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Storage Efficiency Poster Pdfnewfor2011[1]


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Storage Efficiency Poster Pdfnewfor2011[1]

  1. 1. NetApp Storage Efficiency Storage Efficiency Components Microsoft®SQL Server® Oracle® Citrix, Hyper-V , VMware® Data Compression TM Data Warehouse Exchange Application Servers Files Data compression is performed inline and immediately reduces the amount of stored data. Data Compression Deduplication Across applications and My AutoSupport TM Operations Manager protocols, deduplication CIFS CIFS identifies, validates, and NFS NFS removes redundant data GbE GbE blocks from volumes for iSCSI iSCSI FCoE FCoE Deduplicated up to 95% disk savings. Data SAN SAN RAID-DP RAID-DP protects against D D D D P P double disk failure without sacrificing Data Compression Data Compression RAID with Double performance or adding FC Parity disk mirroring overhead. Storage Efficiency Measuring and Monitoring Deduplication Deduplication My AutoSupport FC D D D D P P D D D D P P SATA Drives with Flash Cache RAID-DP® RAID-DP® SATA drives provide Web-based monitoring SnapMirror significantly more storage tool that offers a quick capacity. Combined with and easy view into the SATA Drives with Flash Cache, they also offer storage efficiency of Thin Replication SATA Drives with SATA Drives Flash Cache Flash Cache increased performance. My AutoSupport NetApp storage systems. with Flash Cache Operations Manager Snapshot® Snapshot® Snapshot Helps storage Free Space Pool Free Space Pool Snapshot technology administrators resolve App C App B App A App C App B App A provides instant, problems faster and Thin Provisioning Thin Provisioning point-in-time data copies improve capacity with minimal storage SnapVault® Operations utilization by providing a Snapshot space. Manager full picture of your NetApp Virtual Cloning Virtual Cloning storage resources. Thin Provisioning NetApp Unified Storage System NetApp Unified Storage System Thin provisioning keeps a Free Space Pool common pool of storage readily available to all Data Compression App C applications. App B App A Deduplication Pooled Storage V-Series Open Storage Controller V-Series Open Storage Controller V-Series Open Storage Controller Thin Replication Flash Cache Thin replication enables block-level, incremental data backup and SAN SAN replication for significant Snapshot storage and bandwidth savings. Free Space Pool Thin Replication at App C Block Level App B App A© Copyright 2010 NetApp, Inc. All rights reserved. No portions of this document Thin Provisioning Virtual Cloningmay be reproduced without prior written consent of NetApp, Inc. Specifications aresubject to change without notice. NetApp, the NetApp logo, Go further, faster,AutoSupport, RAID-DP, SnapMirror, Snapshot, and SnapVault are trademarks or Virtual cloningregistered trademarks of NetApp, Inc. in the United States and/or other countries.Microsoft and SQL Server are registered trademarks and Hyper-V is a trademark of creates on-demand,Microsoft Corporation. Oracle is a registered trademark of Oracle Corporation.VMware is a registered trademark of VMware, Inc. All other brands or products are space-efficient virtualtrademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders and should be Third-Party Storage Virtual Cloning Third-Party Storage clones of volumes, LUNs,treated as such. NA-086-0910 Volume, LUN, and and individual files. File-Level Clones