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  1. 1. Let’s assume you want to buy a Nokia mobile…Manufacturer International Regional Customer(NOKIA Co.) Wholesaler Retail Seller (YOU) Distributor DistributorCost = $100 % % % % NOWProfit = % You buy a NOKIA Phone for YOU have saved $300 money with the $150 Direct Selling! This simple concept is called “DIRECT SELLING” From the Manufacturer to the Customer; With no intermediate distribution channels. *Illustration is reduced and simplified; Many other distribution channels might be between the manufacturer and the customer!
  2. 2. Direct Selling NOW…! Industry We will introduce to you a1. The direct sales industry has been for more than 125 years. TOP LEADING company in2. This industry has done a turnover close to 130 B$.3. People around the globe involved in this industry are 85+ million. this huge industry4. It is the best solution for any financial crises have been and will be! It is the business of the 21st century!!
  3. 3. Company Profile
  4. 4. 1. Quest International (QI) Group (est. 1998) has key regional headquarters in Hong Kong & Malaysia, and 50+ agency offices worldwide.2. Dato’ Dr. Vijay Eswaran:Executive Chairman of theQI Group of Companies –A visionary entrepreneur,a talented author, anda renowned speaker.www.vijayeswaran.comMr. Eswaran has completed his higher education in leading universitiesin UK and the USA and has an impressive track record of working fortop rung companies including IBM, in very responsible positions in theUS, Europe, Australia and Canada, before returning to Asia in the early90s, when he decided to turn entrepreneur.QI Group is an E‐Commerce based conglomerate with businesses diversified into retail, travel and leisure,telecommunications, watches and luxury products, wellness, training and education, technology andcorporate investments.3. QNET is the Direct Selling & Network Marketing company for QI Group of companies. One of the top leading & fastest growing companies in the Direct Selling industry.4. QNET is %100 E-Commerce; which indicates the global reach for the company, as we’ll see sooner.
  5. 5. 5. QNET & Sports… QNET is the Official Direct Selling Supporter for the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) – Champions League [2009 - 2012] QNET is the Official Direct Selling Partner with Marussia Virgin QNET is the Official Racing – F1 [2011 - 2013] Direct Selling Partner with Malaysian Hockey Federation [2010 - 2013] QNET is the Senior Rugby Gold Sponsor for Hong Kong Football Club [2010 - 2012]
  6. 6. 5. QNET & Sports… QNET is the Official Direct Selling Partner with Muharraq Basketball Club – Bahrain [2010 – 2011] Qi sponsored Team Meritus in GP2 Asia Series [2006-2010] Qi sponsored the International Badminton Federation (IBF) Birmingham, UK 2003 & Madrid 2006 QNET supported the national football team of Brazil – 2006, Switzerland.
  7. 7. 6. Qi is an active member in the World Economic Forum (WEF).7. Qi is one of the Global Growth Companies (GGC) according to WEF.8. QNET uses Microsoft Server since 2003, for services and security issues. Also, it uses the VeriSign SLL security and the Verizon Cybertrust security.9. QNET Timeline… [Established in Sep. 1998] Sep. 1998 Jan. 2012 No. of Customers 0 8 Million No. of Countries 1 World Wild Capital/Principal 10 M$ 5 B$ What do you think?! Amazing, huh?!
  8. 8. Products•Luxury & Collectibles
  9. 9. •Communications•Energy
  10. 10. •Education•Holidays
  11. 11. The word of mouth is the cheapest and strongest way of marketing ever!, how? [You and I are watching a football game. On the half-time, an adidas® shoe For Example.. advertisement comes up, you were impressed, and going to buy that shoe.. Word Of I said to you: “hey, I’ve bought this shoe, it doesn’t work, it’s a trash. But, I got a NIKE® shoe, it’s great, I’ve been using it for two years!” So, which one you’ll buy? Sure, the shoe which I told you about!] [You and I were walking along the street, and both of us were hungry. You said to Another Example.. me: “hey, let’s go to X restaurant. I replied: No way, this restaurant is sucks, the food is not clean, bla bla bla. But there is a great restaurant right there; clean food, Mouth perfect stuff, great sight, …etc.” So, which one you’ll go for? Sure, the one I told you about!] So, the Word Of Mouth has more credibility than other ways of marketing !! WHAT DO YOU THINK ?!!
  12. 12. Network Marketing depends mainly on the Word of Mouth concept. We will illustratethat as follow.. Talking to.. Talking to.. 1 A X Talking to.. 2 3 B People talking to 4Network Marketing Talking to.. Talking to.. 5 YOU Talking to.. Y C people, talking to 7 6 Talking to.. D 9 0 people, talking to 8 Z more and more Principle G F E people…! YOU SEE? It is NOT hard at all! Thus, the Network Marketing is to make new distribution channels for products through a NETWORK of people! (Instead of the traditional distributors)
  13. 13. Well, you daily make more than 10 free word of mouth, whether it was positive ornegative, such as; “let’s go to that Mall, let’s go to that CAFÉ, let’s eat from that restaurant,Don’t go to that shop, Don’t eat from that restaurant, …etc.”. But we don’t get paid for that, do we?So, QNET has the solution. It will pay for our word of mouth, simply!First of all, you have to know some points before joining QNET.. 1. You have to be 18+ years old. 2. Purchase at least one of QNET products you want (For once). 3. An Independent Representative (IR)* for QNET to refer you! *That IR has been through these 3 steps as well! NOW, you are an IR for QNET. You get a Virtual Office (VO) on QNET website (IR ID, Password, and a PIN code).
  14. 14. Compensation Plan
  15. 15. Left Volume Your Tracking Centre Right Volume YOU (TC) You Refer You Refer A $50 B (Now, you are ACTIVATED) X $50 Y W $100 This is the BINARY SYSTEM ZNOTES.. STEP: (3) Right + (3) Left= $200 1. Once you referred (X and Y), you are ready earn, and your rank is ACTIVATED. 2. It is NOT necessary that (A,B,C, and D) are referred by YOU! 3. If (B) and/or (C) is referred by (A) and/or (D) respectively, you will get the $250. So, the arrangement doesn’t matter. The important issue is the NUMBER OF PURCHASES! 4. There is a DIRECT REFERRAL Commission, which is range from ($30 - $1700), depends on the product price. So, the more you refer, the more you get! 5. The first $50 is an advance from your STEP commission if you achieve (1L+1R) within the first (4 weeks) from the date of sign up for the first time.
  16. 16. Left Volume Right Volume YOU You Refer You Refer X Y A $200 D B C xample!K I E J $200 + 1 CreditG F N H O P $200 L M (9) (9) $600
  17. 17. AnotherExample!
  18. 18. Z W (3) (1) L YOU R (7) You Refer You Refer FAIR L X R L Y R $200 B A E D C ENOUGH!$200 (3) (3) F
  19. 19. Let’s Look a bit Further!
  20. 20. YOU (TC) Time Left Volume Right Volume Commission6 Months 3 3 $2005 Months 3 3 $2004 Months 3 3 $2003 Months 3 3 $2002 Months 3 3 $2001 Month 3 3 $2002 Weeks 3 3 $200 1 Week 3 3 $200 1 Day 3 3 $200
  21. 21. This previous point can be summarized in the following : Traditional work: Daily Weekly Monthly Overtime No workTimeIncome No income No income Qnet : No workTimeIncome High income
  22. 22. AWAS IT , CTUALLY GOOD? YES !!
  23. 23. There are around 3000 legal Direct Selling companies that are registered in theW.F.D.S.A…Why Qnet ?!
  24. 24. 1- WorldwideWhere ever you travel or who ever you meet, you have a pen and a paper you can offer thisopportunity to that person (family/friends/strangers), you have the WHOLE world to workwith! L R You X Y A D C from B I UAE F from US from UK E from Egypt G H
  25. 25. 2- Team work L You R L You R X X L Y R L Y R W . . .Y is working ,s/he has 3 R and 3 L and getting paid , X In this case ,you will have to offer another person the businesshas 0 R 0 L . You will have NO commission because and put this new partner ( W ) ,either on X’s L or R , then W willthere is NO balance in your L and R, X is an obstacle for offer other people the business so you will start getting paid ,you because she is not working and pausing your work! Thus , 50% of X ’s work is done . And then there will be a balanceCan you remove or delete X account ?!...Ofcourse No! in your account and in return you receive commissions . X will beCan you Force X to work ?! Of course No! So, do you motivated when half of his/her work is done. Then s/he will offerknow only X and Y in the world ?!!! Ofcourse No ! Then , other people the business and place them to his/her right (Your left ) and both X and You will Receive commission.
  26. 26. 3. High/Logic Revenues 1 200$ 2 3 50$ 50$ 4 5 6 7 You and your partners will Have 200 $ + 50$ + 50$ =300 $ Out $300 In $3500 So the percent is 8%
  27. 27. Lets take a case for a long period and see what will happen: Time Left Right Year 1 5 5 Year 2 25 25 Year 3 125 125 Year 4 625 625 Year 5 3125 3125
  28. 28. 3000 3000 1 2 34 5 6 7 240 240 $24,000 10% 300 300 $24,000 Flash out $24,000 Max Commission
  29. 29. L R TC1 TC1 is QUALIFIED You buy a Product L R L TC2 R TC3 TC2 is QUALIFIED TC3 is QUALIFIED W X Y ZMulti Tracking Centers A (3) B C (3) D E (3) F G (3) H $200 $200 (6) (6) $400 A total of $800
  30. 30. Happy Networking!