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Camera shots


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Camera shots

  1. 1. Camera shots By mariam isharet
  2. 2. Reflection shot The purpose of this shot was to create reflection. The reason why I have chosen to do a reflection shot was to create different types of shots. This shot was successful because you can see the person making eye contact with the camera and the person is reflected . Also the background is clear and an improvement would be by having a different background/setting.
  3. 3. Rule of third shot This shot was meant to be rule of thirds. The image doesn’t represent what the shot is and also it doesn’t show the rule of thirds. The image takes up two thirds but the models are in different positions. To improve this image you can have both of the people standing together and leaving space on the side to show the rule of thirds.
  4. 4. Lead shot • The purpose of this shot was to create an image where the person is continually doing something. This shot was unsuccessful as you find the image to be half cropped and there is too much space ahead. The image makes it look as it is a rule of third shot which is not meant to be. To improve this shot you can zoom out and show what the models are doing and also you can use a different to show the lead shot.