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Evil Spirit


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Evil Spirit

  1. 1. Adam T.<br />Evil Spirit<br />This is the story about a girl who died and a haunted house. You see the little girl only kill people who came to the house and only appeared when the TV was on. She kill people because when she was six years old some person had entered their house and killed the mom and dad. And a surprising moment, a family moved in to the house whose names are Kelly, a 30-year-old blonde woman, Jack, a 35-year-old dad, and the Louis, the 11-year-old son.<br />On October 1, Kelly and Jack had been married for 12 years they finally moved into a new house in San Francisco. They stepped out of the car and Kelly looked around.<br />“This looks like a good house, but I think we can make some changes,” Kelly said.<br />“We can take out those webs and paint the house blue,” Jack replied.<br />They went to the house and noticed a small, gray TV, but the whole rest of the house was empty. The truck arrived to the new family.<br />“There’s the truck,” Louis said.<br />Jack and the truck worker helped to bring the stuff into the new house.<br />“This looks beautiful now,” Kelly said.<br />They went back to the house and started to watch TV.<br />“Where’s the remote?” Kelly said.<br />“It wasn’t my hand all along!” Jack replied.<br />The whole family laughed. Jack turned on the TV and put it on channel 49. Then the TV went black and the girl in a well popped up.<br />“What is that?” Louis said.<br />“I don’t know, just turn it off!” Kelly replied.<br />Jack tried to turn off the TV, but it didn’t work. Kelly rushed to the power plug and the TV turned off.<br />“Whoa. That was close and a very scary,” Jack said. At night, the family went to watch TV.<br />“What if the girl pops up?” Jack said.<br />“Let’s see if the girl shows up. If she does, all pulled the plug,” Kelly replied.<br />Jack turned on the TV and the black screen didn’t pop up. Kelly and Jack went to sleep while Louis was still watching TV. Louise slowly both sleep and the black screen popped up. A girl with a white robe, white skin, and her hair close to her face, came close to Louis.<br />In the morning Kelly and Jack went downstairs. “Why is the TV on?” Kelly said.<br />“I don’t know. All we need to do was turn it off,” Jack replied. Jack went to the TV and pulled the plug. Kelly went to the kitchen.<br />“Ahhhh!” Kelly screamed.<br />“What? What happened?” Jack said rushing to the kitchen.<br />“It’s our son. He’s dead,” Kelly said crying. Jack started to wonder who had done this.<br />“Probably when the TV was on, the girl came out and killed our son,” Jack said.<br />“What a smart dad. Now one of you is next,” replied a creepy voice.<br />“We need to call a priest to help us out,” Kelly replied. Kelly called the priest.<br />“We have a ghost in her house. Please come as fast as you can,” Kelly said. One hour later the doorbell rang.<br />“It’s the priest,” Kelly said.<br />The priest went into the house with a holy book and holy water. The priest walked around the house and read the book while pouring water around the house.<br />“I hope this will help you guys out,” the priest said.<br />“I hope it will,” Jack replied.<br />After one week had passed, Kelly said, “I think the priest really helped us out.”<br />Jack and Kelly went to sleep and heard something fall. Jack and Kelly went downstairs and saw that a knife was floating.<br />“You should never have done that,” said the spirit.<br />They ran away from their house and called her cousins. The next day the cousins came to their house. They explored their house while jacking into the attic and he noticed an object. They called everyone over, and when they came there they noticed a girls body.<br />“We need to throw this away,” Jack said. The next day, they threw away the body and the spirit was gone. The family lived in a nice house, but the dad had lost his only child Louis.<br />