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Mibbi break out discussions - wet group


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Published in: Technology
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Mibbi break out discussions - wet group

  1. 1. MIBBI break out discussions<br />Group “wet”<br />
  2. 2. MI project overlap<br />Population: MIQAS & MIMPP & TBC<br />having the same name, but does it cover the same thing<br />partial overlap<br />Samples or specimens: MIQE & TBC<br />STRENDA - MIAPE?<br />PCR: MIQE & TBC<br />Sample processing<br />
  3. 3. MI project challenges<br />Visibility - making people aware<br />Convince people to follow the guidelines<br />Convince journals / funding agencies<br />Fear of loosing their scientific freedom<br />IP vs free information<br />Tools to make MI compliancy easier<br />MIBBI should be in the protocol textbook<br />
  4. 4. DOIs & ORCIDs<br />requirement: MIBBI compliant db giving doi<br />
  5. 5. Foundry<br />Combination of domain specific MIs that take over bits and pieces from each other<br />Cross referencing between multiple MIs may pose technical challenges<br />Promoting open access will give advantages to<br />Scientists: advances in science, repeatability<br />Reviewers: easier to review<br />Journals: higher impact<br />Funding agencies: trace output – evaluation criteria<br />Common language is not required<br />Use version control to manage changes and updates<br />
  6. 6. Vision<br />Community specific checklists rather than modular MIBBI<br />Driven by key opinion leaders in the community<br />Different interests and opinions hamper pooling<br />Communicate with and reuse elements from other MIs<br />Role of MIBBI<br />Guidance on what MI is about to promote high quality MIs<br />Guide MI initiatives to be more successful<br />No enforcement, no binding commitments<br />MIBBI is umbrella organization, portal, creating public awareness for all MIs<br />No need for MIBBI to provide stars or labels to individual MIs<br />Work together based on a communicate and copy-paste system rather than a consensus model<br />Is technical support possible?<br />Minimal information about MIBBI<br />
  7. 7. Side notes<br />Basic criteria on which MI is built on<br />Repeatability<br />Assess quality<br />Meta analysis<br />Difference between scientist that use technology as<br />Core for their research  easier MI adoption<br />Just as one of the many tools to reach goal  more reluctant / difficult to adopt MI<br />MI should be part of the workflow rather than something to adhere to at the time of writing  supported by tools<br />