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Police school security


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Police school security

  1. 1. Norwell Police Emergency Planning
  2. 2. Two Topics School Crisis Planning Emergency Preparedness: The Police Departments Role
  3. 3. Schools School Crisis Planning is a collaborative effort involving the School Administration, Police, Fire and Community Agencies meet throughout the year to review and update policies
  4. 4. Planning School Department Crisis and Emergency Manual:-Provides staff district guidelines for the preparation of , working through and recovery from a crisis or emergency event
  5. 5. Managing an Incident All Agencies utilize Incident Command System (ICS): Nationally recognized organizational structure that provides for role assignment and decision making while planning for and reacting to critical incidents.
  6. 6. Steps Taken Worked with the School Administration on restricting internal and external building access and expanding security cameras Worked with the School Administration and Fire Department on lockdown drills Police presence increased at school and directed patrols at all schools increased
  7. 7. Steps Taken All officers annually tour each school for familiarity Officers have received specialized training on tactical entry and searching buildings School Liaison officer increased presence
  8. 8. Steps Taken Internally reviewing emergency response plans Increased police presence in school (working in)
  9. 9. Role of the Police in an Emergency Pre-Planning Internal Staff meetings to evaluate potential impact Cancellation of all time off Adding additional Staff/Staff deployment On call status to our part-time officers
  10. 10. Severe Weather Events Operational Phase Monitor Operations and respond to emergency calls for service Evaluate level of calls for service, road closures/traffic plan Increase staff as needed
  11. 11. EOC Activation Police Role Executive Group Presence from beginning to end of emergency-goal is to plan for the future to restore fully Operations run by Deputy Chief
  12. 12. Full Activation EOC Police Challenges Responding to E911 calls Traffic hazards/road closing/traffic control Evacuation to shelters Shelter Security Well being checks Business and residential security
  13. 13. Additional Resources Mutual Aid communities Regional Law Enforcement aid State Resources
  14. 14. Are you Prepared? Have you provided the Police Department with updated emergency contact information? How would you protect your business from looting? Plans in place?