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How I Develop Mobile Web Apps


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In this presentation I share with you the process that I follow to develop mobile web apps with jQuery Mobile, Sencha Touch and PhoneGap.

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How I Develop Mobile Web Apps

  2. 2. REQUIREMENTS GATHERING1 Go to the people who know the most about what is needed, preferably the future users of the app.
  3. 3. DEVELOPMENT ENVIRONMENT SETUP2 Set up my workstation, source control, code libraries and frameworks that I will use.
  4. 4. LOW FIDELITY UI PROTOTYPING3 Create low-fidelity prototypes of the UI. Short work sessions with the users or clients.
  5. 5. HIGH FIDELITY UI PROTOTYPING4 Make high-fidelity prototypes of the UI, based on the low-fidelity prototypes. Keep working with users or clients.
  6. 6. UI CREATION WITH MOCK DATA5 Create working UI that users can test on emulator or device. Use mock data for screens, and simulate network connections and other processes.
  7. 7. CLIENT-SIDE CONTROLLERS & SERVICES6 Mini-iterations of: Create behavior-driven tests, create controllers and wire screens to controllers.
  8. 8. SERVER-SIDE ENDPOINTS & SERVICES7 Mini-iterations of: Create behavior-driven tests for endpoints, create endpoints, create behavior-driven tests for the services layer.
  9. 9. TESTS ON EMULATOR AND DEVICES8 End-to-end tests of the app on different emulators and devices. Functional & non-functional tests. Pay extra attention to usability and performance.
  10. 10. PACKAGING9 Package the application for deployment through enterprise portal or app store.
  11. 11. LEARN MORE! Learn more about developing line-of-business mobile apps: