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2 Ways of How to Read Nook Books on Kindle Fire(HD)


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The article introduces 2 ways of how to install app to Kindle Fire so that you can read Barnes&Noble Nook books with Kindle Fire on the go!

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2 Ways of How to Read Nook Books on Kindle Fire(HD)

  1. 1. All rights reserved— How to Read Nook Books on Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD?Several days ago, my friends wonderful father surprised her with an Amazon Kindle Fire asthe back to school gift. She has owned a Nook before, and there have been a lot of bookspurchased from Barnes&Noble Nook. The first thing she wanted to do with Kindle Fireis reading Nook books on Kindle Fire.Oops, problem here. The biggest disappointing thing about Kindle Fire: Users cant read ePubbooks on Kindle Fire. I told my friend the method - Install Nook app to Kindle Fire. And shesaid the method does work. Following are the detailed steps of how to install Nook app toKindle Fire. After installation, Fire users like my friend will be able to access Nook books onnew device.Preparations before Installing Nook App to Kindle Fire:When you first purchase Kindle Fire, you can only install apps from Amazon App Store.However, you can fix this through the steps: On Kindle Fire, go to settings (upper-right),tap "More", and then "Device". Turn "Allow Installation of Applications" to "on". In thepop-up warning dialogue box, just tap "OK".Way1: Install Nook App with a Third Party App StoreKindle Fire runs a version of Android, you can actually install and run Nook app. However, youcant download the app from Amazon App Store. A third-party app store can help you. Here Iwill introduce GetJar, which is a great app store where only list free apps.Step1: On Kindle Fire, launch the browser, and navigate to Download GetJarapp. Once the download completes, tap the file in the downloads list, and select "Install".
  2. 2. All rights reserved— Once GetJar installs, find it in your Kindle Fires app library. Launch it and search for"Nook". Tap "Download", and then install it. If installed successfully, the Nook app will show upin the app library.Way2: Install Nook App with DropboxAnother way to install Android app to Kindle Fire is using Dropbox. Dropbox is a virtual "cloud"folders where you can store files on the Internet and access them from computers, Androiddevices, iPhone, iPad, etc.Firstly, download the Nook app APK (.ask is the suffix of Android app) package file onto yourcomputer. Secondly, on Kindle Fires web browser, download and install Dropbox on thesite: Thirdly, use your computer to put the APK file intoDropbox. Fourthly, on Kindle Fire, tap the APK file to download it with your Dropbox account.Tips: In fact, there are still other alternative ways to install apps to Kindle Fire. Youcan email the downloaded APK file to yourself as an attachment, or download it directly if youhave the URL, or you can transfer the file to Kindle Fire with USB cord.Whatever method you use to install Nook app, finally you are able to read Nook books onKindle Fire after registering your Nook app with your Barnes&Noble account.
  3. 3. All rights reserved— Question: Why not convert Nook books to Kindle Fire supported format? Although Calibre has the ability to convert Nook eBooks (PDF or ePub) to Kindle Fire supported format - MOBI, AZW, TXT, thats a bit of a pain if you want to keep your books in sync on all your other devices, like your phone or other eReaders. The most important thing is, most of Nook books have DRM protection, and Calibre doesnt support DRM-eBooks conversion. Related Articles:How to Convert Kindle eBooks to ePubRead Kindle Books with Sony ReaderiPubsoft Adisk - Use iPad in Disk Mode