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Final report for oap butterfly garden


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Published in: Education, Self Improvement
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Final report for oap butterfly garden

  1. 1. Butterfly Garden
  2. 2. Outline Team Introduction Startup Idea Description Opportunity Test Introduction Feedback Summary Conclusion
  3. 3. Team Introduction Mission Generate happiness and joy for the helpless, spread our unique spirits to the public and bring spring to our society, as a butterfly. Slogan Without butterfly, there is no change. Team Members He Miao; Karim Sun; Liwen ; Anita; Zhang Shufang
  4. 4. Startup Idea Description As a social entrepreneurship trial, our startup idea is to create a platform which enables kind and enthusiastic citizens to donate their wealth as well as their knowledge, visions, sprites and experience to those children in China. We emphasize on helping children build good personalities
  5. 5. Background Poor education environment. limited resources are available for those schools. more citizens with high education are willing to take the social responsibilities to help the poor, they are pursuing social achievement.
  6. 6. Opportunity Test Introduction investigate education environment and to explore the needs for the rural labors’ children (20 students in one rural labors’ children school at Songjiang, Shanghai) Test the public interests of our platform. (10 citizens who graduated from top universities in China)
  7. 7. Feedback Summary IEducation environment and student needs: Bad facilities, old teaching materials, and limited ability of the teachers Hold negative attitudes towards future and life Have difficulties to afford education Without proper guide from parents Economic aids are needed Actions should be taken to help them build good personalities Public awareness should be generated
  8. 8. Feedback Summary IIPublic Interests Investigation Acceptance of our platform concepts Show willingness to realize achievements Doubt about the donation mechanism Suggestions about activities/ courses A safe, fair, convincing donation mechanism should be established Systematic courses/ activities may be established to help the children learn knowledge and build good personalities The children should also learn to help others and spread the volunteerism.
  9. 9. Feedback Summary IIIPlatform Operation: Less are willing to support the platform by donation Proper ads can be accepted Proper ads requirements should be captured and designed
  10. 10. Conclusions: Create certain social profit while low personal profit Build the platform in the first step Research and improve our business model to generate more personal profits to support the platform The butterfly garden will bring the happiness and joy to the children as well as sense of social achievement to the citizens with high social responsibilities.
  11. 11. Thank You