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  • With its 1.18 billion users, of which close to 58% are active daily, with an average of 20 minutes per day, Facebook is certainly not disappearing anytime soon. Outside emerging markets where growth is still happening, Facebook has reached a certain plateau, with even some decreases within the youngergenerations, in particular the 13-17 teens. For brands, in particular small & medium businesses (SMB), it’s getting increasingly difficult to master the platform and gain a vibrant community without spending some efforts and allocating substantial efforts, both in time and money.One thing is for sure, though: 2014 should be the year of Twitter. There fact that it will become a public company will throw the 7 year-old platform into the limelight, and with it comes public scrutiny. Many bystanders will want to better understand the platform, which should in turn convert many latent users to come back and give the platform another try. A study by Pew Internet & American conducted earlier this year found that more and more teenagers were jumping ship from Facebook to Twitter and Instagram, in great part “because there is less drama”. It’s also easier to fly under parents’ radars and have a more secretive approach on Twitter. Many brands already use Twitter. Having more users join this social media should consolidate Twitter as a great customer service platform, not to mention lead generation and R&D.
  • The words “Snapchat” and “Marketing” are usually not found in the same sentence, but this may very well change in the near future. If you are not familiar with Snapchat, it’s the hot and trendy mobile application that sends out messages (text, photo or short video), called “snaps”, that auto-destruct aftera short moment of time, between 1 to 10 seconds depending on how the snap was set up. As of April 2013, its 5 million active users were uploading over 150 million photos per day! There mere fact that snaps get deleted from the server after their time limit explains why so many people are embracing thisnew app. Its ephemeral aspect contrasts with privacy issues that are plaguing other platforms, with a “spur of the moment” side that can become an opportunity for brands. Yoghurt company 16 Handles is thought to be the first brand that conducted a promotion using Snapchat, earlier in 2013, and a few others have experimented since. With the recent launch of Snapchat Stories (see video below), brand marketers now have an opportunity to ask customers to share their stories, or interact with them while in their store, hotel or destination, to increase engagement and share-of-wallet with in-store promotions. Snapchat marketing should be two words you’ll soon learn to combine!
  • Ah, yes. Google+… Earlier in 2013, a study published on emarketer found that Google+ had now over 540 million active users, making it number two worldwide after Facebook. Is Google+ Really the 2nd Most Popular Social Network? I think, no one have doubted the efficiency of the platform itself. Yet, with recent changes in its search algorithm under code name Google Hummingbird, and the evolution of its popular Google Hangout functionality as a full-blown, stand-alone application, Google continues to push the envelope. The question that lingers is whether Google+ will garner more mainstream attention, With over 1.5 billion photos shared weekly, there is certainly more action happening. The jury’s still out, but 2014 should be a key year for Google+.
  • social-media-marketing-trends-for-2013-2014

    1. 1. Trends in social media marketing Bravo Group : Shoaib Manzoor 23 Hasnain Bashir 14 Faisal Mumtaz 17 Sana Laghari 02 Jahanzeb Shaukat 46 Azam Bhutta 06 Farhan Sajid 13 Muhammad Huzafah 25
    2. 2. Every year different trends that marketers have to follow closely in the following year to beat the competition. Today in this presentation we will intend to give an objective analysis of social media marketing trends that used by marketers in recently 2013 and in future (2014).
    3. 3. Social media marketing trends used in 2013 and still used.
    4. 4. Social technologies are at the heart of everyday life and business environment. social everything
    5. 5. The triggers for this are obvious: it’s easy to use,requires little mental effort, makes you feel good and connected. Social media as entertainment
    6. 6. Social TV User interaction is fed back into live shows or inspire plot changes in TV series
    7. 7. Faisal Mumtaz 17
    8. 8. Read all about it! News have became social! News sites are crunch data from social interactions to deliver more targeted news.
    9. 9. Second screen shopping Marketers create models that have the potential to turn any TV program into an infomercial.
    10. 10. Social commerce Social media allows consumers to get real user experience before making purchase decisions.
    11. 11. Mobile everything Mobile platforms on tablets and smartphones enable second screen media consumption and local services.
    12. 12. Advertising on mobile devices Facebook and Twitter are leading the way try to figure out how to present ads on mobile.
    13. 13. Jahanzeb Shaukat 46
    14. 14. Mobile first in web and add social Making your sites mobile-friendly give you an edge over your more oldfashioned competitors.
    15. 15. Local Location based marketing on mobile devices become one of the most important channels to get new and repeat customers.
    16. 16. Farhan Sajid 13
    17. 17. The spending should at least double (if not triple) by the end of 2016. Social media budgets will grow
    18. 18. C-level demands to see social media marketing ROI The more money goes into social media marketing the more important it is to show the results.
    19. 19. Social media advertising has grown As Twitter and Facebook are offering more advertising solutions, marketers are going to spend more.
    20. 20. Social media integration with other marketing Creating social media connection with other marketing will get you better results for the same budget.
    21. 21. Hasnain Bashir 14
    22. 22. Social reputation management To engage consumers brands start to use social causes, economic, and environmental issues as the backbone of their campaign strategies.
    23. 23. Content creation inside your company Combine the management of content creation, blogging, social media, SEO, paid search and advertising.
    24. 24. Content curation and discovery Curation will create an impression of being in the know, a central hub and a valued resource in your area.
    25. 25. Sana Laghari 02
    26. 26. Images, videos and instant gratification Short videos and infographics point in the direction of ever increasing information overload.
    27. 27. Targeting, persons and context Targeting content, selecting the right context and time will get you a lot more results from the same budget.
    28. 28. Social media monitoring tools combined with business metrics will lead to better understanding of the value of social interaction. Social media monitoring
    29. 29. Customer support on social media Most of the questions posted in social media are left unanswered.
    30. 30. Muhammad Huzafah 25
    31. 31. Social media marketing trends specially for 2014
    33. 33. SNAPCHAT MARKETING It’s the hot and trendy mobile application that sends out messages (text, photo or short video), called “snaps”, that auto-destruct after a short moment of time,
    34. 34. GOOGLE+… FINALLY? Is Google+ Really the 2nd Most Popular Social Network?
    35. 35. BS-IT – M(12-16)