The Bully


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The Bully

  1. 1. Shawn D. The Bully On the first day of school, Johnnie stood in line to get lunch. He was twelve yearsold, and he wore blue jeans with a redshirt. He got a two-day-old pizza and two packs ofapple juice and a few napkins. He was walking to the table that the rest of his friends areup were out, when he tripped and fell flat on his face. He stood up and had pepperonipizza on a shirt and he was soaked with apple juice. Johnnie looked at Nelson who islaughing with the rest of the children. Johnnie knew that it was Nelson who had trippedhim. “Why did you trip me?” Johnnie demanded. “Shut up,” Nelson replied curtly. Filled with anger, Johnny made a tight fist and swung for Nelson’s face. Nelson’snose started to bleed. “You’ll regret this,” Nelson yelled while he was walking to the bathroom to cleanthe blood off his nose and shirt. The room was silent. That was the first time anyone hadstood up to Nelson. The next day after school, Nelson and two of his friends threw Johnny into a trashcan. It smelt as bad as rotten meat and expired milk with rotten eggs. They shut the lid,put the trashcan on its side, and rolled it down a steep, bumpy hill. After he stoppedrolling down the hill, Johnnie walked home because he missed the bus. When he got home, he went to his room to do his homework. He had a page ofmath homework and had to write a three page short story for language arts. Johnnie wentto bed after doing his homework. It was Wednesday and Johnny was hoping Nelson wouldn’t pick on him that day.Feeling as fresh as a raindrop, Johnny made it through the day without Nelson picking onhim. He joined his friends, but they walked away like two magnets trying to go together,negative against negative. “Why are you guys avoiding me?” Johnnie’s face turned red with the motion theydidn’t respond. “Well, aren’t you going to tell me?” Johnny’s old friend Kenny stepped forward. “We can’t be your friend anymorebecause Nelson will be this up,” Kenny said. “But friends stick together.” “I’m sorry Johnny.” Kenny walked away with the rest of his friends. Johnny woke up the next morning with an idea to get revenge on Nelson. WhenJohnny got to school, he got glue from his art class and put in a 5 gallon container andplan to dump it on Nelson said at lunch Johnny got ready to dump the glue on Nelsonsaid when principal Boswell saw him and took him to his office. “Were you going to dump glue on Nelson’s head?” Principal Boswell demanded “Yes,” Johnny replied. “Why? What did Nelson ever do to you?” “Nothing.” Johnnie didn’t know why he lied. “Then why were you going to do that?” “I just thought it would’ve been funny.”
  2. 2. “Well, you have a weeks detention with me after school,” principal Boswell saidas he pointed to the door. “Now go on out to lunch and I’ll see you after school.”Johnny left the principal’s office and met Nelson in the hallway. “Thanks for not telling on me,” Nelson said. “Umm, You’re welcome,” Johnny said feeling very confused. “So, do you want to hang out sometime?” Nelson asked. “Yeah, but I have to go.” “Okay, bye.” Two days later, Johnny and Nelson were playing basketball, when all of Johnny’sold friends came and wanted to beat up Nelson for being a jerk. “It’s your turn to get beat up,” Kenny’s friend Kyle said to Nelson. “Wait!” Said Johnny. “If you beat up Nelson, then you’ll be a bully abuse me Ms.Nelson was to you.” “He deserves to be beat up because he’s a bully,” said Kenny. “No, he doesn’t,” said Johnny. “The best thing to do is just to forgive him.” “Yeah, I guess you have a point,” said Kyle. “Yeah, I agree. I’ll see you guyslater,” said Kenny. The next day, Nelson said sorry to everyone he bullied and both Nelson andJohnny became their friends. Johnnie became friends with his old friends again, andJohnny and Nelson became best friends.