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Callan Keesling                                                                  2/15/11                                  ...
The next day, Flower-Picker started to wonder how the boys were able to push himdown the hill so easily. He hobbled back t...
couldn’t back down now. He heard yelling from behind and turned to see Rock-Smasherand his pack pushing his make-shift sle...
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Published in: Sports, Technology
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  1. 1. Callan Keesling 2/15/11 period 4 The First Great Thinker Whenever a baby is born in the beginning place, the baby gets his/her name from whatthey do in the first year of their life. For example, most baby boys do something likesmash a rock or eat a bug. The Ugh Family’s newly born walked outside to the sunlightfor the first time. His Mom and Dad watched to see what a suitable name for him couldbe. He started to walk towards a puddle of mud, until he spotted a patch of pink flowersglowing in the sunlight. As soon as the flowers caught his eye, he waddle over to it,plopped down in front of the flowers and started to pick them. “That’s it!” Mrs. Ugh exclaimed, “His name shall be Flower-Picker.” And from thatday forward, his name constantly embarrassed him and made him the subject of bullyingfrom the other cave kids. Fifteen years later, Flower-Picker’s name still haunted him. He was just as muscularas all the other cave teens and he had a good sense of humor but his name made a target.All the other cave boys would throw rocks at him and all the cave girls would stay faraway from him. One day, Flower-Picker was just sitting on a hill talking to his best friend Julio thefifth who happened to be a caterpillar. Julio the first and second got squished, the thirdgot eaten, and the fourth was taken away by the other cave boys to meet his fate as well.Flower-Picker was talking to Julio the fifth about the cave girl he liked, Flower-Wearer.Suddenly, Flower-Picker was engulfed in a big, dark shadow. He jerked his head aroundto see his arch enemy, Rock-Smasher and his pack. “Hello little Nose-Picker,” he snarled. “That’s not my name,” Flower-Picker growled,giving a distasteful look at Rock-Smasher’s pack of muscular bullies. “How’s it been tohunt without a pack?” said Rock-Smasher. “Fine,” he lied. “Oh really?” Rock-Smasherpersisted. “Or are you really just sitting in your cave crying about how your old packkicked you out?” “Shut up!” Flower-Picker yelled as he shot up and shoved Rock-Smasher back into his pack. Rock-Smasher retaliated by throwing a hook at Flower-Picker’s face. Flower-Picker reacted by ducking but then realized he had been faked outwhen Rock-Smasher’s foot landed in his stomach. Flower-Picker fell on the ground inpain. He could the group of teens taunting and laughing around him. His eyes werewatering and his vision was blurred. He felt the pack of cave boys kicking him. Thensuddenly he started spinning. He felt like he was being pelted by a million rocks. Whenhis vision became clear, he was at the bottom of the hill, looking up at the cave boys whowere at the top of the hill. Flower-Picker was so confused. How could Rock-Smasher’spack have kicked him so hard that he ended up all the way at the bottom of the hill.
  2. 2. The next day, Flower-Picker started to wonder how the boys were able to push himdown the hill so easily. He hobbled back to the hill and saw that while he was gettingbeaten up Julio the fifth got squashed. “Oh man,” Flower-Picker muttered to himself. Flower-Picker started to roll randomitems down the hill. First he tried a smooth stone from the pond. That didn’t work. Next,he tried a lopsided rock and that didn’t work either. He was running out of ideas. Then hesaw a log lying at the edge of the Endless Forest. Flower-Picker pushed the log to theedge of the hill and slid it down face first. It slid straight down the hill without stopping.This was incredible! This could be a chance to make a new name for himself. But hecould not change his name without the approval of the cave people. After thinking thingsover, he suddenly came up with an idea. He raced into the Endless Forest toward the caveboys’ territory. Flower-Picker entered this area noisily. Trying to get their attention,Flower-Picker shouted and raised his arms. One by one, the pack of cave boys emergedfrom their dark cave. They all stared at him angrily. One yelled, “What are you doing here?” Anotheryelled,” Get out of our territory.” Flower-Picker was scared but he drew up the courage toyell, “ I need to talk to Rock-Smasher!” Slowly, the cave boys shuffled out of the wayrevealing the big, ugly oaf that was Rock-Smasher. “Hello little Nose-Picker, are you here for another beating,” he asked challengingly.Every bone if Flower-Picker’s body told him to run but he stood his ground. “I challengeyou to a race,” he said. “ Ok, I have always been able to outrun you,” said Rock-Smasher.“But not just any kind of race,” Flower-Picker announced, “You must build a vehicle thatwill take you down the hill without pushing it.” “Impossible!” Rock-Smasher announced.“Everything must be pushed for it to move.” “Not with a little thing I call gravity. If youpush something with enough force, it will keep going until it reaches the bottom.” Rock-Smasher was about to decline but then realized that would make him look like a chickenin front of his pack. “Fine,” he said grudgingly. And with that Flower-Picker turnedaround and bolted into the forest. When he got back to his cave, Flower-Picker started to work. First, he got two logsand slathered them in mud. Then, he picked up a big stone slab and put it on top of thetwo logs. Then, he pushed his make-shift sled out into the sun to dry. Feel content withhis work, he sat down in front of his cave and took a nap. When he woke up, he foundthat he had been robbed. Not only was his cave destroyed, along with all his rockfurniture inside, but someone had also stolen his sled for the race. “Dang it!” Flower-Picker screamed and he kicked a rock and it rolled across theground. Then an idea sparked in his head! With no time to lose, he ran off to gather thematerials he needed for his new design. The next day, Flower-Picker rolled his new vehicle to the race hill. Cave people hadassembled on the hill to watch the big race. His new vehicle had four wheels made out ofstone connected together with long strong poles he made. On top of that, he put a smallstone slab for him to sit on. As he pushed his vehicle towards the slope, cave peoplestarted to stare at his vehicle in amazement. Someone asked, “What do you call it?”Flower-Picker thought about and then said, “A car.” As he got to edge of the slope, hesaw that this hill was far more dangerous than he expected. This hill was on the rim of avolcano and lava pockets were all along it’s sides. Flower-Picker was scared but he
  3. 3. couldn’t back down now. He heard yelling from behind and turned to see Rock-Smasherand his pack pushing his make-shift sled up the hill. Flower-Picker was furious. How dare they cheat! Flower-Picker was about to saysomething but then bit his tongue. Even is he could prove that they cheated, he couldn’tdo anything about it. They pushed the sled to the starting line and Rock-Smasher climbed on board. “Let’sget this over with so I can rub it in your face when I win!” he yelled. But before Flower-Picker had a chance to get in, Rock-Smasher pushed off. Flower-Picker got into his carand pushed off as well. His vehicle caught up to Rock-Smasher quickly but just asFlower-Picker was about to pass him, he started throwing rocks at Flower-Picker. Thensuddenly, Thunk, Flower-Picker went flying and hit the ground hard. He looked up seehis car toppled over and a big rock was near by. He looked down the mountain to seeRock-Smasher racing towards the finish line. “Noooo!” he yelled. Then, suddenly, the ground from beneath the vehicle Rock-Smasher was riding fell out from beneath him. The whole sled was swallowed by a plumeof lave. Rock-Smasher was never seen again. “Yeah! I won by default”, Flower-Pickerexclaimed. From that day forward, Flower-Picker’s name was changed to Car-Creator in tribute tohis incredible invention.