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MiCA Qatar is a private consulting firm specializing in Engineering, project management, construction management consultancy, and project management technical support services.
MiCA Qatar was established in Qatar in 2006; the company has previously worked in the Middle East under the name of “Co-Design” and “Primatech.” The latter was the sole representative of Primavera Inc. in Egypt, Sudan and North Africa. All in all, the experience of MiCA extends over the last 23 years in project and construction management market in the Middle East (Qatar, Kuwait, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia).
MiCA Qatar has been authorized by the Urban Development Authority to provide Engineering Consultancy Services in the field of Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Project Management.

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Mica Qatar General Profile

  1. 1. Company Profile Prompt Project PhasesWe Predict, Protect and Perfect to Take Pride in our Performance
  2. 2. Ab bout Us UMiCA Qatar is a private consulting firm specializin in Eng e ng gineering, projectmanage onstruction management con ement, co n nsultancy, and proj ject mana agementtechnica support services. alMiCA QQatar was established in Qatar in 2006; the compa has pre r t any eviously worked inthe Midddle East u under the name of “C Co-Design and “Primatech.” T n” The latter was thesole rep presentativ of Prima ve avera Inc. in Egypt, Sudan and North Affrica. All in all, the nexperience of MMiCA exten nds over t the last 23 years i project and cons 2 in structionmanage ement mar rket in the Middle Eas (Qatar, Kuwait, Eg st K gypt, and S Saudi Arabia).MiCA QQatar has been aut thorized by the Urba Develo y an opment Au uthority to provideEnginee ering Connsultancy Services in the fi ield of C Civil Engin neering, Electrical EEnginee ering and P Project Ma anagement t.MiCA Q Qatar is a fa growing company with a sta ast y able histor and prov succes With ry ven ss.a team of partner in divers rs sified discip plines; MiC Qatar c form p CA can professiona teams al ctively mee the specto effec et cific needs and requ s uirements o medium to large projects. of m pWe do w what it tak to help our custom kes mers meet current de t emands an be prep nd pared forthe futu ure.Service excellenc is our a e ce aim. We ha develo ave oped the c company o basis of a high on oquality internal m managemen system to facilitat providin excellen services to our nt te ng nt sclients. We also believe in new tec n chnologies and trus its cruci effects on the s st ialbusines Hence, influencin the wa people think and work. At MiCA Qa ss. , ng ay d t atar, webelieve in smoothhing the way of inno ovation by building co onnections between people, soperatio and technologies ons s.As we ccontinue to provide a the consultancy services by which we o all y e’ve gained clients’ dtrust an establis nd shed our sound rep putation, we envision participa w ating in th great heconstruction deve elopment happening i Qatar an in the G in nd Gulf.MiCA Q Qatar is ISO9001:200 Certified for: 08 Consultanc for Pro C cy oject Mana agement, Construct tion Mana agement and Site a Supervision S Training f T for Quality Manage y ement, Education Managem ment and Project Manageme M entConta Info act ormationMiCA Q Qatar Cons sulting Se ervicesP.O Bo 23981, Doha, Qatar ox:Tel.: +9 466678 974 80/1/3 Fax +974 46 x: 666782E-mail: gm@micaq : qatar.com, Website: www.mica aqatar.com m MICA Qatar Co M onsulting Serv vice                                                                                                                                      s  Tel.: +974 46 666780‐ 46667 781 ‐ 4666783 3   Fax: +974 4 4666782   P. O O. Box: 23981   Doha, Qatar Emai il: admin@micaqatar.com                  web bsite: www.micaqatar.com
  3. 3. Vision To be a leading regional and international consultant of project management services Mission To excel in consultancy services in order to increase efficiency and productivity for meeting the needs and expectations of our clients. To provide our clients with high quality services and integrated solutions needed to complete work professionally in a timely fashion. To help our clients become more competitive in the global environment by adding value in ways that consistently exceeds their expectations. To provide Qatar and the Gulf countries with professional teams, capable of effectively contributing to the region wealth and welfare. To provide our employees with an environment that encourages innovation, excellence and reliability. Tel.: +974 4666780- 4666781 - 4666783 Fax: +974 4666782 P. O. Box: 23981 Doha, Qatar Email: admin@micaqatar.com website: www.micaqatar.com
  4. 4. MICA AwardsTel.: +974 4666780- 4666781 - 4666783 Fax: +974 4666782 P. O. Box: 23981 Doha, Qatar Email: admin@micaqatar.com website: www.micaqatar.com
  5. 5. Tel.: +974 4666780- 4666781 - 4666783 Fax: +974 4666782 P. O. Box: 23981 Doha, Qatar Email: admin@micaqatar.com website: www.micaqatar.com
  6. 6. Tel.: +974 4666780- 4666781 - 4666783 Fax: +974 4666782 P. O. Box: 23981 Doha, Qatar Email: admin@micaqatar.com website: www.micaqatar.com
  7. 7. Tel.: +974 4666780- 4666781 - 4666783 Fax: +974 4666782 P. O. Box: 23981 Doha, Qatar Email: admin@micaqatar.com website: www.micaqatar.com
  8. 8. Tel.: +974 4666780- 4666781 - 4666783 Fax: +974 4666782 P. O. Box: 23981 Doha, Qatar Email: admin@micaqatar.com website: www.micaqatar.com
  9. 9. Tel.: +974 4666780- 4666781 - 4666783 Fax: +974 4666782 P. O. Box: 23981 Doha, Qatar Email: admin@micaqatar.com website: www.micaqatar.com
  10. 10. Tel.: +974 4666780- 4666781 - 4666783 Fax: +974 4666782 P. O. Box: 23981 Doha, Qatar Email: admin@micaqatar.com website: www.micaqatar.com
  11. 11. Business Activities and Services Tel.: +974 4666780- 4666781 - 4666783 Fax: +974 4666782 P. O. Box: 23981 Doha, Qatar Email: admin@micaqatar.com website: www.micaqatar.com
  12. 12.   “Addressing project requirements in the   Construction and Oil & Gas Industry”  MICA QATAR  Easing the issues often faced in Empowering the client through MICA QATARprojects teams  technology  MICA Qatar is a leading consulting andWith the many facets and disciplines used MICA Qatar believes that only the right mix training company with domain expertise into manage projects today, it can become a of technology solutions helps organizations developing systems for Projectconundrum of issues faced by Project to streamline their operations. To thisManagers and Project Management effect, MICA Qatar will conduct a detailed Management and Engineering offices inOffice’s. These issues often culminate in study on your requirements before the Construction and Oil & Gas industries.unnecessary battles and therefore, delays. implementing any solution. Established in 2006 in the State of Qatar,MICA Qatar understands these issues and MICA Qatar also believes in providing the MICA’s professional approach andhas a potential solutions to help resolve best-in-class technology available and to effectiveness is coupled with thebottle-necks and thus streamline this effect, we are solutions partners tooperations that ultimately, achieve targets Oracle Primavera. MICA Qatar looks to combined experience and technicaland goals of the organization.   enable and empower your team in meeting capability of our consulting team. its goals.  MICA Qatar’s core value proposition to our Some of our clients include clients is to always ensure that we offer the best possible solution to our clients. And • Ashghal Qatar this has culminated in our considerable • Barwa Real Estate Qatar success in building project platforms for • Kahramaa Qatar our clients in and around the Gulf region. • Jeddah Municipality Saudi Arabia Today, MICA Qatar is one of the fastest • Petrobel Belayim Saudi Arabia growing private consulting firms in Qatar • Fluor Saudi Arabia and around the region. Ser v i c e O r i ent ed Resp ec t P r o fessi o na li s m I nno v a t i v e I nt eg r i t y Tea mw o r k
  13. 13. PROJECT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM        CONSULTING SERVICES MICA Qatar is a leading project with industry best-practices. MICA’s management consulting services firm. We experience is in delivering a world-class Development of a Project have an established consulting team with project management platform that offers Management System including over 50 years of combined experience in the client greater fluidity and productivity facilitating a detailed requirement study or analysis of an existing the oil and gas and construction sectors. in managing their projects. system to further streamline The intrinsic nature of projects is such that   processes a good structured system is required to TECHNOLOGY enable the Project Manager and the Project Empower your project capabilities Management Office to run and manage through the use of best-in-class their projects effectively and efficiently. project management software. MICA Qatar supports Oracle | PROJECT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Primavera project management solutions. MICA Qatar has developed a Project Management System (PMS) framework MANAGED SERVICES that facilitates the integration of the MICA Qatar can mobilize skilled existing project processes coupled professionals to assist your project team in areas such as Planning, Scheduling, Management and Cost Control
  14. 14.   MICA applies a stringent quality TECHNOLOGY & INTEGRATION flow into the product range depending on management system internally based on SERVICES complexity. In essence, Oracle | the ISO 9001:2008 standard and we have Primavera products provide a solid ensured that our PMS framework is in full MICA Qatar strongly supports the use of platform for MICA’s consulting services compliance. Oracle Primavera software as a as depicted below. complement to our consulting services. We have ensured that by integrating the Should data from third party systems need PMS framework with a quality With over 25 years of experience in the to be captured, MICA can offer integration management system, we have in effect, industry, Oracle Primavera has established services using integration tools from developed a strong monitoring and itself with its proven Project Portfolio Primavera. measurement overlay that can also be Management suite of closely linked to human resource   processes for further development and evaluation through the use of specific KPI’s or a balance scorecard matrix. CONTRACT DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT PROJECT MANAGEMENT STAFFING SYSTEM SYSTEM PROJECT PROJECT COST MANAGERS SCHEDULING PLANNING & CONTROL DOCUMENT PROFESSIONAL CONTROLLERS SERVICES SOFTWARE TRAINING COST CONTROLLERS CONSULTING SERVICES SCHEDULERS TECHNOLOGY- ORACLE | PRIMAVERA SOFTWARE PLANNERS MICA QATAR PROJECT MANAGEMENT & TECHNOLOGY OFFERINGS The PMS framework itself has been products for small and enterprise sized MICA QATAR and OUR VALUE derived from industry best-practices organizations. Available as stand-alone PROPOSITION TO YOU including lessons learned and further systems to enterprise web-based systems, MICA Qatar’s core value proposition is to enhanced by MICA Qatar into a functional Oracle | Primavera’s products are designed always ensure that we offer the best platform. to cater to the demands of today’s toughest possible solution to our clients. This has project environment. culminated in our considerable success in The functionality can be extended by building project platforms for our clients building the clients workflows onto a MICA Qatar has the ability to build or in and around the Gulf region. software platform to increase PMO incorporate an organization’s work- efficiency.   P.O. Box 23981 Phone > +974.466.6780 info@micaqatar.com Doha Qatar +974.466.6781 www.micaqatar.com Fax > +974.466.6782
  15. 15. PROJECT MANAGEMENT SERVICES  MICA Qatar provides a full spectrum of project management services. Our focus   remains firmly on our clients through proactive communication, collaboration, leading  edge technology, and good old‐fashioned hard work.     From the beginning, your time schedule and budget goals drive the decision‐making  Managing  contracts  as  an  integrated  and  standardized  set  of  processes  and  procedures that will achieve:  • Identification  of  methods  which  allow  the  optimization  and  coordination  of  resources and effort within time guidelines to implement the overall PM plan.   • Defining alternatives and costs of contingency plans    • Coordination and integration among various deliverables within the project    • Ongoing  analysis  of  the  scope  of  the  project  including  an  examination  of  the  factors that impact it and how best to deal with these factors.     • The  advantageous  use  of  specific  and  renewable  information  as  inputs  to  the  project  management  plan  and  as  updates  in  the  main  processes  affecting  the  project life cycle.      MICA  project  management  team  manages  the  time  schedule,  as  one  of  the  most  important management tools:      • Follow‐up  various  programs  linked  to  the  master  time  schedule  such  as  equipment program, manpower program and material procurement program     • Follow‐up  the  impact  of  ongoing  events  in  the  project  on  the  baseline  time  schedule   • Study and follow‐up the impact of proposed changes on project duration            • Study  the  monthly  performance  percentage  completed  results  and  propose  solutions to recover any expected delays.  • Prepare Master Schedules  • Update the schedule weekly/ monthly as per client needs  • Establish project follow up system    MICA Qatar project management team studies and manages the costs of the project throughout its main standard stages     Cost Estimating  Cost Budgeting   Cost Control  The  project  management  team  will  manage  and  The  project  management  team  prepares  The  project  management  team  will  study  the  estimated  cost  of  the  project  in  cost  budget  by  reviewing  the  cost  manage  the  cost  and  apply  budget  accordance  with  stakeholder’s  needs  in  terms  of  estimate  for  the  activities,  phases  and  control  by  reviewing  the  impact  of  any  ways  of  measuring  the  cost  and  its  accuracy.  The  the  different  components  of  the  project  changes  in  the  project  on  the  overall  team will produce reports related to the distribution  and  prepare  the  project  cash  flow,  study  cost  and  propose  changes  that  may  be  of  these  costs  on  parts,  items,  and  the  various  the financing  gaps and identify  proposed  required.    The  team  will  Initiate  activities  (Resource  allocation).    The  team  then  solutions    corrective  actions  and  issue  periodic  applies  the  techniques  of  value  engineering  to  updates  of  the  project  cash  flow  and  propose  reasonable  and  applicable  changes  on  the    examine  the  cost  and  schedule  key  components  such  as  the  design  of  certain  performance  indices  in  the  light  of  elements,  implementation methods,  materials to be  actual performance.  used, and the rules and specifications governing the  work  to  take  advantage  of  this  technique  in  the    management of project costs   
  16. 16.   MICA Qatar project management team maintains the quality of the project through:    • Follow‐up of the approval, implementation of the quality plan, and the levels of achievement for the stated quality objectives.  • Implement the quality assurance plans upon the phases of the project to obtain the standardization of procedures  • Implement  best  practices  in  the  areas  of  accuracy  and  proficiency  leading  to  successful  project  completion  and  customer  satisfaction.    MICA project management team manages the human resources of the project through:    • Follow‐up approval of human resources and manpower plans of all phases of the project.    • Implementation of these plans and achievement of their recommended qualifications to implement the project    • Follow‐up studies and analysis being prepared by the Project Management Team of the rates of productivity, efficiency and its  suggested corrective actions whenever needed  • Manage the project team through monitoring the performance, providing information, solving problems and improving efficiency    MICA  project  management  team  manages  communications  system  to  ensure  the  generation  of  reports  pertaining  to  the  different  project phases.  Communication management includes the tasks of dissemination, retrieval and disposition of the reports according to  the specified format.      Other performed tasks related to contract administration include:  • Explaining and adjusting ambiguities, discrepancies, errors and omissions in the contract documents.  • Arranging Project Monthly Progress Meetings with all parties involved in the project.  • Advise the client and the contractor in all matters regarding the requirements and interpretation of the contract documents.   • Prepare, follow up and update of the project risk management plan.  • Prepare, compile, participate and manage disputes.  P.O. Box 23981 Phone > +974.466.6780 info@micaqatar.com Doha Qatar +974.466.6781 www.micaqatar.com Fax > +974.466.6782
  17. 17. CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT MICA Qatar provides full spectrum of construction management services. Our focus remains firmly on our clients through pro-active communication, collaboration, leading edge technology, and good old-fashioned hard work. From the beginning, your timing and budget goals drive the decision-making process. All projects — regardless of scope or scale — employ our rigorous, field-proven construction management techniques to ensure success. The value of having one organization oversee the various parties and myriad of details necessary for success cannot be   over-emphasized. In addition, you have a single point of contact for any questions or issues that need to be resolved.We offer our clients the following construction management services Monitor the work of construction to ensure the implementation of the designs and specifications according to the contract documents. Compile and check revision of Shop Drawings, Proposals, Studies of the Project and issue concerned approvals. Compile, check revision of the Contractor’s Work Programs Method Statement, Resources Procurement Plans, and issue concerned approvals. Compile and check revision of the recommendations for materials approval or rejection. Issue site work instructions and Bulletin of proposed changes of the work to the Contractors based on client’s requests. Amend the drawings and specifications incorporate and make any corrections, or changes or missing information and issue reproducible copy. Approve the Quality Control Program of the Contractors. Certify work volumes and issue an interim certificate for progress payment. Accept As-Built Drawings. Certify completion of part or all of the work Manage, review and negotiate claims and variations activities. Keep daily records, take measurements and monitor the Contractor’s progress Ensure timely decision-making to avoid delays and penalty claims. Maintain and keep accurate records and correspondences. Compile and issue standard progress reports. Issue Project Completion Report (close-out). Arrange Site’s weekly progress meeting. Advise the client on the appointment of contractor’s staff. Arrange maintenance work during the warranty period. P.O. Box 23981 Phone > +974.466.6780 info@micaqatar.com Doha Qatar +974.466.6781 www.micaqatar.com Fax > +974.466.6782
  18. 18. Enhancing The Way You Do Business Today!SERVICES AVAILABLE PRE-CERTIFICATION AUDIT MICA is specialized in ISO MICA integrates this philosophy into AND ASSESSMENT services by encouraging your staff to consulting, auditing and training. Our MICA will run a pre-certification audit to staff can offer your company proven implement a simple, streamlined assess the level of conformance to the ISO tools and methods through to ISO quality management system that is standard within your organization implementation including training, ISO compliant and one that ISO CONSULTING auditing and customer focused continually improves your company’s Based on findings, MICA will develop a implementation strategy, to help you business performance. comprehensive quality management pursue opportunities that will add framework to suit the organizations needs increased value to your business and ISO CONSULTING and to prepare it for ISO certification. delight your customers. MICA can provide you with the TRAINING COURSES MICA’s philosophy is not only to support you need to achieve and MICA offers ISO awareness and core focus on working within your maintain ISO certification for your module training courses on-site or off-site. organization but also to value-add to organization. Based on your your organization’s business. company’s needs, MICA will assemble a team of experts thatP.O. BOX 23981, DOHA, QATAR  +974.466.6780 / 1 / 3  +974.466.6782 W W W .M IC A Q A T A R .C O M
  19. 19. can guide you through the steps to meet ISO AUDIT MICA QATAR and OURand achieve ISO standard compliance VALUE PROPOSITION TO MICA will place selected auditors basedand certification. MICA has assisted YOU on the requirements of yourmany small- and medium-sized organization’s sector. We will take into MICA Qatar’s core value proposition toorganizations in working towards ISO account your organization’s business, our clients is to always ensure that wecertification. MICA clients enjoy our activities, location of premises, size and offer the best possible solution to ourflexibility in organizing and developing complexity before embarking upon this clients. As an ISO 9001:2008 certifieda solution that fits their needs and view project. organization, we practice what weus as an invaluable partner towards preach and this has culminated in ourachieving their goals of high-quality Upon confirmation, we will agree a date considerable success in deliveringservices. to conducting our audit on your solutions to our clients in and around the organization. Gulf.ISO TRAINING Typically, our audit strategy follows the Talk to our consultants today toMICA can provide hands-on ISO phased approach listed below in determine how we can help yourtraining that is designed to take you auditing your organization. organization achieve its desired levels ofthrough the process necessary to 1. Plan Quality Audit quality management today.become ISO compliant. 2. Perform Quality AuditThe training includes both lecture and 3. Evaluate Quality Auditinteractive work sessions. Lectures 4. Summarize Audit Resultsteach while work sessions train. This 5. Prepare Audit Reportinteractive learning style provides you 6. Review Audit Reportwith information that goes beyond the 7. Track Implementationgeneral ISO theory and helps to improve Findings of the audit itself areskills, strategies and support that is categorized into two areas of concern,required for a successful ISO namely:implementation. • Major non-compliancesThe courses are designed to walk you • Minor non-compliancesthe ISO standard’s concepts and Based on these findings, the Leadrequirements. The training materials are Assessor assigned to your organizationreflective of this approach and also will leave a set of recommendationsinclude information gained from the with your committee.experiences of our certified ISOAuditors and Consultants. P.O. Box 23981 Phone > +974.466.6780 info@micaqatar.com Doha Qatar +974.466.6781 www.micaqatar.com Fax > +974.466.6782
  20. 20.    DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM  A  Document  Management  System  (DMS)  is  a  system  used  to  Construction  continues  to  be  a highly  competitive  business. What’s  track  and  store  documents.  MICA  Qatar  provides  consulting  in  changing  is  the  nature  of  that  competition  and  the  need  for  document  management  design  that  can  be used  for  the  entire  organizations  to  operate  on  a  24/7  basis.  It’s  no  longer  enough  to  project  lifecycle  from  design,  construction  to  operations  and  work  harder  –  companies  must  work  smarter.  That  means  maintenance.  establishing  standard  document  operating  procedures,  automating  workflows  and  capturing  and  sharing  best  practices.  Dealing  with  The  Document  Management  system  streamlines  day‐to‐day  documents  and information  in  any  project  can be  one  of  the  most  operations  and  lowers  administrative  costs  by  eliminating  the  challenging issues faced by the project team.  time spent on manually copying, routing, filing and searching for  paper documents.   A  recent  study  by  Pricewaterhouse  Coopers  reports  that  average  worker spends 40% of their time managing non essential documents  It  also  mitigates the  risk  associated  with  not  finding the  critical  while  IDC  estimates  employees  spend  20%  of  their day  looking  for  documents you need to support issues like change orders, work  information in hardcopy documents and 50% of the time they can’t  site delays and supplier disputes.  find what they need.  SERVICES AVAILABLE   CONSULTING  MICA’s  extensive  knowledge  in  the  area  of  document  management  enables  us  to  analyse  and  provide  you with the most suitable solution  for your organization.  SYSTEM DEVELOPMENT  MICA can help develop a manual or  automated  process  (using  established  software)  framework  for  your  document  management  requirements.  TRAINING  We  offer  customized  training  courses  based  on  client  requirement and system design.     P.O. Box 23981 Phone > +974.466.6780 info@micaqatar.com Doha Qatar +974.466.6781 www.micaqatar.com Fax > +974.466.6782
  21. 21. Green Building  SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT  ENERGENCY & ATMOSPHERE  INDOOR ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY  WATER EFFICIENCY  MATERIALS & RESOURCES  INNOVATION IN DESIGN      MICA is the first Project Management Consultant who advocates and introduces professional courses in Sustainable Construction and  Green Building. As a pioneer in introducing Green Building to the construction industry in Qatar, MICA organizes training course and  workshops  entitled  “Sustainable  construction  and  Green  Building”.  The  workshops  are  designed  to  educate  building  industry  professionals about sustainable design principles and construction practices embodied in the Green Building rating system.  The  workshops  cover  the  Green  Building  rating  system  in  sufficient details   TRAINING  for  the  participants  to  take  and pass the  Green  Building  AP  examinations.  All  Green  Building  recognized  areas  are  covered  For contracting companies, such workshops will further establish them as a  including:  leader in Green construction in Qatar and in Gulf Region. Breakthroughs in  building science, technology, and operations are now available to designers,  • Sustainable site development  builders, operators, and owners who want to build green and maximize both  • Water efficiency  economic and environmental performance.   • Energy and atmosphere    • Materials and resources  Green  building  practices  significantly  reduce  or  eliminate  the  negative  • Indoor environmental quality and,  impact of buildings on the environment and occupants in five broad areas:  • Innovation in design  • Sustainable site planning    • Safeguarding water and water efficiency  • Energy efficiency and renewable energy  CONSULTANCY  Consultancy  in  qualifying  existing  buildings  or  those  • Conservation of materials and resources  under  construction  to  green  building  certificate:  More  • Indoor environmental quality   than  one‐third  of  energy  is  consumed  in  buildings    worldwide,  responsible  for  about  15  percent  of  global  In  addition to  reducing  the impact  of buildings  on  the  environment,  green  greenhouse  gas  emissions.  In  cities,  buildings  can  buildings  increase  productivity  of  building  occupants,  improve  energy  account for up to 80 percent of CO2 emissions.   efficiency, reduce building operation and maintenance cost, improve indoor  environmental quality, and minimize resource usage during the construction  and operation of the building.  Mica  believes  that  Green  Building  training  is  important  to  promote  integrated,  whole‐building  design  practices,  to  raise  the  construction  industry  awareness  of  green  building  benefits  and  to  ensure  successful  development of green buildings.      Mica works to raise awareness in green building and works with owners to qualify  their buildings to be classified as green building and friendly environment.   P.O. Box 23981 Phone > +974.466.6780 info@micaqatar.com Doha Qatar +974.466.6781 www.micaqatar.com Fax > +974.466.6782
  22. 22.    COMMISSIONING  Commissioning is an increasingly important discipline today as building owners look to optimize their investment! MICA  Qatar  continues  to  develop  its  portfolio  of  INDUSTRY EXPERIENCE  project  and  engineering  consulting  services  by    offering Commissioning services to its clients here in  Our consultants have a number of years of experience in  Qatar.  this  field  having  completed  Commissioning  related    projects in Canada previously.    Building  commissioning  is  an  important  quality    assurance  service  in  the  building  industry.  With climate change and the greater emphasis placed on  Commissioning  is  being  integrated  into  the  green  building  technology  in  most  of  today’s  major  construction  process  to  ensure  that  owners  and  projects, the role of Commissioning  has become an even  investors get good buildings for their investments.   greater asset.       It is a method of risk reduction for new construction  projects  or  major  capital  improvements  (i.e.  renovations) and it is a comprehensive way to assess  MICA QATAR and OUR VALUE PROPOSITION TO YOU  and tune up performance of existing buildings.    MICA  Qatar’s  core  value  proposition  to  our  clients  is  to  In the  West,  Commissioning has  played a big role in  always ensure that we offer the best possible solution to  helping  to  underline  the  importance  of  processes  in  our clients.  As an ISO 9001:2008 certified organization,  meeting  the  necessary  building  certification  we practice what we preach and this has culminated in  standards  and  in  turn  this  has  encompassed  green  our  considerable  success  in  delivering  solutions  to  our  building standards as well.  clients in and around the Gulf.      MICA’s  experience  means  we  can  help  your  Talk to our consultants today  to determine how we can    organization  develop  its  Commissioning  framework  help your organization with our building commissioning  and provide the necessary guidance to meet guideline  services.  standard.      Typically,  in  setting  up  a  successful  Commissioning  framework,  an  organization  can  achieve operational  SERVICES AVAILABLE  savings of USD 4 over the first five years of occupancy  as  a  direct  result  of  every  USD  1  invested  in  COMPLETE DOCUMENTATION   commissioning.    This  is  an  excellent  return  on  MICA  will  develop  a  complete  series  of  detailed  investment in any business model.    documentation  that  outlines  and  captures  the  design  intent, operating sequences and test procedures   However, the cost of not utilizing Commissioning best  practices is equal to the cost of correcting operational  VERIFY PERFORMANCE  deficiencies plus the cost of operational inefficiency.    MICA  will  oversee  and  complete  verification  of  system  For a mission‐critical facility, the cost of not utilizing  performance  based  on  extensive  functional  testing  and  Commissioning  can  be  measured  by  the  cost  of  measurement   downtime and the lack of appropriate facility use.       P.O. Box 23981 Phone > +974.466.6780 info@micaqatar.com Doha Qatar +974.466.6781 www.micaqatar.com Fax > +974.466.6782
  23. 23. SERVICES AVAILABLE With over 20 years of Cost – especially if there is a experience in managing prolonged litigation or DISPUTE MANAGEMENT AND projects in the construction arbitration – can bring about RESOLUTION and oil and gas industries, a huge and totally Facilitating Claim Management, Arbitration, MICA Qatar has developed a unnecessary impact to Adjudication, Mediation and Schedule fluent understanding of the project and the client. Delay Analysis fundamental aspects of MICA has the ability to bring CLAIMS PREPARATION AND claim and dispute about a quick resolution by APPRAISAL management. managing your disputes by Full claims preparation service or guidance Often, disputes are mired in analyzing your contractual a stand-off situation with and legal standing, and ADJUDICATION Adjudication is a quick and relatively cost- both effected parties through fact-finding by friendly method of resolving disputes. unwilling to reach a involving your project compromise. personnel in proceedings. In this case, the situation calls for the intervention of a third-party to analyze and bring the dispute to a quick conclusion.
  24. 24. CLAIMS PREPARATION ADJUDICATION MICA QATAR and OURAPPRAISAL VALUE PROPOSITION TO Adjudication is a fairly new YOUIn order to facilitate practice in the Gulf but isproceedings, our team will quite widely practiced MICA Qatar’s core valueundertake the preparation of proposition to our clients is to internationally.key documents to support the always ensure that we offerdispute. Adjudication is the statutory the best possible solution to right given to every party to a our clients. As an ISOMICA will also provide counsel contract to refer a dispute to 9001:2008 certifiedon any key issues raised in its an independent third party— organization, we practice whatfindings. This will also include in this case, MICA— who will we preach and this hasthe development of key culminated in our considerable function as the adjudicator.strategy. success in delivering solutions MICA will present its finding to our clients in and aroundAs such, MICA undertakes the so that judgment can be the Gulf.management of all your passed based on the Talk to our consultants todaydispute requirements thus determined rights and to determine how we can helpacting as your representative obligations between the your organization achieve itswhile off-setting the need for parties involved. desired levels of qualitythe case to be heard via management today. The adjudication procedure isarbitration. intended to deal with all manner of disputes, includingWe understand that in a claim delays, additional cost claim s,or dispute, each case is a variations etc.unique proposition thereforerequiring specifically tailored As one of the first to introduceconsulting services to ensure adjudication locally, we hopea cost effective and succinct to be able to increase theresolution. awareness of this method of dispute and claim s settlementRegardless of your role, be-it as it is both a cost-effectivethat of a contractor or an and can be a quick method ofowner, MICA will ensure that resolution.our planned approach is inaccordance with your needsas a client. te c h n ol o g y co n su l t in g P.O. Box 23981 Phone > +974.466.6780 info@micaqatar.com Doha Qatar +974.466.6781 www.micaqatar.com Fax > +974.466.6782
  25. 25.    Facility and Property  Management  RENTING MANAGEMENT  MAINTENANCE MANAGEMENT  FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT  TENANTS SERVICES  Rent Collection Financial ManagementMICA Qatar business proposition helps customers reduce costsand focus on their core business. We understand the challenges Monthly, quarterly and annual financialproperty owners face every day and we have designed our services statement.to ensure the smooth operation of your property in an efficient and Budget preparation.effective manner. Insurance placement. Cash flow management.We provide our services through appointing a specific property Maintenance of books and records.manager for your property, provider accessible 24/7, 365 days a Payment of invoices, property Taxes, Utilities,year, and training of building staff. We invest heavily in developing Insurance in owner’s behalf.our operations, professional know-how and staff training and Rent collection and deposit in trust.information technology application .Our key aim is to offer a Arrange payment for contractors who performedcustomer orientated, reliable and professional service following work at the property.standards of the ‘good property management guide’.  Renting Management Facility & Maintenance management: Advertise leasing of unites. Routine property inspection. Arrange showing of unit. Detailed semi- annual physical inspections of Ensure completion of rental application. property. Prepare leases from security deposit, check in-list. Preventative maintenance programs. Inspect the property prior to the tenants moving in. Tender and supervise maintenance services and Upon move out inspection. contracts. Prepare the final settlement of the security deposit Supervising the regular maintenance Special Maintenance: acquire bids for majorReports and Inspection Management: needs for the owner to review. Janitorial services. Monthly reports (show all receipts and disbursements. Original bills for any repair work performed at the property will be Emergency 24 Hour Service. attached for the owner’s record) Lawn maintenance. Coordination and attendance of meetings Preparation of minutes of meetings. Tenants Services: Maintenance of property records. Annual reports. Providing cleaning services Annual or semi-annual inspections. Providing security services Receive all tenant inquiries. Receiving inquiries and complaints Representation on rent review matters. Quick response and resolution to all inquires and Submitting a copy of all reports to the owner for their record complaint leasing & financial   P.O. Box 23981 Phone > +974.466.6780 info@micaqatar.com +974 466 6781 www.micaqatar.com
  26. 26. Projects Implemented by MICA Experts
  27. 27. 01Project : R-488 Improvement of Sheikh Zayed roadClient : Dubai MunicipalityConsultant : ItalconsultContractor : Dutco Balfour BeattyContract Value : 110 Million DirhamsOur Scope of Work : Acting as project management consultant for Italconsult. One of our major tasks was to analyze & evaluate the contractor program of work to be sure that it is logical, practical and achievable. 02Project : Road from Twam R/A to Zaker R/A (Al Ain)Client : Al Ain MunicipalityConsultant : Acer Freeman FoxContractor : Al Dhafra International GroupContract Value : 36 Million DirhamsOur Scope of work : prepare the planning package for the contractor. i.e. construction program, manpower histogram and cash flow.
  28. 28. 03Project : Basement+Ground+Mezanine+30 storeys Building for Sheikh Zayed Bin Saqer Al NahyanClient : Sheikh Zayed Bin Saqer Al NahyanConsultant : Adnan SaffariniContractor : Bin Zayed Contracting Company ContractValue : 78 Million DirhamsOur Scope of Work : Mica Express was appointed by the client as a nominated project Management firm to carry out all the planning works for the project. The scope includes but not limited to: - Prepare construction program - Prepare resources histograms - Prepare material histograms - Prepare cash flow - Control the progress of works by updating the program regularly. - Prepare comprehensive progress report showing the delays (if any) and our suggestions to catch up. - Any other planning work required by the client in order to control the progress. 04Project : Low cost income housing project PJ 1088 & PJ 1089Client : Dubai MunicipalityConsultant : AtturathContractor : Bartawi Contracting Co.Contract value : 40 Million DirhamsOur scope of work : Acting as project Management consultants for Atturath. Our Main Tasks is to evaluate and analyze 05 the construction program submitted by the contractor.Project : Sajaa-Khwaneej Highway
  29. 29. Client : Ministry of Public Works & HousingConsultant : NespakContractor : Seif Bin DarwishContract Value : 39 Million DirhamsOur Scope of work : Acting as Project Management Consultant for Nespak. TheScope includes but not limited to : 1 - Analyze & evaluate the contractor’s Program of work to be sure that it is logic, practical and achievable. 2 - Analyze & evaluate the contractor’s extension of time claims. 06Project : Al Bateen Palace (Abu Dhabi)Client : H.H. Sheikh Hamdan Bin Zayed Al NahianConsultant : Ghazi Awad consultant engineersContractor : Rizzani De EccherContract value : 56 million DirhamsOur scope of work : Prepare extension of time claim for the contractor. 07Project : Doha Airport approach roadClient : Ministry of Public works (Qatar)Consultant : Ital ConsultOur scope of work : Prepare a program of conceptual and final design activities. This Program was submitted by Ital consult to the client as part of their pre-qualification document. 08Project : Dubai Port authorities Camp Phase 3Client : Dubai Ports authorities
  30. 30. Consultant : Rice Perry EllisContractor : ArabtecContract value : 23 Million DirhamsOur scope of work : Prepare extension of time claim for the contractor 09Project : Expansion of Sewerage treatment plant no. 4 at Jebel Ali PortClient : Dubai Ports AuthoritiesConsultant : Parson Engineering ScienceContractor : ArabtecContract value : 8 Million DirhamsOur scope of Work : Prepare the planning package for the contractor. i.e. Construction Program, resources histogram & cash flow, and then update the program every two weeks and prepare progress report. 10Project : Building for H.H. Sheikh Khalid Bin Abdul Aziz Al Qasmi at Garhoud (Dubai)Client : H.H. Sheikh Khalid Bin Abdul Aziz Al Qasmi.Consultant : Al Emara Al Khalijia ConsultingContractor : Emirates Trading Company (ETA)Contract Value : 14 Million DirhamsOur scope of Work : Acting as project Management consultant for Al Emara Al Khalijia. Our task is to coordinate between the different sub-contractors and produce a construction program, then update it regularly and monitor the project to be sure that it will be completed 11 the contract time.Project : Chicago Beach Resort Development Tower Hotel Back of House Fit out & Finishes (Contract No. 1445)
  31. 31. Client : H.H. Sh. Mohamed Bin Rashid Al MaktoumConsultant : W.S. AtkinsContractor : Arabtec Hotel Interior DivisionContract Value : 16 Million DirhamsOur scope of Work : Prepare the planning package for the contractor. i.e. Construction Program, Manpower Histogram & Cash flow. 12Project : National Cadres Development & Recreation Centre at Dubai Client : EtisalatConsultant : Al Turath & CansultContractor : Al Mulla Construction CompanyContract Value : 140 Million DirhamsOur Scope of Work : Mica Express was appointed by the main contractor (Al Mulla) to carry out all the project planning and control works along the contract period.The scope includes but not limited to: - Prepare construction program - Prepare resources histograms - Prepare material histograms - Prepare cash flow - Control the progress of works by updating the program regularly. - Prepare comprehensive progress report showing the delays (if any) and our suggestions to catch up. - Any other planning work required in order to control the progress.
  32. 32. 13Project : Sewerage & SW Trunk Lines ADSS, Tender No. 219/BClient : Abu Dhabi MunicipalityConsultant : Acer John Taylor & SonsContractor : Robodh Contracting Co.Our scope of Work : Preparation of Planning Package (Tender stage) which included the following : - Master Programme - Labour Histogram - Machine Histogram - Cash Flow 14Project : Sewerage & SW Trunk Lines ADSS, Tender No. 218/BClient : Abu Dhabi MunicipalityConsultant : Acer John Taylor & SonsContractor : Robodh Contracting Co.Our scope of Work : Preparation of Planning Package (Tender stage) which included the following : - Master Programme - Labour Histogram - Machine Histogram - Cash Flow
  33. 33. 15Project : Abu Dhabi Sewerage Scheme, Mussafah New Industrial City Sewerage ~ Phase 1 ~ 147/8AClient : Abu Dhabi MunicipalityConsultant : Acer John Taylor & SonsContractor : Robodh Contracting Co.Contract Value : 21 Million DirhamsOur scope of Work : Mica Express was appointed by the contractor (Robodh) to carry out all the project planning and control works along the contract period. The scope includes but not limited to: - Prepare detailed construction programme based on CPM. - Prepare resources histograms (Plant & Manpower) - Monitor the progress of works by updating the program every two weeks. - Prepare comprehensive progress report showing the delays (if any) and our suggestions to catch up. - Any other planning work required in order to control the progress.
  34. 34. 16Project : Dentistry & Pharmacy Building for Ajman University for Science & Technology ~ AjmanClient : Ajman University for Science & TechnologyConsultant : Eng. Adnan SaffariniContractor : Actco General Contracting Co. Ltd.Contract Value : 24 Million DirhamsOur scope of Work : We were appointed by the contractor (Actco) to carry out all the project planning and monitor the progress along the contract period. The scope includes but not limited to: - Prepare a detailed construction program based on critical path method (CPM) through the software PRIMAVERA® for Windows® version 2.0. The program will cover the main contractor and sub- contractors works as well procurement schedule. - Prepare Manpower Histogram. - Prepare Cash flow. - Visit the site, check progress and receive updating data from the site staff every two weeks. - Input the data and reschedule the original program. - Check the resulted updated program in order to validate/re-adjust the new critical path. - Provide the contractor with a print out showing the actual program compared with the target program. - Prepare a detailed progress report every two weeks or whenever requested, in which we report the situation of the progress of main and sub- contractor and pointing out the reasons behind the delay of each activity (if any) and give suggestions to cover the delays.
  35. 35. 17Project : Y2K Project PlanClient : Gulf Test Factory ServicesOur scope of Work : GTFS is one of the leading IT companies in Dubai. The main activity of GTFS is to solve the Year 2K problem. Since all Y2K projects have a strict deadline, it was necessary for GTFS to seek the services of a professional project management company to carry out the required project planning works. The scope of work includes but not limited to the following: - Provide extensive professional training on Project Management and Planning for GTFS senior staff. The training include to use the planning software to carry out planning tasks. - Prepare detailed programme for Year 2K crises project. - Provide auditing services on project plans prepared by GTFS staff.
  36. 36. 18Project : Emirates Tower (Twin Tower) on Shk. Zayed Road, DubaiClient : H.H. Shk. Mohamed bin Rashid Al MaktoumConsultant : DSIContractor : Al Habtoor Marble Co. (Stone works)Contract Value : 27 Million DirhamsOur scope of Work : The scope of work includes but not limited to: - Prepare construction program - Prepare resources histograms - Prepare material histograms - Control the progress of works by updating the Program regularly. - Prepare comprehensive progress report showing the delays (if any) and our suggestions to catch up.
  37. 37. 19Project : Dubai Intl. Air port TD 68 FIDS & BIDSClient : Dept. of Civil AviationConsultant : International Bechtel Co. Ltd.Contractor : Future Media LLCOur scope of Work : Scope includes: (1) To prepare a well detailed and comprehensive programme of works: - Study the documents at site - Split the project into sections - Obtain dates of site availability/access to site. - Prepare the 1st draft based on critical path method, using Primavera Project Planner-P3 software and submit to the client and also follow up up to the approval stage. (2) To Update / monitor the construction programme: - Visit the site & check progress. - Input the data and reschedule the original programme. - Check the resulted updated programme in order to validate/ re-adjust the new critical path. - Provide (every two weeks) a print out showing the actual programme compared with the target programme. - Attend the monthly progress meetings held at site with the client and consultant to represent contractor in any matter related to Project Planning & Programming.
  38. 38. 20Project : B+G+M+35 Storey bldg. at Sh. Zayed Road, DubaiClient : H.E. Sh. Hamad Bin Jassem Bin Jaber Al ThaniConsultant : Khatib & AlamiContractor : Sun EngineeringContract Value : 110 Million DirhamsOur scope of Work : works as detailed below : - Prepare a detailed working programme , including subcontractors works. - Visit the site, check progress and receive updating data from the staff every two weeks. - Input the data and reschedule the original programme. - Check the resulted updated programme in order to validate/ re-adjust the new critical path. - Provide a print out showing the actual programme compared with the target programme. - Prepare a detailed progress report every month in which we report the situation of the progress, pointing out the reasons behind the delay of each activity (if any) and give suggestions to recover the delays. - Attend the monthly progress meetings held at site with the client and consultant to represent contractor in any matter related to Project Planning & Programming.
  39. 39. 21Project : ZIRKU Rehabilitation of Critical ConcreteClient : ZADCOConsultant : ZADCOContractor : Consolidated Contractors International Co. (S.A.L.)Contract Value : 19 Million DirhamsOur scope of Work : Scope of work as below : - Prepare programme of works based on contractor’s master programme, method Statement and the comments received by the client. - Prepare manpower histogram. 22Project : Dubai Internet City Phase -1Client : Dubai Internet City (D.I.C)Consultants : WS Atkins / Italconsult / Parsons / Desert LandscapeContractor : Al Habtoor Engineering/Seimens/Drake &SkullOur scope of Work : Scope of Work: Consultant in order to control the project programme and progress, and to the project in time. Mica Express Project Manage will report directly to DIC and will represent DIC in all matters related to Project Planning of Dubai Internet City design and construction. Our Scope of work will include, but not limited to, the following : 1. Identify the major key dates and milestones of the project. 2. Prepare initial project master plan showing the following:
  40. 40. - Major design and pre-construction stages. - Major construction stages. - Major key dates.3. Review & discuss the initial master programme with the Dubai Internet City (DIC) and incorporate any required changes/comments.4. Based on the project master programme, prepare master sub-programme for each of the construction packages/sub contractors. The master sub- programmes will be the guideline for each contractor to prepare his detailed construction programme based on it.5. Meet with all contractors/sub-contractors to hand over and explain the sub-programme of each of them so that they can prepare the detailed construction programme.6. Analyze & evaluate the detailed construction programme prepared by each contractor. Our comments on the programme will be forwarded to the contractor for action and to DIC and the consultant for information.7. Repeat step 6 till the programme is get approved.8. Check and monitor the actual progress on site to be sure that each contractor is following his programme.9. Receive and evaluate the programme updates and progress reports of the contractors.10. Advise the client of any delays on project progress, stating the reasons and methods of recovery.11. Act as planning co-ordinator between all contractors and consultants (Civil, Structural, Road work, Mechanical etc..) to be sure that the project is running smoothly.
  41. 41. 12. Prepare a general progress report every month for the whole project, stating the project status from progress and planning point of view. The report will include our comments on the project status along with our advises and recommendations on how to recover the delays (if any), or how to maintain and improve the site progress.13. Review correspondence between client, consultant and contractors which are related to the programme and progress, and review/revise the plan accordingly.14. Advise the client and consultants on the impact of any change occurring during the construction on the programme of works, especially those changes which may affect the project completion date.15. Arrange and attend regular progress meetings every two weeks with contractors and consultants to review, check and discuss progress reports, updated programmes, delays (if any), look ahead programmes and any other matter related to progress and programme.
  42. 42. 23Project : Dubai International Airport ExpansionClient : The Depratment of Civil Aviation, Govt. of Dubai, UAE (DCA).Consultants : International Bechtel IncorporatedContractor : Various ContractorsOur scope of Work: Mica Express was appointed by the Client (DCA) to evaluate and analyze the extension of time claim submitted by different contractors and recommended by engineers (Intl Bechtel Incorporated).The scope of our work in evaluation and analyzing claims is as follows: 1. Study the contract documents 2. Study claim document prepared by the concerned contractor 3. Review all correspondence related to the claim 4. Review the baseline programme and the as built programme. 5. Analyze the impact of each delay on the baseline programme, taking into consideration that all delays occurred from contractor’s side. 6. Calculate the overall extension of time (if any) and prepare a detailed report explaining our method and logic, which we follow to conclude the final time extension.
  43. 43. 24Project : R659/2 – Improvement of Interchange No.4Client : Dubai MunicipalityConsultant : De Leuw, Cather Overseas LimitedContractor : Binladin Contracting Group L.L.CValue : 110 Million DirhamsOur Scope of Work: Mica Express was appointed by the Contractor to carry out all planning works for the project as per the following details: 1. Prepare Planning & Packages. 1.1 Prepare a detailed construction programme based on critical Path method with initial study of the project drawings, specifications and BOQ. The programme will cover the main contractor and subcontractors works including any requirements from the Consultants. 1.2 Prepare sub-programmes & resources scheduling updates. 1.3 Prepare Manpower & Plant histogram. 1.4. Prepare Cash flow. 1.5 Review the planning package with your site team and incorporate their comments. (if any) 1.6 Submit the planning package to the Engineer and the Client in well presented method. 2. Updating the Construction Programme. 2.1 Visit the site regularly and to be always aware of actual work progress at all times. 2.2 Receive updating data from your staff every two weeks. 2.3 Input the data and reschedule the original programme. 2.4 Check the resulted updated programme in order to Validate/re v adjust the new critical path. 2.5 Provide you with a print out showing the actual programme Compared with the target programme.