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Digital Library Project Proposal


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This was the proposal our group submitted at the beginning of the semester outlining our goals for the project. View the DL here -

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Digital Library Project Proposal

  1. 1. DL Proposal - Group 1 - LIS5472, Fall 2010Topic - Archiving American Subcultures1. Group Members and Responsibilities -Micah Vandegrift - Project ManagementBrooke Fry - Collection DevelopmentCarolyn Renko - Metadata OrganizationWe will all be sharing the responsibilities of Interface Design and User Analysis as we agreed thatthose aspects can be best served with three inputs to make the best, most accessible productpossible.2. DL Mission -The American Subculture Digital Library seeks to document the subcultural music scenes thatexisted between 1980 and 2001, and create a searchable digital archive of photos, literature, musicand ephemera related to the history and growth of this subculture.3. DL Goals - ● To preserve the materials that were substantial in the development of this subculture. ● To document and archive an integral part of American musical history that is heretofore not well-represented in research and collection. ● To promote a contextual and historical understanding of music subcultures in American pop culture studies. ● To institute a standard and practice for archiving pop culture objects that are related to socio-cultural movements.4. Target User Group -The primary user group for this Digital Library will be researchers who are working on projectsrelated to American subcultural music. Additionally, as there is considerable interest in the widerculture on this type of scholarship, the Digital Archive will be open to the public through openinternet websites.5. Description of Digital Content/Process -Building the American Subculture Digital Library will begin with several small collections ofphotographs bequeathed to the library by Micah Vandegrift. These photographs document thecentral Florida music scene that was at peak between 1994-2001.
  2. 2. 6. Collection Development Policy -Our original Collection Development will be based on materials already on hand. Micah Vandegriftowns materials that could quickly and easily be catalogued to begin the collection. We will also besearching for materials that might be open and available for archival through Flickr’s CreativeCommons photo site.After the Digital Library’s infrastructure is in place, we will crowdsource the collection developmentby accepting open submissions from others who are interested in preserving their analog materials inour archive. This decision will help in alleviating issues surrounding copyright, as the submissionprocess will involve a copyright clause. Further, we would like to develop a folksonomy-basedmetadata schema, in addition to the metadata that we will apply from the backend, that would allowregistered users to tag and organize items in the library. We see this as a powerful democratizingoption for involving users and researchers in the curation of an archive that suits their needs anddesires.7. Equipment, Software Supplies Needed -High Resolution scannerPhoto editing software (for enhancements) - GIMP or PhotoshopServer Space & web platform? Omeka?8. Anticipated Budget -Web hosting - $5.00/month9. Timeline -September 22 Submit Project ProposalSeptember 24 Select objects to be digitized and submitted on October 5September 28 Select all other items for digitizationOctober 1 Complete digitization of objects for October 5 assignmentOctober 5 Begin discussing metadata and the look of the digital libraryOctober 5 Individual digitization is dueOctober 9 Finish digitizing imagesOctober 12 Discuss metadata and begin building DLOctober 16 Finish metadata for October 19 assignmentOctober 19 Discuss any remaining problems with DLOctober 19 Metadata assignment is due
  3. 3. October 26 (No class) Continue to discuss any remaining problems with DL and begin formatting DL usability evaluation questions.October 30 Compile usability evaluation questionsNovember 2 Finalize usability evaluation questions and begin developing heuristic evaluation questionsNovember 6 Complete usability evaluationNovember 9 Complete heuristic evaluation questionsNovember 13 Complete heuristic evaluationNovember 16 Evaluation assignment is dueNovember 30 Begin working on final reportDecember 4 Complete final reportDecember 6 Final report is due------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Inspirations: