Life Ride


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Life Ride

  1. 1. Karlie K.<br /> “life ride”<br />the life on the road for them was freedom, but hard. Mama, a woman that liked to live wild, was traveling with two smart boys who love their mother as much as they could. Their mother raised him right up without a father. The father was a rich man that loved them, but thought he was too good for them. Mama left their father when Derek the oldest was 12 and Freddie the youngest was 10. It was hard for the boys and they missed their father every day, but they tried hard not to think about it. Mama always told the boys that she loves him very much and always knew the right thing to do for them.<br />As Derek was 15 ½, a smart boy, and he was a reader. He loved books and was a good writer to. He just didn’t know it yet. Freddie was 13, also a smart boy, but he was an actor who loved the stage and being in the spotlight. The boys were handsome, funny, and smart. Mama was very proud of them and of how grown-up they were.<br />It was 1951 Mama lost money and the house. She was getting tired of the big city New York. Mama was a very pretty woman with her golden blonde hair and red soft lips. She also had the best taste in things and always knew what she wanted. She wanted to leave New York and go to Los Angeles. Mama told the boys what you wanted to do, hoping they wanted to go. They thought about it for a while, thinking how much they love their mother and just wanted to make her happy. They were also getting tired of New York.<br />“Okay, why not,” the two boys said. They went along with mama, but inside Derek didn’t really want to go. But he loved his mother and would do anything for her.<br />“How long do you think it will take to get their mama,” Freddie asked with love. Freddy was a big mama’s boy.<br />“I don’t know baby, but we will be staying in some places to see the world a little!”<br />“So maybe a year or two?” Derek said as he was reading his book.<br />“Maybe. You have to live life Derek. We’re going to have fun,” Mama said as she was driving the car. They had a nice car, baby blue with white stripes on the sides and the sunroof.<br />After driving for a day, they were still on the road. They saw a little town with the lights shining in the night sky. It looked as if there was a party town, many people were laughing and walking happily side to side. Mama thought they should stay in that town, but then thought it wasn’t a good idea. They decided they were going to stay for one night and get some rest.<br />They woke up the next day, and the town was silent. They went back on the road again, after they bought some food.<br />“On the road again we go! Mark” Mama said with happiness in her voice.<br />“Mama what are we going to do about school?” Freddie asked.<br />“Yeah mama. What will we do?” Derek also wondered.<br />“We will stay in the next good town for a while and you guys can go to school there, but not too long,” Mama said. “If we stay for week or maybe three, I hope we can be there in the year,” Derek said as he was driving.<br />Derek was almost 16 and knew how to drive because his mom mother had taught him at a young age. He was the one who drove the car the most and he thought it was his more than his mother’s. But as for Freddy he did not drive that while and he didn’t like to drive.<br />After two days they had been through two cities in two nights. As they went on they stopped in a little town called a Klinger’s Valley. They found a place to stay in a nice little condo. As they were getting ready to move-in, a girl said hi to Derek. Her name was best. She had dark hair that laid down some curls. She also had big lips and beautiful soft hazel eyes.<br />“Hi there, my name is Beth. Is that your mother?”<br />“Yes, and my name is Derek.”<br />“She’s pretty and so is your car. I love the color blue.”<br />“Thanks. Do you live in the building?” Derek asked.<br />“Oh yes, I live with my brother Bobby. There he is now,” said Beth. “Bobby this is Derek and badness his mother.”<br />“Hi,” Bobby said to mama.<br />“Oh well hello,” Mama said.<br />“Is this your car? It’s very nice.”<br />“Well thank you!” Mama said.<br />“If you ever need any help with it, just let me know,” Bobby said as he got in his car.<br />Since Freddy was in the school play, he began to be in the spotlight. Mama got her nails and hair done. She was also taking care for boys. Derek hung out with Beth almost every day. They went to the movies or just walk around. Beth and Eric were becoming good friends and inside they were falling for each other.<br />One day at school derricks English teacher told him how good of a writer he was and how he could get him a scholarship. But mama was running out of money again, so was time to go.<br />“I hope to see you again,” best said with sadness in her voice.<br />“Me too. But I know that I will see you again soon. You are a very beautiful girl Beth,” Derek said. Then he kissed her on the cheek and said goodbye.<br />Mama was saying goodbye to the condo and she thought it was very cute.<br />“Oh my God, on,” Freddy said angrily. He was mad that he didn’t get to finish the school play. They decided to go to aunt Mary’s house. The two boys knew that mama was hopeless if she was going to and Mary’s period mama had no money and she didn’t like to work. Aunt Mary had a smart husband named John, and he always knew the right thing to do.<br />“Well lookee here. Hey Mary! Lucy is here,” John said<br />“oh my! Well look who the cat dragged in. That’s a nice Car you got there, but put it around back. I don’t want that thing in front of my house,” aunt Mary said. Mama and aunt Mary Denning get along all that well, they did try to.<br />“Jesus. Mind if we stay here for a while? I will tell you everything later,” said mama.<br />“Yeah. And but don’t be any trouble Lucy,” said aunt Mary.<br />Mama laughed and they went inside the house for once mom always going to get a job. She went to the little store in town. My mom wanted a job there, so she showed them what she could do and got the job. The boss that work there was in love with mama. People called the boss, boss. Boss asked mama to marry him, and she said yes even though she knew she was crazy!<br />Freddie for once was going to be in the school play and perform Derek, mama, and the boss all went to go see him. When it was done everyone stood up and clapped for him.<br />“They love my little boy,” Mama said as Derek was thinking the same thing.<br />They went home to celebrate Mama got a aunt Mary to drink, even though she was a church woman and usually knew what was good behavior. They were minding their own business in the backyard, when bosses wife came over and made some trouble. His wife took them back home.<br />“Let’s go boys,” Mama said with anger in her voice. Mama didn’t want to be there anymore. She had at had money and it was time for them to go. Derek didn’t want to go, but he knew he had to. They didn’t stop at all. Good they drove nonstop for three days.<br />“We are here boys. Look!” Mama said loudly.<br />“Yes! No more driving in this car,” said Freddie as Derek was thinking the same thing.<br />After two weeks, they were doing well and living in a nice little apartment. Mama told the boys to go to the beach and get some sun. As soon as mama came home there was a message on the telephone.<br />“Hi Lucy. It’s me Rick. I just wanted to say hi to the boys and tell you that I missed you guys. I really miss you Lucy. I love all of you guys,” said Rick the boys father with sadness in his voice. “Bye.”<br />Mama didn’t tell the boys at the father called. She was too scared to. Two more weeks passed. One night mama and Derek were talking on the bed, when the telephone rang. Mama picked up the telephone and got a hopeless look on her face.<br />“Who was at Mama?” Derek asked as she hung up the phone.<br />“Baby, your father is dead,” Mama said as she tried to hold back the tears.<br />Derek put his hands in his mother’s lap and started to cry. Mama told him that it was okay to cry. The next morning, Derek said that he wanted to go back to Klinger’s Valley. He wanted to be with his friends and get the scholarship. Freddie also wanted to go back to finish the play. Mama decided that there was too much sun where they were at and agreed to go back. It took them four days and nights to get back.<br />“Well we are here,” Mama said with a tired voice.<br />They felt at home. They knew that you are home when you’re with your family and friends. There was no place like home! And<br />