How to use multiple i pads, iphones or ipods on one computer


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How to use multiple i pads, iphones or ipods on one computer

  1. 1. All rights reserved— How to Use Multiple iPads, iPhones or iPods on One Computer?Many Apple users are trying to manage more than one iPad, iPhone or iPod on just one computer.It seems like a complicated task, since you need to keep each users music and apps separate,without disarraying the different levels of content restriction or the potential for mixing up eachothers preferences. Actually there are several ways available, using the built-in apps in iTunes andyour operating system, to make it possible to use multiple Apple devices with the same computer.Whats more, with all the above preconditions are satisfied. Here we list the main 4 methods, youcan read on if you are in the need.By the way, iPubsoft iPad/iPhone/iPod to Computer Transfer is a must-have utility to help youbackup all your files, including photos, videos, music, playlist, books and more from your iPad,iPhone, iPod to computer without iTunes.Way One: Maintain Individual User AccountsYou can create different user account for each person who uses the computer. This is veryessentially to maintain a completely new, independent space for each user who may has differenttastes in media files. In this way, users can have their own username and password, evencustomize their own iTunes libraries and devices’ sync settings, without impacting each other onthe computer.Way Two: Create Multiple iTunes LibrariesCreating separate iTunes library for each device is a bit like have the separate spaces that theindividual user account approach gives you. With this method, each user will have his own iTuneslibrary and sync settings, never worry about mess up music, apps, movies and other media files foreach other. But we remind you to make a new iTunes Library file instead of copying your existingiTunes Library file. So, you’d better quit your iTunes first if your iTunes is open.
  2. 2. All rights reserved— Three: Update Certain PlaylistsSet your iTunes to update only certain playlists on each device. Then, you are able to use multipleiDevices on a computer without the need to create multiple user accounts and your iTunes willkeep your device updated with the playlists you create. However, this method includes thepossibility that your iTunes library is mixed together or your playlists being deleted accidentallyso that you need to create a new one.Way Four: Use iOS Management ScreenIf you dislike the 3 methods above, we provide you with the last way: using the iOS managementscreen. Just open the management screen and choose the content you want on your device. Otherusers who are using this computer need to do the same thing. However, this method only allows
  3. 3. All rights reserved— setting for parental control of content, which means if you only want some music files from anartist but someone else add more files for this artist, it could end up on your device.A Brief Conclusion:I prefer the first way because it is easy to understand, set up and maintain, without impactinganyone else on the computer. The forth way is the worst. But if you don’t want to try the other 3methods and you don’t mind to mix the files with other people who are using this computer, youcan have a try with this way.See Also:How to Manage iPod touch FoldersSync iDevices with Multiple Computers