How to Open a Password Protected PDF Document with No Hassles


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Have some password protected PDF files and cannot open them? The best solution of how to open a password protected PDF file is rightly introduced here to help you out.

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How to Open a Password Protected PDF Document with No Hassles

  1. 1. All rights reserved— How to Open a Password Protected PDF Document?It almost a common situation people may encounter in daily life that cant open or printsome PDF documents. Suppose youve got some PDF files from your friends, you maynot be able to open or edit them because of the password protection. To open and makeuse of password protected PDF file leisure without any hassle, you should first knowwhat kind of restriction has been added to the document. And then take measures tobypass the restriction for a free use of the protected PDF files.To put it simply, there are two kinds of restrictions on PDF. One is the Owner Password,which is used to restrict the PDF files from being modified. The PDF files which wererestricted by such kind of password protection can only be opened and viewed, but cantbe printed or edited. The other is the User Password (also known as Open Password),which restricts the document from opening unless you type in correct security code stringeach time. So, once you want to bypass PDF password to open or modify the documentwith leisure, you may try out the solutions below to break the restrictions.Steps of How to Bypass PDF Password ProtectionsNo matter what kind of password type your PDF file is restricted with, the iPubsoft PDFPassword Remover is just the needed tool which makes it easy for you to break eitherowner password or open password in a breeze. The detail operations are just as simpleas below showed.Step 1: Launch ProgramFirstly you need to download and install the PDF password removing software on yourcomputer. Then launch it and you will be noted in the welcome screen that 2 icons mayappear after you loaded PDF files into the program.
  2. 2. All rights reserved— 2. Import PDF FilesTo load protected PDF files into the program, you can simply click the "Add Files" tabprovided on the top bar to browse and import the files as you want. Then you can see allyour loaded files listed in the main screen shot.Hints: Just as youve been noted in the first screen, the files with icon before them areuser password protected PDFs. To remove the restrictions of these files, you should firstclick on the small icon to enter the open file password. And then follow the steps belowto move forward. Once there is a PDF file coming with an icon before it, which meansthis program can not support it.
  3. 3. All rights reserved— 3. Set Output and Break PasswordNow you can go to the lower portion to set an output folder to save the output protection-free PDF files. And then click the "Start" button to release the PDF files from passwordrestrictions.Just three simple steps. You can free the protected PDF documents from the restrictions.After that, how to open a password protected PDF file would no longer be a problem foryou. Sounds cool? Wanna use this amazing software? Click the free trial button below toinstall it on your computer to try it out for yourself now!See Also:How to Combine Multiple Documents into One PDF with EaseEffective Methods Turn TIFF into PDF Files