Sync iPhone Contacts to Gmail Backup iPhone Contacts Easily


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Eager to find the answer about how to sync iPhone contacts to Gmail? This article provides you a simple yet efficient method. Just come in and learn more if you are interested in it.

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Sync iPhone Contacts to Gmail Backup iPhone Contacts Easily

  1. 1. All rights reserved— One Click to Sync iPhone Contacts to GmailMany users worry about the safety of their data on the phones since they can be easilylost because of the hardware failure and human error. Thats why more and more peopleprefer to backup their data on their phones to computer. Copying the contacts to Gmail isa way. If you are an iPhone user and looking for a way to backup iPhone contacts toGmail, you are in the right place.You can quickly and easily backup the contacts on your iPhone to Gmail account as longas your iPhone using version 3.0 or higher iOS operating system. If not, you can updateyour iPhone operating system (3.0 or later) before you perform the syncing below.Simple Steps to Copy Contacts from iPhone to GmailPreparatory work: iPhone with 3.0 or later iOS.Step 1: Turn on your iPhone and access to the "Settings" menu. Select the option of"Mail, Contacts, Calendars" which is followed by "Add Account".Step 2: You are provided with a list of emails, just tap the icon of "Gmail" from the list.Enter your Gmail address and Gmail password into the "Address" and "Password" fieldsrespectively. Then, touch the button of "Next" to submit.Step 3: Turn to the "Server" field and input "", touch the "Next" buttonagain.When your iPhone prompts the action of "Delete Existing Contacts", tap on it and thenthe backup process will begin.Well, you may think the last step seems contrary to the objective. But it is necessary forthe syncing process. After doing all the 4 steps, the contacts on your iPhone will besynced to Gmail instantly.Recommendation: Backup Your iPhone Data to ComputerCan you backup and update an iPhone without loosing any data? The easiest way is toback up all your iPhone contents to computer by using the iPhone to ComputerTransfer before you begin to update your device. The program can easily copy almost alltypes of iPhone files, including Music, Movie, Photo, eBook, Audiobook, Voice Memo,Podcast, TV Show and more to any folder on your PC, which totally saves you frombeing afraid of the loss of iPhone data.
  2. 2. All rights reserved— steps: Connect your iPhone to the computer and then launch the program.Select the data you want to transfer from iPhone to computer and click on the "Export"button to start the transferring right away. Download iPad to Computer Transfer Free Trial Version >>See Also:Scan Books to eBooks for KindleUse iPhone as External Hard Drive