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  1. 1. Erica G. Annabel Annabel had no time to scream. The strong men each grabbed one ofher arms and pulled her back into the van- hard. She kicked and struggled,but it was no use- she was only thirteen. The last thing her eyes saw beforeeverything went black was the clear, blue California sky. “Aaaaaaahhhhh!” screamed Annabel popping open hereyes. Her head was pounding, and she was sweaty and sore. Very slowly,she lifted her arm to rub her head, but couldn’t; it was strapped down to thehard metal table she was laying on. Both of her arms and legs were tightlystrapped. Realizing this, she started panicking, but was quickly distracted bythe smooth feel of what she was wearing. It was a white dress with ties onthe back, and an all white flower pattern. Her hair was curled and pulledback to show the veins in her neck. She looked around again, taking in theroom. “All white. No surprise there,” she whispered quietly to herself.There was an I.V. attached to her arm, and there were syringes in a bucketnext to the table. Her head was pounding less, so she was able to thinkclearly. Then, Annabel heard a voice that rang like little bells. “Well is she doing better or not?” asked Christine. “If you mean have the drugs worn off, then yes,” replied thedoctor.
  2. 2. “Can I see Annabel now?” asked Christine rudely. The Annabelheard the click-clickof high heels on tile. Someone was coming into theroom. “Hello!” the bell like voice said loudly, “I’m Christine.” She walkedover and unstrapped Annabel from the table. “I’m sorry we did this to you, but it was necessary at the time. Youwere quite squirmy,” she said. Annabel looked her up and down, from her perfectly straight blondehair to her four- inch tall high heels, and realized one thing- this lady wasnot who she pretended to be. “Did you hear me?” asked Christine, one eyebrow raised. “Yes, thank you for unstrapping me,” replied Annabel with her mostconvincing fake smile. “Where am I?” asked Annabel. Christine smiled a hideous black grin. Her perfect eyebrows arched inunison, and her long, slender fingers twitched. Annabel could tell she wasannoyed. “You are in one of our testing laboratories because your rare blood typewill help me destroy the humans of this world by creating creatures of myown. Before I go on, you should know I’m not human; therefore, I don’t careabout annoying humans. But you have so much potential, that I took all ofyour blood out and replaced it with my own,” explained Christine casuallyas if they were talking about the weather.
  3. 3. Annabel was horrified and started crying large tears. Christine stood up, still smiling, and walked out. As soon as the click-click of high heels could no longer be heard, Annabel sucked it up and wentinto action. She leapt off the table and ran down the hallway looking for the roomthat said Biohazard. “Hey! You! Stop right there!” yelled the security guard. He stoodup from his comfy, cushioned chair, spilling his chocolate donut and coffee,and started running after Annabel. Annabel looked over her shoulder at the overweight security guard,and saw the beads of sweat pouring down his face like water pours out of abucket. He didn’t scare her at all, but then she heard the all to familiar click-click of high heels coming down the hallway, and she booked it. She spotted the Biohazard door, ran inside, and locked the door. The room had large, clear vases filled with green and purple liquids. Shespotted a bucket full of blood in the corner labeled “Annabel.” She grabbed a syringe from the counter, loaded it with her blood fromthe bucket, and injected it into her neck vain. “Aaaaaahhhhhh!” she screamed. Her hand immediately cupped herneck to keep it from stinging. When the pain was gone, she gathered all ofher strength, and kicked down one of the large vases filled with liquid. Itlanded on the floor with a crash and the liquid spread all over the floor likeblood coming out of a body that’s been shot. She did the same to every vase
  4. 4. in the room with the exception of one. She then searched the room formatches, and finally found a box in a drawer in the corner of the room. Shegrabbed the matches and the last vase and dashed back into the hallway. “ANNABEL!” yelled Christine. “No….” whispered Annabel, more tears coming to her eyes. She started splashing the contents of the last vase on the floors and walls.Right before she lit the match, she looked over her shoulder… and sawChristine take her true form. Christine was a seven foot, grey, shapeless creature. Her head was thesize of a tire for a small car, and her eyes were large and round. Her armsand legs were as thin as small branches of trees, but were two feet long. Inone stride, she covered five of Annabel’s longest steps. The creature let out a loud shriek that made Annabel’s ears ring, andthat’s when she lit the match. As soon as the flame touched the floor, shecouldn’t see the creature anymore. But she could here her screech. Annabel finally reached the door that led to the outside world, andshe jumped through without hesitation, watching the building behind herburst into flames. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * After six months, Annabel was still mentally and physicallyrecovering. One day, she woke up feeling sore on her left arm. She lifted itup to see what was wrong, and noticed that it was much longer and alsogrey. That’s when she knew she was changing.