The lost city


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The lost city

  1. 1. Johnny sat at his desk looking the map up and down. It was time to make a difference in the world, but getting ready for an adventure is hard work. First, Johnny packed all of his navigation tools, food, and clothes. Second, he packed his lantern and a weapon in case any vicious attacks occurred on his adventure. Finally, he mapped out the paths that he would take during this adventure. Johnny was now ready for his adventure through the Forest of Wonders to the lost city!<br />Johnny began his adventure by sailing through the Indian Ocean. The wind blew on his face as he hurried to the Forest of Wonders. One day later, he arrived at the Forest of Wonders. The sky was as fresh as a raindrop and the ground was as soft as a fresh cookie. The sky was orange with marshmallow clouds and the flowers had mirrors with no smell at all. All around were caves, big bugs the size of a small dog, sinking sand, and poisonous snakes. This forest was a threat to human life!<br />Johnny tied his boat to a tree, gathered his survival supplies, and began to look for the lost city. Johnny was not yet familiar with the forest features so he had to have eyes like a hawk. As he walked through the forest, a roar sounded and distracted Johnny from his path. He followed the sound, trailing away from his path, when SPLAT! Johnny jumped right into a puddle of sinking sand! He was stuck good and the time was ticking! Johnny was sinking like sand in an hour glass! All of a sudden he heard a sort of laughing from behind the bush covered in mirror flowers. It was a monkey! Johnny quickly reached for his backpack before his arms sank too. He pulled out a bundle of bananas and then called the monkey over to him.<br />“Mr. Monkey,” Johnny shouted getting the monkey’s attention. “If you save me I will give you these bananas. You should consider it because there aren’t very many in this forest you know,” Johnny added. “OK!,” the monkey replied in an excited tone.<br />Johnny’s face brightened in disbelief. He couldn’t help to think, ”Did that monkey just talk to me?” The monkey grabbed hold of some vines and then gripped a stick in between his feet. The monkey quickly swung from vine to vine until he reached Johnny. Johnny grabbed hold of the stick and then the monkey pulled him right out. Johnny dusted himself off and gave the monkey the bundle of bananas.<br />“ The name’s George,” stated the monkey. <br />“ George, I love that name. My name is Johnny,” replied Johnny. <br />“ Johnny’s a great name too and thanks for the bananas,” said George. <br />“ No, thank you for saving me,” replied Johnny. <br />“ Ah it was nothing,” stated George. “ Hey, would you like to come with me to find the lost city?,” asked Johnny. <br />“ Do you mean the lost city of Saiix?,” questioned George. <br />“ Yes,” answered Johnny. <br />“ Well in that case yes because I’ve always dreamed about viewing the jello houses,” replied George.<br />George and Johnny returned to the safe clean path and headed to the lost city of Saiix. Up ahead was a pit of poisonous snakes that was covered in fog and surrounded by rocks! There was no way around it, you either had to go through it or over it. <br />“ Get on my back,” demanded George. <br />“ Why,” asked Johnny. <br />“ I can swing us across the snake pit on those vines just like I did to save you from the pile of sinking sand,” stated George. <br />“ Are you sure this is safe?,” questioned Johnny. <br />“ Yes of course, now get on my back,” answered George. “ Ok, let’s do it!,” said Johnny.<br />Johnny hopped onto George’s back and then they were off! George grabbed hold of a vine and began swinging across the pit as the snakes hissed like leaking balloons below. Just as they were about to reach the other side, the vine snapped in two sending both George and Johnny into the snake pit! The snakes rushed toward them like a mob gone wild! Johnny suddenly noticed a cave on the other side of the snake pit. George swung them over on a different set of vines and they quickly hid in the cave. The dumb ole snakes didn’t see where they went so they traveled a mile down the snake pit.<br />Inside of the cave were gems as shiny as millions of little glitters on the fresh snow. George and Johnny walked deeper into the cave until they noticed a door with four small slots in it.<br />“Hey, this looks like the picture on my map,” stated Johnny. <br />“Yes, your right it does,” replied George. <br />“ It says here that we have to arrange these four gems in color order to open the door,” said Johnny. <br />“ Let’s give it a shot,” said George. <br />“ But wait! Where’s the red gem?,” questioned Johnny. <br />“It’s missing!,” yelled George. <br />“ I know that, but where would it be?,” asked Johnny. <br />George and Johnny studied the cave in search of the lost red gem when a loud buzzing sound distracted them.<br />“ Look! Over there! It’s a huge bug coming our way with the red gem in his mouth!,” shouted Johnny. <br />“ I see that but how are we going to get the gem from him?,” asked George. <br />“Wait a minute, look! The bug is coming over here. He just dropped the red gem and picked up a silver one!,” stated Johnny. <br />“ Now we can arrange the gems in order!,” said George.<br />Johnny and George concentrated on the map’s code and arranged the gems in color order. Then, the door opened and inside was the lost city of Saiix! The sky was purple and the houses were really made of jello. The flowers were as tall as regular trees and the trees were as small as regular flowers. The bushes were covered in mouth watering candy, the soil was neon yellow, and the people were polite and welcoming. Johnny and George decided to live there for the rest of their lives because this city was like a slice of heaven.<br /> The End<br />