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The purpose of this presentation is to make all Pakistani to stand up and work hard to create good image of Pakistan. We have to become a role model for all over the world.

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  1. 1. Presentation on Social Entrepreneurship Historic Background of Muslims What we were? o A respectable nation What we were? (Cont’d) o Fist Kashmir War in 1948 which ended in Pakistan administrating one-third of the state. o Pakistan declared itself a Islamic Republic in 1956 o Ups and downs from 1950’s-2004
  2. 2. (Including 1965 & 1971 wars) o Earthquake in 2005 o 2009, where we are now? 1-Pakistan 1947 to up till now... What/ where we are? What/ where we are? (Cont’d) National point of view o Losing our self as a nation o Having full influence of other cultures o Corrupt people ruling the country and we are waiting for miracles to happen
  3. 3. What/ where we are? (cont’d) o Governments making friendship with their greatest enemies. o Government taking actions against its own people for the sake of dollars o Muslims are killing other Muslims without knowing their mistakes o Children are afraid to go to school because their might be a bomb o Pakistan among most corrupt nations: Transparency International (September 24th, 2009) o Pakistan ranked 42nd in TI corruption index (November 17th, 2009)
  4. 4. What/ where we are? (cont’d) o Another major corruption scam of our president. Purchasing 2,460 Canals (307 acres) of prime land in Islamabad, worth over Rs 2 billion, for a mere throw a way price of Rs 62 million. {directors include zardari, iqbal memon, Rahmatullah Habib, Muhammad Younus and Altaf Hussain (zardari, billawal and iqbal holding 30000 shares each)} 2-Jab Aisa Hota Hai What/ where we are? (Cont’d) o We are blind because we cannot see that Muslims are being killed around the globe
  5. 5. What/ where we are? (cont’d) o We are deff, because we cannot hear the voices of these people crying for help What/ where we are? (cont’d) o Our lips are sealed and we cannot speak against terrorism, due to which thousands of innocent people are being killed What/ where we are? (cont’d) o We are so strong against our own people, but very weak when we have to speak against the unlawful activities around the globe.
  6. 6. 3-Kindly share this video for those who think Muslims are terrorist What are we doing right now? Are we going in a Right Direction? What should we do then? 5-Iraqi Anti- Terrorism Advertisement 6-The Best Commercial on Corruption Ever!!! o Realizing our enemies. e.g. India 7-She
  7. 7. 4-Must Watch All Pakistanis and Do share With Others Pakistan Peoples Forum (PPF) Objectives of This Forum o To save our beautiful homeland o Uniting the people to stand against terrorism o Unite the youth under this forum to speak against the wrongs o Providing a platform for youth to express their feelings o Bringing young patriotic people who have good leadership and communication skills o Exposing corrupt people
  8. 8. o Exposing the true faces of our enemies in front of the public Who can join? o The Pakistani people who lives anywhere in the world, but loves their home country. We will appreciate your suggestions and participation in this cause for our beautiful country and need guidance from “Sir Sultan Khan” Thank you so much