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Video ad sender


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Video ad sender
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Video ad sender

  1. 1. Video ADsender NowintroducingVAS…
  2. 2. CuttingEdgeVideo Email TechnologyWorks with any Device, Operating System and Email Service
  3. 3. More Clicks More Views Video AdSender detects the email client of each user in real-time, as soon as the message is opened: everybody will live an experience properly customized for the used email client INTELLIGENT TECHNOLOGY
  4. 4. NO DELIVERABILITY PROBLEM FULL STREAMING VIDEO! The size of the email won’t increase and the delivery speed is unaffected Top brands already use Video Email to hit their target, what about you? Increase your email marketing results with Video Email: now the Real Video is finally accessible for the user, even before leaving the inbox. Get users straight to your website through an engaging experience!
  5. 5. THANK YOU!