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Great Britain's Great Heartbreak


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Great Britain's Great Heartbreak

  1. 1. It was April 15, 1564 in Great Britain; the king’s daughter just turned six-teen.Her name was Elizabeth Jane and when she was born her hand was promised to theprince of the neighboring country. It was finally time for her to marry, but instead of itbeing just a marriage it was the guarantee of her countries safety. She was as beautiful asa spring blossom with her brown curls hanging past her shoulders and green eyes thatwould distract anyone that looked in to them. She was as slender as a stick and aseducated as an entire library. Her life was perfect until it was time to meet this mysteriousyoung prince she would soon call her husband. “Hurry mama Hurry im going to be late and I don’t want to make a bad firstimpression!” yelled Elizabeth as her mother finished curling her hair. “Well you also don’t want to meet him with bed head, now do you?” mamaremarked. As the maid threw the last of her luggage into the carriage she prepared to leave.The royal family hardly ever left poor little Lizzy leave the gates due to the peasants butnow she was on her way to the neighboring country. Everyone had heard about thejourney she was going to take to meet her future husband and were crowding the streets,Yelling, Clapping and celebrating as they went through town. “I can’t believe all these people are here for me” Elizabeth said quietly under herbreath in disbelief, “I mean they’re celebrating me. Not my dad and not my mom, butME!” Soon enough she had entered the poor part of town. She saw the young boys inslacks three sizes to small and shoes with more holes then you could count. The littlegirls in dull colored, worn out, dirty dresses doing chores that she has only seen her maidsdo. The worst was all the trash that crowded the streets and the tiny cottages that werefilled with smoke. All Lizzy could think of was how different their lives were and howblessed she has been.
  2. 2. Time went on the landscape began to change. It soon turned into a blur of rollinghills and fields of wheat and corn. As she sat there she thought about whether she couldgo through with the arrangement. If she could marry a man she never met and didn’tlove? She knew she had to for it was her responsibility, but even then she still couldn’timagine marry this mysterious prince. She wanted to turn around and head home but thelook of disappointment among her fathers face was too much for her to bare and knewshe must at least try to be happy with the future he parents have planed for her.Eventually, she fell asleep to the sound of the wind whistling as it passed. In the morningshe awoke to the sound of people cheering. “What’s that noise?” Elizabeth said half asleep forgetting she was alone. As she gained her senses she slowly pulled the curtain of the carriage to the sideand fell silent. She was astonished by the city she was seeing. A young girl about fifteenwith straight dirty-blonde hair, brown eyes, and a perfect dazzling smile came to open thedoor. She was wearing a navy blue kirtle with orange, pink, green, and baby blue flowersembroider on it with a tan apron. “Hi, I am Nicole and I have been assigned to help you with anything you need orwant. I will also get to be your personal tour guide of the city for the next two days.” Elizabeth still in shock simply said, “It’s beautiful.” Nicole realizing how amazed Lizzy was decided to make her even happier as sheasked her, “Can you believe that not only will you soon rule this place, but will get to livehere?” For the next couple of days she and Nicole became very close friends. They dideverything together. It seemed as if they clicked and they were like sisters. Soon enoughElizabeth forgot all about this mysterious man she would soon marry. Nicole taughtElizabeth to be less proper and more like an average kid. She taught her how to burp,play tag, steal a muffin from the bakery without getting caught, and sneak in throughwindows. While, Lizzy taught Nicole to be more proper by teaching her to write hername, read some parts of a book, use proper tea adequate, and how to forge signatures.Even though Nicole loved all the new skills Elizabeth taught her, her favorite part waswhen Lizzy let her try on her gorgeous gowns and would do her hair for fun making herlook perfect in every way possible.
  3. 3. However, the day when they had to go their separate ways came and Nicole wasas depressed as a rain cloud. “Nicole?” Elizabeth said softly, “What’s wrong, you look sick? Are you alright?Do I need to call the doctor?” As Nicole slowly met Elizabeth’s gaze she said, “Im just going to miss you somuch when you leave tomorrow to go live your fairytale life with William. While my lifewill just go back to as if nothing ever happened over the last two days.” Elizabeth had forgotten all about arrangement and did not want to leave Nicole,let alone marry a complete stranger. That’s when she had the idea to take Nicole with heras her sister and refuse to leave if they would not allow her to go. As her face lit up like a lit bulb she asked Nicole if she would go to the castle withher. Nicole screamed in excitement, “Of course ill go to live with you!!! I wouldn’twant to do anything more.” That night why the princess slept Nicole packed everything we would need forthere new life in the castle. She also went over every thing Lizzy taught her about beingproper. By the time the princess awoke they were set for their journey beyond the closedgates to the palace. She even ironed and folded Elizabeth’s best and favorite gown.Nicole had taken the privilege of putting on the gown Lizzy had given her to have. Shehad her hair half-up and half- down with a white handkerchief wrapped in her hair behindher ears. Before noon they were off to their new life. Nicole just couldn’t take in that shewould live in the castle as Lizzy’s new sister. “I can’t believe im going to get to live in the palace with you as you becomequeen and start a family.” Nicole happily said. Elizabeth responded, “Im so glad you’re going to be with me im so scared,nervous and unsure?” Nicole could see the worry on Elizabeth’s face and tried to cheer her up and said,“There’s absolutely nothing to worry about your beautiful, smart, outgoing, kind,energetic, loving, and wonderful. He would be crazy not to fall for you. Anyways whatthere to be unsure about?”
  4. 4. “Marrying William before I really get to know him, creating a family with a man Idon’t know and certainly don’t love.” Whispered Lizzy. “NO!” shouted Nicole at the top of her lungs, “You don’t have a choice; you haveto marry him for your country and your family Lizzy. You know you don’t have a choiceand you don’t want to disappoint your family do you?” Knowing that what Nicole had said was true, Elizabeth just sat there quietlyunsure if she could marry him. Before, she knew it they had arrived at the palace and theywere announcing her arrival. There she sat ready to meet this mysterious man. As theyopened the door she stepped out of the carriage to a crowd of cheering villagers pleasedby the result of the future queen. Two men in red coats came to assist here to the castle.Nicole followed behind them not exactly sure what to do or say. Then a trumpet soundedand the two main gates to the castle opened and they saw a hallway that lead to one moredoor. Hello Ms. Elizabeth Jane, I hope you have had a luxury stay here and a nicepeaceful journey. The real reason you’re here is beyond that door waiting your arrival.So, if I may escort you to Prince William Port the II. As she grab a hold of the youngmans arm they made their way down the hall. She began to feel butterflies in her stomachand was unsure what to except him to look like or be like. As that door opened she closed her eyes to scared to look at her future husbandsitting there. When she finally opened them there he sat. His head cocked to the side,nose pointed upward, legs crossed, and eyes pinned straight on her. He was veryunattractive and had the silliest voice she had ever heard. He seemed please with her andthought she would make a wonderful wife. Before Elizabeth could say a word orintroduce her self he motioned her out of the room. She was taken to her room were Nicole was waiting impatiently to know whathappened. When Lizzy entered the room Nicole jumped up ready to hear everything. Nicole exclaimed, “Well what happened? What was he like? Was he cute? Is henice? Are you still unsure about marrying this guy? Tell me everything!” “It was absolutely horrid!” Lizzy replied, “He’s not cute, not polite, has a funnyvoice, and the rudest attitude. I mean he wouldn’t let me say anything and he didn’t say asingle word to me. I certainly don’t want to marry this man Nicole and I won’t.”
  5. 5. “But you have to or they will go to war against your father.” Nicole said. Elizabeth quickly replied, “ It’s not worth all the misery this guy is going to bethough no way would my parents want me to go through all this suffering Nicole.” As they sat in the room Elizabeth became more and more frazzled about thesituation. It was finally time for dinner and they were ready to have a talk with the youngprince. “So tell me about yourself Sir William?” Elizabeth asked as she sat there alonewith her prince, “What do you like to do for fun? What can’t you stand about people? Areyou excited to take control of this city?” Sir William slowly looked up at her with a face puzzled as he said, “Who said youmay speak? Because I know I didn’t give you permission. What I like to do for fun islook in the mirror while I make those around me miserable, I hate poor kids that arealways begging for my money and I hate all animals, and yes when I have power I’ll putall those poor little children to work in factories and their excuse for parents in jail orcleaning the streets.” “How dare you say that! They have every right as you do, but unlike you theydon’t have an icicle for a heart. You’re just a sleazy, slimy, snotty disgusting pig that isso self-conceded. You don’t even know my name! I would bet you don’t even know yourassistants name, do you?” Elizabeth yelled with rage. As he slammed his hands on the table William shouted, “You worthless girl, howdare you insult me. I welcome you into my castle as my guest; give you clean water andthe best foods in town and you insult me. You’re lucky I don’t have you sent down to thedungeon for a week on nothing, but stale water and moldy bread. If you weren’t as prettyas you are I would send you back to your home land and go to war against your countryyou incompetent fool. Now, leave my sight at once before I change my mind. Hurryalong and go upstairs, I don’t want to see your face again till morning. So stay in theguest room. Do you understand me?” Then, as William spoke those horrid words that sent chills down her spine sherealized she couldn’t marry this monster. She rather kick the bucket then be known as hiswife, and it was right then and there she decided she would have to run away and withNicole’s help she would be able to escape.
  6. 6. “Yes,” Elizabeth said as she got up from the table and headed to the door, “andjust so you know I’d rather be in a dungeon for a week then spend one night next to youor look at you for another minute, but since I have a responsibility I will do as you say aslong as you leave my country alone.” She said as she closed the door ending theconversation. She ran up the stairs to the room Nicole had been in and told her everything.Lizzy told her what he said, what he was like, what she would do about it. Right awayNicole was on board. She began gathering foods for Elizabeth to take and only her bestclothing would fit in the one hand bag. Nicole intended to stay behind to help with anyproblems after she left and help point them in the wrong direction of the princess.Elizabeth would leave at midnight and stop at the first house on the outskirts of town andpay them to allow her to stay with them for the night and take there finest horse and headnorth to start her new life. They were almost ready and tension was building in both of them as they thoughtabout the consequences. There Elizabeth sat thinking what if we get caught before Ileave? What will Sir William do when he finds out? Will I see you again Nicole? Whatabout my parents, my country, and my pride? Will I make it out there on my own? Nicole could see that Lizzy was starting to get butterflies in her stomach andknew she must do what was right. “Lizzy, hey listen to me ok? You have the right to a fairy tale life. You shouldn’tstay her tortured by this jerk. You have to try at this and give it all you got. Don’t turnaround no matter what, just keep going till sunrise. Do anything you have to do tosurvive. I believe in you Lizzy.” Nicole said with a grin on her face. “Don’t worry aboutanything I will take care about everything.” Elizabeth still unrelieved asked, “What about you, my country, and themarriage?” Nicole ready to do the right thing responded, “I’ll be fine im good on my own. I’lldo everything I can to protect your country, and if it comes down to it I will marryWilliam. Since, after you leave I will become a servant again I will marry him as yoursister and keep your country safe.”
  7. 7. “No you can’t! Hes a monster Nicole it’s not your reasonability.” Elizabeth saidpanicked. “Its fine, I promise. If I don’t marry him then I will just go back to the house andlive in complete misery if nothing happened. If I marry him I’ll still be in misery, butyour country will be safe and so will you. That’s all I want after all you’ve done for me.Now its time to leave, so get going girl.” Nicole said almost in tears. “Thank you Nicole you’re the best sister anyone could have” Elizabeth said intears as she hugged her good-bye. She started down the stairs as quiet as a mouse and as light as a feather. When shegot to the door she took in a deep breath of air and turned the door knob, she opened thedoor to freedom. She took a step outside quietly then another, then one last step and shutthe door and was off to her new life. Turning around only once to see Nicole on thebalcony in the moonlight as they went there separate ways.