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Introduction to Zend framework Boilerplate


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Introduction to Zend framework Boilerplate

  1. 1. Zend Framework BoilerplateAll-in-one platform for development of enterprise gradePHP applications.
  2. 2. In a Nutshell• Zend Framework Boilerplate is an all-in-one platform for development of enterprise grade PHP applications based on the Zend Framework.• ZF-Boilerplate supports teams generate high- quality code and rapidly deliver customer value with PHP and ZF.• Starting point for your next application.
  3. 3. In Detail• Collection of integrated well-known PHP libraries such as Zend Framework, Doctrine 2, …• Collection of well-known Development Tools such as PHPUnit, DocBlox, PHP Depend, DocBook, …• Virtual Machine Appliance for Application Development• ZF-Boilerplate Code Library
  4. 4. The Multi Legged Beast …
  5. 5. About Me• Michael Romer• Dipl. Inf. (FH)• Berlin, Germany• 6+ years of experience in Web Industry as Lead Developer, CTO, Product Owner, Scrum Master, Project Manager (eBay,, …)• ZF-Boilerplate Initiator & Developer
  6. 6. Back in the days …• Set up project‘s basic files & folder structure• Pull in libraries for ORM, DI, etc. and make them work together.• Write tons of clue code to get basics such as DB fixtures, Unit Testing environment, translations, Search, etc. in place.• Create scripts for checking code style, DB schema generation, etc.
  7. 7. Back in the days …• Install all tools and applications on local box: PHP, Apache, PEAR, Pecl, Ant, ElasticSearch, Java, Memcached, …• How long does that take for your own box? A day? A week?• How long does that take for your development team? And what about changes?
  8. 8. Goals• Ease development of Enterprise grade PHP applications.• Ease development in teams.• Deliver customer value fast.• Ensure high code quality.
  9. 9. Application blueprint• ZF-Boilerplate is an application blueprint and the starting point for your very own application.• Doctrine 2 ORM and more included and pre- configured.• Includes Unit Test Suite, I18N features, …• Takes away lot of set-up work.
  10. 10. Virtual Machine• ZF Boilerplate uses Vagrant and Chef to provision a base VM image.• On a local box you only install Virtual Box, Ruby, Vagrant and Git.
  11. 11. Virtual Machine
  12. 12. Virtual Box• Virtual Box is a virtualization product from Sun that allows to run a Virtual Machine on a host box.• ZF-Boilerplate creates a VM for development.• „Production-like“ environment.
  13. 13. Chef• Chef is a tool written in Ruby that lets you programatically install applications on a (virtual) box based on so called cookbooks and recipies.• ZF-Boilerplates ships with all cookbooks to develop enterprise grad PHP applications in a VM environment.
  14. 14. Vagrant• Vagrant is a tool written in Ruby that allows you to interact with Virtual Box and Chef in a very seamless way.• Do vagrant up after cloning / downloading ZF-Boilerplate to create your VM.• Open http://localhost:8080
  15. 15. ZF-Boilerplate: Getting Started!• Download – – boilerplate• Documentation –
  16. 16. Roadmap• Assetic• Skipfish Security Scanner• ZF-Initializr• Zend Framework 2• …
  17. 17. platform for development of enterprise grade PHP applications.