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  1. 1. Information About HTML STYLES
  2. 2. HTML STYLES• Formatting is included into a style sheet. When formatting the document, browser addresses the style sheet for the information about correct formatting that should be applied to the document.
  3. 3. 3 TYPES OF STYLE SHEETDEPENDING UPON THE WAY IT IS INSERTED:• External type of a style sheet. It is recommended to use it when the style will be applied to multiple pages. One file is enough to change the appearance of all pages. Each separate page should link to a style sheet. The <link> tag is included into a head section of the web page.
  4. 4. • Internal type of a style sheet. Internal style sheet suits the case when each separate document requires its unique style. Internal styles are defined in the head sections with the help of the <style> tag.• Inline type of a style sheet. This type is used when it is necessary to apply formatting to a part of page content. It requires to use style attribute in a corresponding tag.
  5. 5. Examples:Style tags are as following:• <style> is used to define the style.• <link> is used to define the way to resource.• <div> is used to define a separate section of the document.• <span> is used to define a separate section of the document.
  6. 6. Styling HTML with CSSCSS was introduced together with HTML 4, to provide a better way to style HTML elements.CSS can be added to HTML in the following ways:• in Cascading Style Sheet files (CSS files).• in the <style> element in the HTML head section.• in the style attribute in single HTML elements.
  7. 7. HTML Style Example - Background ColorExample:<html><body style="background-color:yellow;“><h2 style="background-color:red;">This is a heading</h2><p style="background-color:green;">This is a paragraph.</p></body></html>
  8. 8. HTML Style Example – Font, Color and SizeExample:<html><body><h1 style="font-family:verdana;">A heading</h1><p style="font-family:arial;color:red;font-size:20px;">A paragraph.</p></body></html>
  9. 9. HTML Style Example – Text AlignmentExample:<html><body><h1 style="text-align:center;">Center-aligned heading</h1><p>This is a paragraph.</p></body></html>