The Way to Transfer PDF from iBooks to Mac


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This brief tutorial will show you how to export and transfer PDF from iBooks to Mac. Go ahead to transfer your iBook PDF files from your iPad, iPhone or iPod to your Mac so as to read them on a larger screen now!

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The Way to Transfer PDF from iBooks to Mac

  1. 1. All rights reserved— The Way to Transfer PDF from iBooks to MacApples iDevice really provides books fans a good way to read books on the go. However, PDFfiles usually dont have good performance on the iPad, iPhone or iPod because of the mismatchedfile and screen size. If you are tired of reading PDF files with iBooks on your iDevice, then whynot copy the files out to your Mac to have a much better reading experience from the much largerscreen of Mac?This brief tutorial will show you how to export and transfer PDF from iBooks to Mac with thehelp of a full-featured iPad iPhone iPod to Mac Transfer tool. So, if you once have the plan tocopy your PDF book collections out of the iBooks on your iDevice to a Mac for a much better fileperformance, you may just try the solution here to enjoy an efficient PDF file transfer fromiDevice to Mac now! It is quite a refreshing way for you to export iPad/iPhone/iPod PDF filesfrom iBooks to Mac. Below are the steps. Give it a try for yourself now!Quick Start: How to Transfer iBook PDF Files to Mac from iPad/iPhone/iPod?To transfer or copy PDF files from your iDevice to Mac, please first download and install the Mactransfer tool on your computer to get prepared.Note for Windows Users: iPad iPhone iPod to Computer Transfer is rightly the Windows versionthat can help you transfer PDF files from iBooks on your iDevice to a Windows PC. To try it, youcan just have a reference to the tutorial how to transfer books from iPad to computer.Step 1. iPad Connected
  2. 2. All rights reserved— you start the program on your Mac, please first connect your iDevice to the Mac. Or theprogram will not detect your device when you launch it. Once the software detects your connectediDevice successfully, the program interface will pop out as below shown.Step 2. Select PDF FilesAll transferrable items contained in your iDevice will be listed in the left library by categories. Totransfer PDF from iBooks to Mac, you should choose "Books" option to mark the checking box infront of the exact PDF files you wanna copy out.Step 3. Start Transfer
  3. 3. All rights reserved— if all your wanted PDF files have been marked out. And then click the button fromthe upper-left corner to export your selected PDF files from your iDevice to Mac local folder.You see, it is quite easy to transfer PDF from the iBooks on your iDevice to a Mac. Once thetransfer process is finished, you can then locate to the export file folder to find and open the PDFfiles to read them on your Mac with better performance. Sounds nice? Then why not let thishelpful transfer tool copy your iPad/iPhone/iPod PDF files from the iBooks to Mac local folder tohave a better reading experience now! Youll not regret it!See Also:Tips of How to Transfer Playlists from iPad 2/iPad mini/new iPad to MacEfficient Way to Transfer TV Shows from iPad to Mac or iTunesHow to Delete PDF from iPad/iPhone/iPod touch with iBooks