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Most of the individuals suffering from gluten intolerance are hardly aware of it. Most of the time the disease is undetected as the common symptoms for gluten intolerance are often disregarded.

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  1. 1. Gluten intolerance can be controlled with a healthy dietBy: Mia TaylorMost of the individuals suffering from gluten intolerance are hardly aware of it.Most of the time the disease is undetected as the common symptoms for glutenintolerance are often disregarded.However being gluten intolerant does not mean that you cannot eat at all as thereare plenty of options available in the market. These days there are many glutenfree cuisines available. Many confuse gluten intolerance with wheat allergysymptoms, though both of the are entirely different. Gluten is a protein compositewhich is insoluble in water and it derived from endosperm. Gluten is generallyfound in wheat, barley, rye, which is actually elastic in nature which binds theflour products together. We regard gluten to be an important part of nutritionalprotein, however many individuals cannot digest or tolerate the gluten in theirbody. When the gluten intolerance symptoms occur in our body it is actuallyregarded that the person is suffering from celiac disease. The celiac disease is anautoimmune disorder which affects the small intestines. A blood test or anintestinal biopsy can be carried out on a patient as to whether the person issuffering from gluten intolerance or not. The symptoms for gluten intolerance areconstipation, bloating, fatigue and joint pain.It is important to stay healthy and stick to one’s diet to remain fit. There aremany healthy diet recipes to choose from. Try to make some changes in yourcurrent diet and some healthy dishes can be just whipped up in easy steps.
  2. 2. Maintain a diet chart and adhere to it. You could try having pancakes forbreakfast, however they are known to contain calories and fat so you could try tomake them with egg whites and oats and some low fat cottage cheese. Apartfrom pancakes protein fortified muffins are good for breakfast and they contain allthe vital nutrients that will keep you going throughout the day. One can try bymixing protein powder, baking powder and some applesauce with some low fatmilk. Place all the ingredients in the muffin and bake them. Those who arelooking for a light afternoon snack can opt for a smoothie with berries with somefruit flavored yoghurt. Blend all the above ingredients in a blender to have asmooth consistency. Healthy diet recipes can also be made with quinoa which iscooked in the same procedure as rice It is rich in amino acids and is a greatoption for vegetarians. Research on the web to find out thousands of healthy dietrecipes to choose from. Importance of body detoxification to control Candida growthDetoxification is the process of removal of toxic substances from one’s body. Thetoxic substance can be accumulation of anything from alcohol, drugs or unwantedwaste material. As the toxins build up in our body, the overall health begins todeteriorate. Most of the detoxification programs are aimed at removingaccumulated toxins from the body and to bring it back to normal condition.Most of the problem in our body starts with irregular colon cleansing. If colon iscleansed regularly, then the growth of good bacteria and other microorganisms inour digestive system remain balanced. If colon cleansing is not proper, then itupsets the presence of a type of yeast called Candida. This type of yeast occursnaturally in our intestine and cohabits with other microorganisms. The growth ofthis yeast is usually kept under control by digestive friendly bacteria. But, whenthe presence of digestive friendly bacteria deteriorates, Candida yeast begins toproliferate and take control over all other microorganisms. In adverse situation,Candida can burrow holes in intestinal tract. The roots of Candida then act as apassage for toxins to enter the blood stream. People with Candida over growthbecome allergic to yeast itself. Some of the symptoms of Candida are: abdominalgas, frequent headaches, excessive fatigue, mood swings, acne, and hyperactiveand learning difficulties.Once toxins build up in our body, our overall body health gets affected very much.Toxin build up affects every cell in our body. So, it is very essential to removetoxin build up quite frequently. Detoxification is all about cleansing the blood andremoving toxins from it. Normally, our body eliminates toxins through skin,kidneys and lungs. Some doctors advise against detoxification for patients withchronic diseases like cancer. So, it is essential to consult a physician before one
  3. 3. starts on any detoxification program.There are many types of Candida diet. One of the best Candida diet is regularintake of fruit juice. Fresh fruit juice made from different varieties of fruitssupplies our body with sufficient vitamins and minerals and at the same time ithelps to remove toxins from the body cells. Fresh fruit juice diet is a powerful wayto detoxify one’s body as there is no side effect at all.But those who are already on blood thinning medication should take enough precaution while takingcitrus based Candida diet, as citrus based juice like lemon juice is a natural blood thinner. An effectiveCandida diet also include regular intake of hot water or hot lemon tea. It is another way to speed up theotherwise sluggish digestive system. Drinking hot water mixed is an effective detoxification methodand also helps to reduce the overall fat content of our body. Get your glowing health back by detoxificationDetoxification is an important process of flushing out the accumulated toxins fromone’s body. Even though many people skip detoxification due to their busyschedule, it should be followed regularly to maintain a healthy body. Skippingdetoxification has its own drawbacks, because most of the diseases in our bodystart from stomach. If the colon in our digestive system is not cleaned regularly,then it begins to accumulate toxins and release to the blood stream. As the timegoes by, these toxins affect the functioning of our organs and can also lead tomany other major health problems.
  4. 4. Detoxification helps to remove the accumulated toxins from one’s body andshould be done quite periodically, so that the amount of toxins remains undercontrol. Detoxification should be followed depending on one’s health condition.If a person has poor immune system or is afflicted with deadly disease likecancer, then doctors usually do not recommend detoxification.In a normal situation, human intestine has the presence of natural yeast calledCandida. The presence of this yeast is balanced with other micro-organisms in ourdigestive system. Candida growth should always be under control. But in caseswhen the colon starts accumulating waste, the presence of healthy friendlybacteria in the digestive system reduces, which in turn proliferates Candidagrowth. Candida overgrowth results in toxins being released to the blood streamthrough its roots on the intestine walls. Some of the major symptoms are:lethargy, dizziness, reduction in concentration and learning ability.
  5. 5. Candida overgrowth is usually controlled by following a proper and effectiveCandida diet. It consists of dietary restriction on anti-fungal supplements whichdetoxifies the body and restricts the overgrowth of yeast. Candida diet generallyrestrict food that promote yeast growth like sugar, yeast, dairy products, fruits,fermented products, and processed products. A Candida diet also focuses onpromoting healthy friendly bacteria which in turn controls the growth of yeast.The time frame for Candida diet varies from person to person and also dependson the yeast over growth. One has to keep track of the symptoms which Candidaovergrowth causes. By following a strict Candida diet regime, one can bring downthose symptoms under control. As the yeast over growth reduces, one can alsofeel an overall improvement in their health condition. Once the Candidaovergrowth is controlled, it may be essential for some time to stay away fromyeast related products. It may also be helpful if you go for a balanced diet planafter following a strict Candida diet. Contact 198 Palm Harbor Blvd. S. Palm Harbor, FL 34683 (800)830-4778