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Chuck close


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Chuck close

  1. 1. Chuck Close An American Master Painter
  2. 2. Chuck Close, Then • Born 1940 • Most of his works are large scale photorealist portraits, done from photograph • He uses a grid system and creates the image cell by cell
  3. 3. • His initial tools were an airbrush, rags, razor blade, and an eraser mounted on a drill • First portrait was done in 1968 and took four months (Big Self Portrait)
  4. 4. • He often uses the same photographs over and over again • The subject of his portraits are usually friends, which happen to be other famous and important artists
  5. 5. • He is an avid experimentalist, using varied materials like acrylic paint, watercolor, printmaking techniques, finger printing, and photographic techniques
  6. 6. • This is an example of one of his prints. • The process is called relief printing using linoleum blocks. • Each mark is made by carving away part of the block • The image is of Alex Katz
  7. 7. Chuck Close, Now • In 1988 he had a spinal artery collapse • He felt ill before speaking at an art awards ceremony and went to the hospital after giving the speech • 4 hours later he was a quadriplegic
  8. 8. • Close continued to paint mini portraits with the brush clenched between his teeth as part of his physical therapy • He now states that’s all that kept him alive
  9. 9. • Close eventually regained some use of his arms and continues to paint • His work still uses the grid format, but now he creates little shape and color paintings in each cell to create a large recognizable portrait
  10. 10. A close up view of his current work