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  1. 1. The reading path is created by the use of colour and light. Brighter colours leading to duller ones. The salient image of the girl is in the centre linking the two frames that are juxtaposed against each other The irregular angles add to the narrative and highlight the difference between the two images Vector lines draw the responder’s eye to the toilet and change the focus The gaze of the girl is an offer highlighting the two different scenes
  2. 2. The salient image creates a subverted reading path indicating a negative image, The colour red is used to represent violence The low angle highlights the image of authority and power (abuse) The gun is at the centre of the image linking the two figures The Olympic metaphor and the ticket link the text to the image
  3. 3. Light and dark colours focus attention on the salient image and blur the background as if movement is occurring in the still frame. The lady’s gaze and body language add to the narrative Vector lines focus our eye on the couple
  4. 4. Magnified text highlights the message of the article Highly emotive language is used to illicit a response The gaze and body language of the two people shown evokes an emotional response. The salient image is highly emotive and in direct contrast to the picture, this contrast is created by the juxtaposition of the images The use of the singular contrasted with the use of plural