How to Extract/Get Text from PDF - Plain Text Extraction from Adobe PDF Files


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Is there any way to extract plain text content from PDF files? Once you have wonder about this, then you can just go through this article to see how to get text from PDF documents purely with ease.

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How to Extract/Get Text from PDF - Plain Text Extraction from Adobe PDF Files

  1. 1. All rights reserved— How to Extract/Get Text from PDF Purely?As PDF becomes a more and more popular document format used in most industriesnowadays, it is normal to see that images along with text content in a PDF file. In manycases, you may want to get the plain text content out of an image contained PDF forspecific uses. But, how do you separate the pure text content from the images containedin an Adobe PDF file?If you are still looking for a good solution to get text from PDF, then you may try out anymethod introduced at below. You can select a most suitable solution according to youractual situation to extract some valuable data you found in a PDF document so as to useit somewhere else. Just go ahead to try it out for yourself now!Way 1: Extract Text from PDF OnlineOnce you are searching for a free solution to get mere text out of a PDF file, then youshould not miss the online service provided at But, what need to be noticedfor using this online solution as a free member is that the max file size of your uploadedPDF is limited to 1 MB. So, if your PDF file is rightly smaller than 1MB, then you can
  2. 2. All rights reserved— use it to get plain text extraction from PDF. Otherwise, you can try the secondmethod in the below. Or just spent not any subscription fee to be a registered member foran up to 20MB usage restriction on the file size.To make use of this online solution, you only need to enter page. Browse a PDF file you want to extract text from, and then simply click onthe provided "Extract Text" button to get text from PDF easily. Once finished, there will bea downloaded link provided for you to get the newly generated .txt file.Pros: Free for PDF text extraction; Addictively easy to use.Cons: Usage limitations on the file size for free members and registered users; A bitslow to extract data from a PDF file; Generate unreadable code sometimes.Way 2: Get Text from PDF with PDF Text ExtractorTo get pain text of PDF files without usage restriction or any other kinds of limitation, thenyou can just get the iPubsoft PDF Text Extractor to have a try. This is a specific PDF toolwhich provides you a very efficient solution to extract text content from multiple PDF filesin a single process. With it, you can instantly extract data from any protected-free PDFfile in a breeze without taking into consideration about the file size. And the wholeprocess is just as simple as input PDF files, define output folder (optional) and start plain
  3. 3. All rights reserved— extraction from PDF.Pros: Ultrafast working speed to get text from PDF quickly; Handy operations; Works onmultiple PDF files in a single PDF text extracting process.Cons: Quantity limitation on trial version; Full version without any restrictions need to bepaid.Extended Tips:Besides extracting text from PDF files directly via any method above, you can alsolet iPubsoft PDF Converter do you a favor? This program can make things easy for youto get text from PDF files by converting your document from PDF to any editable fileformat. For example, it can help to turn your PDF files into Word or TXT documents foran easy text extraction.Related ArticlesLearn How to Extract Pages from PDF Document for Free Ways of How to Extract Images from PDF Files