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French revolution josh jake ben sam


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French revolution josh jake ben sam

  1. 1. Economic Causes of the FrenchRevolution: The cost of everything had gone up from a reasonable amount and it had shot sky high with the rise in bread prices and basic necessities. On top of which the working class was obliged to pay heavy taxes to finance the governments running. This obviously led to the feeling of resentment within the bourgeoisie who wanted a more equal system of governance in France. From this point of view they were the forerunners of the whole revolution but there was another side to this social awakening and that was the decrease of importance in the belief of God.
  2. 2. Social causes of the Frenchrevolution: Most of the French public belonged to the working class - 98%- whose hard earned money was being used to finance the foreign wars and the court, and too repay national debt. Although on the face of it the King had secured the monarchy which should have put an end to feudalism, the small land owners and the peasant class still had extremely unfair contracts with the feudal lords. This frustration of the working class was the result of the rule of the monarchist regime. Although the regime had been successful, defending France from foreign invaders and sorting out internal religious and other debates it was extremely unfair on most of the general public.
  3. 3. The Bastille When they decided that they were going to do something about it, so they got guns but with guns you need ammunition, and they didn’t have any ammunition so, with out warning they stormed the Bastille, which was the only place in Paris with lots of ammunition but the Bastille was the head prison in Paris but all they cared about was getting what they wanted so they stole a cannon and blew a hole in the wall.
  4. 4. The Bastille
  5. 5. Interesting facts Napoleon was born in Corsica – not France Toulon invited the British in during the Wars, leading to a siege Lafayette wanted to be the George Washington of France In champ du mars, the petition agenst the monarcy was singed by
  6. 6. More interesting facts Incorruptible was Robespierre’s nickname The royal family fled to Varennes The crowd first went to Les Invalides on the 14th July, 1789 The Tennis Court Oath was on the 20th of June 1789 The directory government was created after the revolution.