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Equipment List

  1. 1. CAMERA – GOPRO HD HERO & SONY (1000-E)We used these camera for capturing our footage. Both cameras are small and easy to use and set up. Both cameras are self explanatory there main functions is to record video footage for viewing and editing. Without this equipment we would not be able to film our opening sequence and complete our project so it was important to obtain these devices
  2. 2. TRIPODThe tripod is used for a secure mount to place the camera which will give you a steady position and steady camera shots. A tripod is a very important piece of equipment and without it your camera shots would be unsteady and look very unprofessional.More over a tripod enables you to rotate the camera and tilt the camera whilst maintaining a steady shot which would be unachievable with a human hand.
  3. 3. SD MEMORY CARDThe SD Memory card is just as important as the camera as it enables us to store and save our footage onto it and then later use it to transfer the footage to our computer to begin editing.Without the memory card we would be unable to film our sequence as the footage would have no where to save as the GOPro camera does not have any internal memory.
  4. 4. SONY VEGAS PROThe main editing software we will be using is Sony Vegas Pro. Although many of our peers are using Final Cut Pro we have opted to use this as our editing software. The reason for this is because our editor, Michael Hutchinson has had experience using this software before and feels comfortable using this software.
  5. 5. UNIVERSAL STORAGE DEVICE (USB)All of our group members have a USB stick which contains a copy of all of our files as a backup. The main reason for this is so that if any of our work is lost we always have a backup of the files.We feel that it is important to keep regular backups of your files to prevent any of your files from going missing.
  6. 6. COMPUTERIn order to successfully complete all of our work and edit our film sequence we must use a computer.We have already ensured our computer has the required specs to complete our editing project and ensured we will have no drawbacks using this machine.