reading software that personalizes reading practice. It is intended to support aBalanced Literacy Approach in the teaching and learning of reading. AR is not ourreading approach, but provides feedback on a student’s literal comprehension ofbooks read, informs instruction and monitors and guides each student’s independentreading practice. (This is the “Status of the Class” piece, or what we would callconducting “Reading Conferences.”) “Teachers can use information from AR to assiststudents with book selection, monitor reading practice, provide frequent feedback,and set reading goals.” These following Implementation Guidelines (best practices)should be followed and implemented:The STAR Reading Assessment will be administered 3 times a year:September, January, and AprilSTAR Reading (Grades 2-8, unless 1st graders have reached the 775 score on SEL)Teachers should use discretion when making decisions to test a student more than 3times a yearTeachers will begin the school year setting individual goals, conduct status of theclass, and interpret student diagnostic reports.
  28. 28. AR practice (teacher guided, independent reading of self-selected books) will occurat a minimum of 30 minutes a day. AR time will vary in K-1 classrooms, and should bedecided based on grade level consensus. It should not be done during guided readingtime.Teachers should be actively engaged in conducting one-on-one reading conferencesduring AR time.Please refer to the document “Getting Results with Accelerated Reader”. Thisdocument identifies the importance of “teacher routines” and conducting “Status ofthe Class”. ELA teachers should facilitate these reading conferences with identifiedpriority at-risk students. To assure students are receiving maximum results from AR,teachers should explicitly teach comprehension strategies and reinforce them duringStatus of the Class, and help students transfer the reading skills taught during thatweek’s instructional period to their AR books.AR quizzes should not be deleted unless there is a special circumstance, such as astudent taking the wrong quiz, etc.PRACTICE IS NEVER TO BE USED FOR GRADING. AR tests, vocabulary, andliteracy quizzes WILL NOT BE GRADED.School-wide celebrations are only acceptable if they include all students.Accelerated Reader is for practice and we want to encourage all students to practice.Teachers will be able to access AR from home for data analysis and managementpurposes. Tests and quizzes will not be accessible to students from home.Homebound students will continue to take tests and quizzes on paper.The TOPS (The Opportunity to Praise a Student) gives staff and students immediatefeedback about the Reading Practice Quiz just taken and shows cumulative data forthe marking period and school year. The TOPS Report is a highly motivational pieceof paper that shall be printed after each student takes a Reading Practice Quiz.AR will be monitored both at the school and District level.AR/AM results will need to be posted quarterly on each grade level dashboard.As directed by our Superintendent, AR cannot be used as a grade, nor can it be usedas a punishment.REPORT CARDSReport cards will be sent home on the following dates:November 4, 2010January 27, 2011April 7, 2011June 10, 2011
  29. 29. Board Policy regarding grading must be followed. Yearly averages must be recordedon cumulative folders.A non-returnable grade sheet will come from the “specials” team members who givegrades and will be placed in the classroom teachers boxes the day after the end ofthe quarter.Parents should not be initially informed of problems via report cards. A minimumrequirement of at least one brief interim report will be sent to parents close to themid-point of each nine-week grading period.RestroomsStudents should remain in their assigned classes at all times. However, studentsmust have an opportunity to visit the restroom daily. Teachers should use goodjudgment in allowing students to visit the restroom, as well as other areas of thebuilding. Students must have passes to leave the classroom for any reason. Restroombreaks should be completed quickly and quietly.RoomsAll doors shall remain in the lock position. Staff is expected to keep rooms andhallways safe and inviting at all times. Students should pick up paper at the end ofevery class and place chairs on top of desks at the end of the day. Windows should belocked and blinds adjusted before leaving. Students and staff should have chairsdown at the beginning of each day.SAT (School Assistance Team)Students who exhibit negative behaviors or poor academic skills where classroomstrategies have not been successful should be referred to the AHB SchoolAssistance Team. A flow map of the process is included in the teacher handbook.Schedule7:15 First run students unload7:30 Carpool will begin unloading Breakfast students will begin being released to hallways7:50 Students report to class (Teachers greet students as they enter the room.) Carpoolers – breakfast or classroom8:00 Tardy Bell8:05 Announcements8:05-2:45 Learning!!! Students engaged11:00-1:15 Lunch for all students2:30 No students out of room unless an emergency
  30. 30. 2:45 Carpool and Vans dismissed dismiss out side doors, everyone else will load from front door.2:50 First run students dismissed (Announcement will be made) 2nd and 3rd will3:10 Walkers / Bike Riders dismissed3:20 Second run students dismissed****IMPORTANT****If you do not have morning duty you need to be in your classroom at 7:40 eachmorning. This does not mean coming through the door at 7:40!2nd Run students will stay in pods until dismissal. Use this time to extend theirlearning!A grade level schedule must be submitted to the secretary by the fifth day ofschool. Be sure to include the specific subject times for the day.On Early Release Days, an abbreviated schedule will be followed. Students will attendsupport classes. Lunch Schedule 2011 – 2012 11:00 Williamson 11:05 Wellington 11:10 Wimmer 11:15 Saunders 11:20 Belew 11:25 Armstrong 11:30 Cromer 11:35 Eure 11:40 O’Brien 11:45 Wilson 11:50 Barnes 11:55 Cook 12:00 Adams 12:05 Fodrie 12:10 Atcheson 12:15 Coward 12:45 5th Grade
  31. 31. Albert H. Bangert Elementary School Specials Schedule 2011-2012 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Kindergarten Atcheson Art Music PE Art Music(11:00 - 11:45) Coward Music PE Art Music PE Fodrie PE Art Music PE Art First Grade Adams Art Music PE Art Music(10:10 - 10:55) Barnes Music PE Art Music PE Cook PE Art Music PE ArtSecond Grade Armstrong Art Music PE Art Music (8:15 - 9:00) Belew Music PE Art Music PE Saunders PE Art Music PE Art Third Grade Cromer Art Music PE Media Art (1:25 - 2:05) Eure Music PE Media Art Music OBrien PE Media Art Music PE Wilson Meida Art Music PE ArtFourth Grade Wellington Art Music PE Art Music(12:35 - 1:20) Williamson Music PE Art Music PE Wimmer PE Art Music PE Art Fifth Grade Edwards Art Music PE Art Music(9:20 - 10:05) Godwin Music PE Art Music PE Harvey PE Art Music PE Art Playground Schedule 2011 – 2012 3rd Grade 9:45 – 10:15 Kindergarten 10:15 – 10:50 2nd Grade 1:45 – 2:15 4th Grade 11:50 – 12:20 5th Grade 1:25 – 1:55 1st Grade 12:40 – 1:10
  32. 32. Staff AttendanceEach day a teacher is absent is a lost day of valuable instruction. Teachers shouldonly use sick leave for illnesses of self or family. Personal days must be submitted 5days in advance. In addition, teachers are not counted absent for attending staffdevelopment trainings but need to complete the proper leave forms. Teachers mustnotify Mrs. Brown as soon as possible if they are aware of a day they need asubstitute. In case of an emergency after school hours, teachers should call Mrs.Lee before 9PM or between 6AM and 7AM @ 671-9136. Teachers should alsocontact their members of their teams so they can assist substitutes if needed. Onceyou return to school see Mrs. Brown for appropriate paperwork.All certified staff members are required to attend PTO, staff, and professionaldevelopment meetings. If you are unable to attend, notify the principal in person andvia email of your reason.Staff have the option to work on (O) optional days or use annual leave depending uponleave balances. On (V) vacation days, the school will be closed and staff will becharged an annual leave day. Leave may not be taken on (PW) workdays. Leave maynot be taken the day before or after a holiday.Annual Leave Years of State Service Days per month Less than 2 years 1.00 2 years but less than 5 1.15 years 5 years but less than 10 1.40 years 10 years but less than 15 1.65 years 15 years but less than 20 1.90 years 20 years or more 2.15Personal LeavePersonal leave days should be requested 5 days in advance. The principal mustauthorize this leave.Minimum Leave PayAn employee who is absent less than one-half day shall be charged with the use ofone-half day. If an absence is more than one-half, but less than one full day, one fullday of leave shall be charged. If an employee is absent on a designated one-half dayof school, they will be charged for one full day.
  33. 33. Child Involvement LeaveCraven County Schools grant employees 4 hours per year to become involved in theirchildren’s education. This must be prearranged with the principal.Leave Without PayLeave without pay must be taken on the day before or after the holiday. LWOP isused if an employee does NOT have enough sick days or annual days. The principal maycharge LWOP (Leave Without Pay) for those not completing the necessary paperworkin the appropriate time frame.Sick LeaveFull time staff earn 1 sick day per month. The principal has the right to question andverify any sick leave taken on Fridays, Mondays, and on days before holidays.Worker’s Compensation LeaveStaff should refer to the Craven County Schools Employee Handbook regardingWorker’s Compensation Leave. Questions may also be directed to the schoolbookkeeper.Failure to follow the process could cause delay in receiving your pay.Staff DevelopmentCraven County Schools provides required Staff Development days (S) and requiredWorkdays (PW). The S-day trainings will be sessions developed based on the need ofthe students at Bangert and held at Bangert. The sessions will begin at 1:00. ThePW-days may involve trainings on or off campus. Workdays at Bangert will be from8:00-4:00, with lunch from 11:30-1:00. Staff will need to adhere to times for offcampus trainings.It is the responsibility of each teacher to keep records of his/her requirements forrenewal. Be mindful of your reading, academic, and technology credits earned, as wellas your renewal date.Teachers may check their CEU’s at school on the following website:http://<hrmsserver>/hrms/ceu.nsf/ceuhistory?openpage Contact Linda Phillips atCentral Services if you have questions.The assistant principal will sign teachers up on Sea System for staff development.You will receive an email through Sea System informing you of your registration. Inaddition, you will receive follow-up surveys that you will need to complete to obtaincredit.Student Attendance
  34. 34. Attendance should be taken daily by 8:30. Absent and tardy students shall bemarked accordingly in NCWISE. Additional information pertaining to NCWISE isfound in the OSA section of this handbook.Full Day- check-in before 11:30 or remain 3.5 hours to be considered presentEarly Dismissal: check-in before 9:30 to be considered presentAll student absences are recorded as unexcused. Students must bring a note to thehomeroom teacher within 2 days from their return to school explaining the reason forthe absence. All notes need to be turned in to the NCWISE data manager asteachers receive them. The data manager will code the absences and tardiesaccording to state policy. Refer to the CCS 2011-2012 Policies and RegulationsHandbook regarding more detailed information pertaining to student absences andtardies.Student HandbooksPlease make sure that you familiarize yourself with the Bangert Student Handbookand the CCS 2011-2012 Student Policies and Regulations Handbook. Discuss withstudents and reference when needed.Student ReportsProgress reports will be distributed to 1st-5th grades every 4 ½ weeks and every 6weeks for Kindergarten. Report cards will be distributed to 1st-5th gradersquarterly. Maintain a back-up copy of each report card sent home.Reports are to be signed by the parent/guardian and returned to the teacher.Homeroom teachers should call the parents/guardians of students failing to returnsigned report cards and inform them of the students’ progress.There shall be no grade lower than a 60. Any grade lower than 60 makes it nearlyimpossible for students to be successful.Comments need to be aligned to the marks on the report card. Note if parents didnot show up for a conference. Administration will review all report cards before theyare sent home. Dates to turn them in will be announced.Homeroom teachers will be responsible for generating lists for Principal’s List, HonorRoll, Perfect Attendance, A Team, and Citizenship at the end of each nine weekperiod and at the end of the year. The 9 Weeks and end of year lists will besubmitted to Mrs. Martin. She will provide the certificates.Substitutes
  35. 35. Teachers are responsible for maintaining a substitute folder. The folder should beclearly visible on the teacher’s desk.Be sure to include the following: 1. Alternate plans for rainy days-physical activity and dismissal 2. Answer Key to assignments 3. Behavior Management System 4. Buddy teacher’s name 5. Class list for attendance 6. Copies of assignments if needed 7. Crisis response for emergencies 8. Duty assignments 9. Emergency information 10. Extra assignments 11. Forms 12. Lesson plans 13. Map 14. Medical needs list 15. Processes and procedures 16. Seating chart 17. Schedule for the day 18. Student needs- Health, Behavior, Speech, AIG, ESL, EC, etc. 19. Transportation informationTeachers must notify Mrs. Brown as soon as possible if they are aware of a day theyneed will need a substitute. In case of an emergency after school hours, teachersshould call the principal before 9PM or between 6AM and 7AM. Mrs. Samz willarrange with Mrs. Brown substitutes needed for staff development. All staff mustcontact Mrs. Michelle Lee at 671-9136 for all absences.Sunshine CommitteeThe Sunshine Committee was established to foster and nurture positive relationsamong staff members and help to provide a warm and inviting atmosphere throughoutthe school. The following guidelines were established to help everyone understandthe function of the Sunshine Committee • Full Time staff will pay $20.00 and Part-time staff $10.00 dues each year to join. • Flowers or gifts sent to association members in the hospital will not exceed $ 30.00. • Retirees (member or non-member) will be honored with a gift not to exceed $50.00.
  36. 36. • In the event of the death of an association member’s immediate family, a $25.00 memorial or flower will be sent. (ex. spouse, children, stepmother, stepfather, mother, father). • Association members having outpatient care will receive a card. • Association members will receive a birthday surprise/card on their birthday • Cards will be sent to staff members who are not members of the association in the event of death, hospitalization, or injury.In the event that the association has enough money at the end of the year,an end-of-year celebration will be held. Non-members may pay a fee to attend.A list of members will be published in October. Association members will have asticker placed on their box to signify membership.Please let staff on the Drop-out Goal Team know of any situation that should behandled by the Sunshine Committee in writing. If we’re not informed, we cannotperform!SupervisionTeachers are expected to supervise students everywhere on campus- classroom,hallway, lunch, transition, playground, restroom breaks etc. This will help curbbehavior problems and safety issues. Think…Who’s watching these kids if I step out?No students are to be left unsupervised at any period during the day. This includessupervision of students who have left your room. Students must have a pass withdesignated area noted. In addition, each teacher should have documentation of aClass Exit sheet noting students who have left the room, time left, purpose, and timereturned.Teachers must supervise students at lunch. Teachers are required to eat lunch withtheir students to develop relationships. Each class should have a designated “silentlunch area” near their teacher so these students can be monitored. WE WILL NOTHAVE A SILENT LUNCH TABLE DOWN THE MIDDLE OF THE CAFETERIA.TelephonesThe school telephone is for school business purposes only. Staff members shall notmake personal long distance phone calls. All long distance calls made for schoolpurposes must be recorded on the telephone log.All classrooms have phones. Teachers must set up their voicemail during the firstweek. Check messages daily.
  37. 37. Faculty members are permitted to have cell phones. However, personal phone callsare not to be made during instruction and/or supervision. Phones should be placed onsilent/vibrate during school hours.Students are not allowed to use the school phone without written permission fromeither the teacher or assistant. Limit this to emergencies only.Terrific Kids Academic Excellence AssembliesTerrific Kids is a student recognition program that promotes character development,self-esteem, and perseverance. Students work with their classroom teacher andestablish goals to improve behavior, peer relationships, attendance, and/orschoolwork. Students then work toward achieving the goal during a specific timeperiod and then are recognized for their achievements. Students are challenged toset goals or visions of what they would like to achieve academically or behaviorally.The student and teacher work together to achieve success. Goals need to be writtenand meaningful. Student goals will be stated at the Terrific Kids assembly when theyreceive their certificate. It is our hope that all of the children in your classroom willbe recognized as a Terrific Kid this year.WE DID AWAY WITH THIS AT BDQBEHAVIORAL EXPECTATIONS FOR SPECIAL PROGRAMS & ASSEMBLIESBe Respectful Enter and exit quietly Sit quietly Be a good listener Be ready to participateBe Responsible Remain seated/ standing in my own space Raise hand for help Ask appropriate questions Applaud appropriatelyBe Safe Keep your hands and feet to yourself When going to a program, use expected hallway behaviorsDuring these assembly times, students will also be recognized for their outstandingperformance for each grading period. Each date will be posted in the monthlynewsletter. Invitations will also be sent to parents of students who are Terrific Kids.(Kindergarten will begin 2nd semester or as requested)Dates Time & Grade LevelNovember 8, 9, 10, 12, 15 1:45-2:30: 5th, 4th, 3rd, 2nd, 1stFebruary 2, 3, 4, 7, 8 1:45-2:30: 5th, 4th, 3rd, 2nd, 1stApril 7, 8, 13, 14, 15 1:45-2:30: 5th, 4th, 3rd, 2nd, 1st
  38. 38. Our schools primary objective is to educate our students. The Academic Excellenceprogram is a way for students to be recognized for their academic achievements.Students must have an "S" in conduct to receive these awards.For this recognition program to work, teachers will need to complete and turn in theiraward lists to the Guidance Office. *Teachers will need to write a special commentfor administration to read aloud during the Terrific Kids portion of the awardceremony.TimesheetsTeacher assistants will complete computerized timesheets daily. The bookkeeper willemail a blank timesheet. Assistants will need to save the timesheet to the desktop orflash drive. Edit it monthly, but not during supervision of students. Print thetimesheets on 8 ½ x 11 paper at the end of each reporting period, sign it, and give itto the bookkeeper on the due dates provided.TransportationTeachers must maintain an up-to-date list of students. If a student needs to changemode of transportation, the student must provide a note stating the change. Astudent is not allowed to change transportation without permission fromadministration. Students will report to the office before 8:05 for transportationchanges. The secretary will place new transportation changes on the classroom doorbetween 2:00-2:15.TUTORINGIf an individual or grade level team opts to hold after-school tutorial sessions, pleasenotify administration and front office staff, by submitting names of students beingtutored, along with the dates and hours of the tutorial sessions.It is prohibited for a teacher to receive private remuneration for tutoring anystudent who is currently assigned to him/her. Employees, with prior approval fromthe principal, may use the school facility for tutoring as covered in Section 1100Policy/ Regulation 1116.Videos
  39. 39. All films and videos must have an educational purpose. Teachers must complete priorapproval for videos and films. It is the expectation to include an educational activityaligned to the video. Showing a video is not an instructional strategy. It is a resource.VisitorsAll visitors must check in the front office and receive a visitor’s pass. Faculty shouldnot receive visitors while supervising students. Guest speakers must be approved bythe principal. If you see a person on campus without ID, please ask, “Have you signedin at the front office?”VolunteersEncourage parents and community members to volunteer their expertise at Bangert.Craven County Schools has implemented a process for volunteers. An end-of-yearcelebration will recognize volunteers.WebpagesTeachers are required to have a webpage. The webpage should include the classvision, mission, and at least four curriculum links. (These links cannot all be games.)An email link and homework link should also be included. Additional requirements maybe added throughout the year based on the needs of students and parents.Information must be kept up-to-date.Withdrawal of StudentsA parent or legal guardian is the only adult who may withdraw a student from school.All withdrawal of students from school must be processed by the NCWISE datamanager. She will place in the student’s cum folder an attendance summary andwithdrawal form at the front of the folder. The teacher must complete thecumulative folder (grades, attendance, etc.) and withdrawal information prior torecords being sent to the new school. It is important that all data is updated andcompleted accurately. Once a student has been withdrawn from Bangert Elementary,the record cannot be retrieved. Do not mark a student off of your roll until you havereceived notification from NCWISE data manager. Teachers have one week tocomplete the paperwork. Optimum Student Achievement
  40. 40. (OSA) 504’s School Assistance Team (SAT) Flow Map of Yellow Folder Process Personalized Education Plan (PEP) Accelerated Math Expectations Accelerated Reader Expectations Writing Expectations Science Expectations Social Studies Expectations Support Expectations Secret Stories Mnephonics Reader’s Workshop Writer’s Workshop Awards _______________________ _______________________ _______________________ _______________________ Effective and Efficient Operations (E & E)
  41. 41.  Schedules o Master o Support/Lunch o Lunch o Duties o Social Worker o Science Lab o Psychologist o Speech o AIG o ESL o Tutoring o Early Dismissal (Noon) o One Hour Delay o Two Hour Delay o 9 Week Assessments o Bus Monitor Rotation o _________________ o _________________ Field Trip Checklist  CCS Field Trip Request #1  CCS Permission/Liability #2  TPE Class Roster #3  TPE Check Request #4 Cumulative Folders Copyrighted Materials Email Acceptable Use NCWISE CCS Student Policy/Regulation Handbook __________________________ __________________________ __________________________ __________________________ Safe and Inviting Learning and Working Environment
  42. 42. (S & I) Practical Strategies for Building Positive Relationships Character Education Education Spotlight @ Staff Mtg from Board CCS Spotlight @ BOE Mtg Teacher Ambassador Recognition Wellness Policy Bloodborne Pathogen/Communicable Disease Sunshine Club Bulletin Board Assignments General Fire Recommendations Drill Procedures o LOCKDOWN o Fire o Tornado ______________________ ______________________ ______________________ ______________________ ______________________ Forms Announcements Campus Pass
  43. 43.  Classroom Exit  Request for Counselor Services  Student Behavior Reflection Sheet  Disciplinary Referral  Parent Conference Log  Nurse Referral  Video Approval  Employee Change of Information  Interim Report  Volunteer Request  Teacher-Parent Conference  _________________________  _________________________  _________________________  _________________________  _________________________  _________________________ Bulletin Board AssignmentsBoards must be updated quarterly. Check assigned boards regularly.Main Hall (left of entrance)- grade level dashboards posted by grade/dept. (include thefollowing: mission, vision, 45 day plans, graphed results, 9 Wks at a glance brochure for 1st-5th& Resource; 12 Wks at a glance brochure for K)
  44. 44. Main Hall (right of entrance)- Cabinet & Goal TeamsMain Hall (across from front girl’s bathroom)- Student Work- 1st grade-first and third 9 wks;4th grade second and fourth 9 wksMain Hall (across from front boy’s bathroom)- Reading Goal TeamMain Hall (across from middle boy’s bathroom)- Student Work- K-first & third 9 wks; 1stgrade- second & fourth 9 wksMain Hall (across from middle girl’s bathroom)- Student Work- 2nd grade- first and third 9wks; 3rd grade- second and fourth 9 wksMain Hall (left of ISS)- Discipline & Attendance data by KnowlesMain Hall (left of supply closet)- Guidance 9 Weeks at a glanceMain Hall (left of EC Resource Room)- Student Work- 4th grade- first and third 9 wks; 5thgrade- second and fourth 9 wksMain Hall (right of guidance door)- ESLMain Hall (right of Tech Rm)- Caught Being Good by Drop-Out goal teamOffice Hall- Communication to Staff by AllCafeteria Hall (1st board)- PTO/HUG/NEWSCafeteria Hall (2nd board)- Parent Center by Alligood and EmmerichCafeteria Hall (3rd board)- Uniforms by AdministrationCafeteria Hall (between 2 boards)- Featured Artists by RameyCafeteria Hall (last board)- AR & AM dashboards by AdministrationCafeteria (front)- Nutrition Information by CafeteriaCafeteria (board)- Art by RameyCafeteria white boards- Student Council and Safety Patrol infoCafeteria wall between white boards- Art by RameyFirst/Fourth hall- Student work outside classrooms; small section for classroom dataFirst/Fourth hall- (outside of art room, both sides)- Art by RameySecond/Third hall- (1st board on left) Classroom data for 2nd & 3rd gradesSecond/Third hall- Student work outside classroomsSecond/Third hall- (2nd board on left)- 2nd grade by BrinsonSecond/Third b hall (across and on right Music Rm)- Music by ScottFifth/Kindergarten hall (1st board left)- 5th grade 9 Weeks classroom dataFifth/Kindergarten hall (2nd board left)– Kindergarten 12 Weeks classroom dataFifth/Kindergarten hall (3rd board)- Student work outside classroomsMedia entrance-IMPACT projects by Pearson and EmmerichGym entrance- PE by Kruer Wellness Policy Summary of Federal law, State statutes,
  45. 45. and District policies 1. A list of acceptable foods for special events. 2. Encourage students to drink water. 3. Provide 10 minutes to eat breakfast and 20 minutes to eat lunch. 4. Ensure that adequate hand washing supplies (towels and soap) are available. 5. Refrain from giving candy as a reward. 6. Food is not used as a reward or punishment. 7. All vending machines not operated by child nutrition turned off until after the last student is served lunch. 8. No outside food items are to be sold or served until after the last student is served lunch. th 9. Each student in grades PreK to 8 is to have 30 minutes of structured recess of moderated to vigorous physical activity daily.10. Physical education, physical activity, orrecess is not to be withheld from students as aform of punishment.
  46. 46. 504 Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973prohibits discrimination on the basis of disability inprograms and activities that receive Federal financialassistance from the U.S. Department of Education.To be protected under Section 504, a child must be adisabled person as defined under Section 504, whichmeans:  having a physical or mental impairment which substantially limits one or more major life activities;  having a record of such impairment; or  being regarded as having such impairment. Under Section 504, a qualified student with adisability is protected whether or not the student needsspecial education. Most students with disabilities areprotected under IDEA and Section 504/Title II;however, some students may be protected under IDEAor Section 504/Title II. For example, a student withdiabetes who does not need special education but mayneed assistance with administration of insulin wouldprobably not be protected under IDEA, but might beunder Section 504/Title II. A 504 regulation requires recipients to provide a"free appropriate public education" (FAPE) Chairperson-Emily Forro District Coordinator-Sandi Carlaccini
  47. 47. Personalized Education Plans (PEP) A Personalized Education Plan addresses students’weaknesses and provides strategies that are designed toassist the student in overcoming their obstacles. UnderGeneral Statute 115C-105.41, a PEP should provide“focused intervention and accelerated activities that includeresearch-based practices that meet the needs of the student.” PEP’s should be completed on any student who isexperiencing difficulty, and/or who is performing belowgrade level or at-risk for academic failure. A PEP must bewritten in addition to any other services a student may bereceiving (i.e. ECP, 504, etc.). Ideally, the parent and theteachers should develop them. However, it may benecessary for the teacher to develop them. If this is thecase, there is an area for the teacher to document whereattempts have been made to include the parent in thisprocess. This information should be maintained in thestudent’s cumulative folder and reviewed periodically.PEP’s will be monitored and reviewed every four and one-half weeks by administration. Copies of the form can be found at Craven CountySchools website under “Forms”.
  48. 48. Student Assistance Team (SAT) The purpose of the School Assistance Team is findstrategies that help students succeed. Student who are havingdifficulties with either academic and/or behavior concerns arerecognized. If the teacher notices academic and/or behavioralproblems, then he/she should refer the student to the SchoolAssistance Team. This is done by obtaining a SAT referralfolder (yellow) from the guidance counselor. Refer to the flowchart that gives you step-by-stepinstructions as to the SAT process and who are the owners. It isimperative that all information be completed on theyellow folder prior to sending it to the School AssistanceTeam. School Assistance Team meetings are held everyTuesday from 3:25 to 5:00 in the conference room. Teacherswill be notified if/when one of their students is on the agenda forthe day. Teachers are expected to bring any supportingdocumentation and other information that will help the teammake the best decision for the child. Teachers will be givenstrategies to use in their daily classroom instruction to see if itwill help the student. 2011-2012 School Assistance Team Carla Atcheson- Chairperson Martha Ann Patterson Jenny Wood Brenda Edwards Observation Team(This team will be assigned students to observe and return observation to SAT team prior to meetings) Linda Barnes Cindy Belew Lisa Gaskins Yvonne Kolb
  49. 49. Drill Procedures Lockdown/IntruderLockdown drills are held quarterly to prepare all students and staff should an emergency arise. Anannouncement will be made over the intercom to notify the staff and students. ABSOLUTESILENCE is to be maintained at all times to prevent confusion. Instruct students on how to besafe in other areas than their classrooms, such as cafeteria, bathroom, and media center.Students and staff should:  Move quickly and quietly to the designated area of the room.  Double check your door. It should be in lock position.  Cover windows.  Post red and green cards.  Check roll.  Return to normal routine when signaled. Fire DrillFire drills are held monthly to prepare all students and teachers to leave the building as quickly aspossible should an emergency situation arise. Fire drills will be signaled by the fire alarm.ABSOLUTE SILENCE is to be maintained at all times when leaving or entering the building toprevent confusion. Teachers will guide the students out of the building to their designated location.Students should be aware of where the exit routes are in their classrooms. Instruct students onprocedures to follow if they are no in their classroom during a fire drill.Students and staff should:  Secure the red safety bag.  Leave the room quietly and quickly in a single file line.  Close doors and turn off lights.  Move a safe distance away from the building, Instruct students to stand in a single file line facing away from the building.  Check roll.  Hold up red card if a student is missing and/or additional students are in your line. Hold up a green card if all students are present and no additional students.  Return orderly and quietly to the building when signaled. Tornado Drill Tornado drills are scheduled twice yearly to prepare all students and teachers in the event a tornado warning has been issued. Tornado drills are continuous, quick, short rings of the bell. ABSOLUTE SILENCE is to be maintained at all times to prevent confusion. Teachers should guide students to the designated areas. Instruct students on how to be safe in other areas than their classrooms, such as cafeteria, bathroom, and media center.Students and staff should:  Leave the room quietly and quickly in a single file line.  Ensure students face the nearest wall, kneel, bend over, and fold their hands over their head.  Check roll.  Hold up red card if a student is missing and/or additional students are in your line. Hold up a green card if all students are present an no additional students.
  50. 50. NCWISE Tidbits https://esis.ncwise.orgNCWISE is the official electronic record for each student. The teacher section of NCWISE iscalled Teacher Assistant Module (TAM). You will take attendance and be able to viewinformation about your students through TAM. . AttendanceThe attendance for each classroom must be completed by 8:30 daily.Any student NOT physically in your classroom by the 8:00 bell is considered absent. If theyarrive after 8:00, then they are considered tardy. Tardy students must have a pass from theoffice to enter the classroom. For students who are tardy after 8:30 and you have marked thestudent absent for the day on your attendance, the Data Manager (Gina Kozup) will make thenecessary corrections.NOTES:It is the teacher’s responsibility to make necessary changes when parents send in the notesstating the reason for absence. All absences are considered UNEXCUSED unless the note statesotherwise AND aligned to the 2011-12 CCS Policies and Regulations Handbook. Students haveonly TWO DAYS after their return to bring in the absence note. Teachers must keep notesparents send. Encourage parents to do so. At the end of the year, the notes will be returned tothe main office.SUSPENSION:The administrator will notify the discipline input data manager (Gina Kozup) when a student issuspended.CHANGES:Make all changes for previous days before entering the current day’s attendance. All changes inattendance should be made on a daily basis. Once a student withdraws and the process iscompleted, we cannot access their records any longer. IT IS THE TEACHER’SRESPONSIBILITY TO MAKE SURE ATTENDANCE IS CORRECT.SECURITY:Never leave NCWISE open on the screen or minimized. You must exit the program whenfinished. Do NOT share your password with anyone. Security of the student information iscrucial.Passwords must be changed every 90 days. The password is 8 characters long. Two charactersmust be numbers. Once a password has been used, it cannot be reused. The system will promptyou after 80 days that the password needs to be changed. You have 10 days to set up a newpassword. If you don’t set up a new password, the system will lock you out. If you forget yourpassword, after 3 tries the system will lock you out. See the data manager for information onhow to retrieve the information.
  51. 51. ATTENDANCE: First 10 daysUSE PENCIL ONLY!!!When a student is physically enters your classroom forthe first time, please put an E1 on the correct day. It willbe very difficult to change the enrollment day inNCWISE.If the student is absent (after he has an E1 by his/hername), put an “X” on the correct day. He can not beabsent if he has not been physically in your class at least1 day with an E1 beside his/her name.If the student is TARDY, please put a “T” on the correctday.If any change needs to be made (for excusedabsences/tardies), please turn in parent notes to GinaKozup. She will make the corrections and return them toyou for file.Attendance is to be turned in be 8:30 daily.If a new child enters your class that is not on the list,please add to the bottom of the class record.
  52. 52. Think Sheet(1st – 3rd)Student NameStaff MemberDate 1. What happened? 2. What can I do next time?Student Signature Date
  53. 53. Think SheetStudent NameStaff MemberDate1. What led to your inappropriate behavior? _____________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________2. What were you thinking or feeling at the time? _____________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________3. What did you want to happen? _____________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________4. Did you get what you wanted? _____________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________5. What did this behavior cost you? _____________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________6. What could you do differently next time? _____________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________Student Signature Date