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September Newsletter


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Published in: Education, Technology
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September Newsletter

  1. 1. PRODUCED BY MICAH Central Region DECA MELLING, CENTRAL REGION VPSPECIALPOINTS OF IN-TEREST: V O L U M E 1 , I S S U E 1 S E P T E M B E R 1 , 2 0 1 1 The 2011 CRLC is A Word from Your CRVP shaping up to be one of the best conferences of the year. Be There. Be Wild. in DECA. book. 3) Follow me on Team 66 has Twitter (@MJMelling). 4) As CRVP, my ulti- given MDA fund- mate goal is to serve my Add me on Google+. raising a “facelift” by implementing constituents to the best of I also encourage The Movement. my abilities. I thoroughly you to approach me with enjoy having DECA mem- any ideas you have to The “State Offi- cer Spotlight” is bers contact me to ask my strengthen the Central on Morgan opinion or to just talk Region or the national as- Thompson. about our great organiza- sociation. I will gladly ac- tion. Please do not hesi- cept any ideas, so please tate to contact me at any do not hesitate to share.INSIDE THIS Serving as your time. I would more than DECA Wishes,ISSUE: Central Region Vice Presi- enjoy it. dent is the highest honorTeam 66 Train- 2 You can connect of my life. I have loveding with me in several ways. every minute of this ex- 1) Email me at decavpmi- perience, and I promise Micah Melling Movement 2 that I will continue to pour 2) “Friend” me on Face- Central Region VP myself into my endeavorsThe Social Me- 3dia Craze Are You ‘Wild’ About DECA?State Officer 3 Are you “Wild Region Vice President, I am dynamic speakers, engagingSpotlight About DECA”? If you are, thrilled to invite you to workshops, and unlimited the 2011 Central Region Omaha, Nebraska for one of networking opportunities, Leadership Conference the premiere student con- you’ll certainly becomeUpdate from 4 (CRLC) is designed for you. ferences of the year. In one “Wild About DECA” in justthe National If you haven’t yet become action-packed weekend, the three short days.President “Wild About DECA,” the 2011 Central Region Lead- Visit the conference CRLC will give you the op- ership Conference will pre- website at http://Skype Confer- 4 portunity to become enthu- sent a lifetime worth of last- www.crlcomaha2011.orgences siastic about our great or- ing memories and exciting and get prepared for a ganization. experiences. Through phe- “wild” conference. As your Central nomenal general sessions, —Micah Melling
  2. 2. PAGE 2 National Officer Training In July, National unveiled a number of In addition to Officer Team 66 at- exciting activities for planning the year, the tended training at DECA members this members of Team 66 DECA Headquarters in year. Highlights of visited Marriott Head- Reston, Virginia. The Team 66’s Plan of quarters and Capitol National Officers had Work include: “The Hill. an extremely produc- Movement,” a full-scale For more infor- tive time at training, marketing plan for mation on your Na- successfully planning DECA, and strategies tional Officers, visit“We are excited about the upcoming year. to increase communi- opportunities wehave been given as Na- Team 66 has cation with members.tional Officers. Wecan’t wait to help yousucceed.” - ClaireCoker, President Make a Move with “The Movement” “The Movement is a The Movement goal will be reached by year. phenomenal way to is an international having DECA chapters The strategy to promote your fundraiser for the Mus- collectively raise accomplish this goal is cular Dystrophy Asso- $1,000,000 for MDA in to unite at least 25 existing MDA projects ciation (MDA) in which one school year. states that will con- or to launch a new any state/provincial/ However, in vince at least 8 chap- one! Take advantage territorial association order to accomplish a ters in their associa- can participate. This task of this magnitude, tion to each raise $500 of this fresh approach project has been or- groundwork must be more than they did the to fundraising and ganized by former laid. Therefore, the previous year. awareness!” - Luke Oklahoma State Offi- project is being If you would cer, Jay Koontz, and “piloted” during the Christie, MDA like more information National Officer Team 2011-2012 school about The Movement, Youth Chairman 66. year. please contact Central The ultimate The overall Region Vice President goal of The Movement goal for 2011-2012 is Micah Melling by send- is to raise the bar in for DECA chapters to ing an email to decavp- terms of what the collectively raise world thinks students $100,000 more for can accomplish. This MDA than they did last CENTRAL REGION DECA
  3. 3. VOLUME 1, ISSUE 1 PAGE 3Connect with Central Region DECA DECA on both Facebook on sharing PowerPoints and Twitter and documents. Through- (@DECA_CR). By con- out the year, Team 66 will necting to these sites, you be uploading presentations Central Region will guarantee yourself of and documents for you toDECA is excited to be a always “being in the use.part of the “social media know” on the latest To access thecraze.” DECA news. SlideShare account, go to You are strongly Also, DECA Inc. is “Make theencouraged to connect now on SlideShare, a so- DECAInc. most of yourwith Central Region cial networking site based year in DECA, get involved as much as youState Officer Spotlight can, and enjoy every second of “Make the most of ing lifelong skills through it.” - Morganyour year in DECA, get DECA.” Thompsoninvolved as much as you Morgan stays quitecan, and enjoy every sec- busy outside of DECA,ond of it.” participating in many ac- These are words tivities at North Highfrom Morgan Thompson, School in Fargo, Norththe energetic state presi- Dakota. Her other schooldent of North Dakota -related activities includeDECA. varsity tennis, Fellowship Morgan is a three- of Christian Athletes, andyear DECA member as Student Council.well as a two-time state “From meeting If you are inter-officer for North Dakota’s new people to sharing ested in being featured inDECA program. your talents, the benefits the “State Officer Spot- “My favorite part are endless when you get light,” please email Micahof DECA is making involved, rise to the top, Melling at decavpmi-friends,” says Morgan. “I and be the best you can take pride in develop- be,” says Morgan. We’re on the web:
  4. 4. A Letter from Your National President you have the opportunity skills. to engage in entrepre- Opportunities are neurship challenges and abundant this year as you connect with industry all ASPIRE HIGHER! experts. It is a great con- Connect with DECA ference to learn more members at your state about creating your own conference, build rela- business or to find inno- tionships with students vative ways to make a who share the same aspi- business sustainable and rations as yourself, and Hello Central Re- successful. compete to better your- gion DECA Members! Another way to self outside of the class- I hope all of you get involved this year room. are excited about an- with Central Region Good luck to all of other great year of DECA is to attend the you this year. I hope to DECA! This year, you Central Region Leader- see you at the Interna- have many opportunities ship Conference in tional Career Develop- to get involved with Omaha, Nebraska! This ment Conference in Salt DECA inside and outside conference will give you Lake City, Utah! of your region. You all an opportunity to meet Best Wishes, host the Innovations and and connect with DECA Entrepreneurship Con- students from across the ference every year in Central Region while Claire Coker Chicago, Illinois where building your leadership National PresidentMicah Melling’s Skype Conference Calendar Skype Name: micah.mellingSept: Tuesday the 6th at 7:00 Central Time Jan: Tuesday the 3rd at 7:00 Central TimeOct: Tuesday the 4th at 7:00 Central Time Feb: Tuesday the 7th at 7:00 Central TimeNov: Tuesday the 1st at 7:00 Central Time Mar: Tuesday the 6th at 7:00 Central TimeDec: Tuesday the 6th at 7:00 Central Time Apr: Tuesday at 3rd at 7:00 Central Time Note: The dates for these Skype conferences are tentative and subject to change.