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The top21free toolsyouneedforyourinternetbusiness


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The top 21 free tools you need for your internet business

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The top21free toolsyouneedforyourinternetbusiness

  1. 1. The Top 21 FREE Tools You Need For Your Internet BusinessI decided to write this report - to help you use the same "shortcut"tools as I do...The following are tools and services that I use to run my Internetbusinesses with on a daily basis.Best of all theyre all free!1. Free Mind - Mind Mapping SoftwareCreate training programs, webinar presentations and much more.Get organized and more effective quickly with this visually driven FREE―mind mapping‖ program.2. - Conference Call ServiceThis is a ―must have‖ free and robust conference call service! This ―on-demand‖ conference calling service allows for a 250-person conferencecall capacity. It also includes instant conference call access, noconference calling fees, full membership—not a trial, manage yourcalls online—all your calls are recorded free for you. Get FreeConference Calling working for you today!3. Audacity - Audio EditorThis FREE ―standard in the industry‖ and ―open source‖ program allowsyou to manipulate your audio files (like your conference calls). You canuse this program to cut up audio files, to edit out sections and evenimprove sound quality. Its great for editing interviews with and easyto use!4. Blog Talk RadioHost your very own Internet talk radio show – for FREE!5. Skype 1
  2. 2. This is telephone through your computer! Record your Skype call withEvoca. You can even get it transcribed!6. Kompozer - Website Design & HTML Editor7. Gimp - Graphics Editor8. Filzillala FTP - FTP SoftwareOne of the ‗industry standards‖ for uploading files.9. Paypal - Payment Processor10. - Social NetworkingA free automated social networking posting service. This free serviceautomatically updates ALL of YOUR social networking sites– alertingeveryone that there was new ―content‖ available from you! Theycurrently support over 30 social networking sites and are adding moreon a regular basis…11. TalkShoe.comHave a meeting - public or private. Make a podcast. Or start your owntalk show. You automatically get your RSS and iTunes feeds, so youcan spread the word about your talk show…all for FREE!12. - PodcastsLearn OR share your knowledge. With your FREE membership, youcan...create an online course, get paid for your knowledge, learn fromother experts, connect with other members!13. Open Office 2
  3. 3. Free alternative to Microsoft!14. Google DocsCreate ―slide shows‖, ―online‖ calendars and a ton of other usefulthings – all for FREE!15. - Document ConversionFree online document conversion to .pdf format (This report wascreated with it!) No need to install anything on your computer. Simplyupload the file and select your delivery method.16. Teleprompter - Teleprompter Software for your computerFree, Professional, & Easy-To-Use17. Format It! – Email Formating ToolWhen you do email marketing, you should use this. A perfectlyformatted email in seconds!18. MWsnap 3 – Screen Capture SoftwareThis is a screen capture software program that letsyou take snap shots of your screen. Great as a teaching or learningtool!19. Cam Studio – Screen Capture Video SoftwareThis is a screen capture video program that lets you shoot video ofwhatever you are doing on your screen. Great as a teaching orlearning tool! Great for product creation!20. WordpressThis is the most amazing software imaginable - and its completelyfree and you can install it in seconds. Wordpress is incredibly versatile 3
  4. 4. and can be used not just as a blogging platform but it can handle salesletters and membership sites as well. You can also install plugins thatnot only increase your readers enjoyment but increase your incomeopportunities as well. Most Webhosts will have a ―one click‖Wordpress install through hosting your cPanel. If not, here is the linkto download from the Wordpress site.21. GmailGmail is great! First of all, it has "Google chat". The nice thing is thatit saves these chats you have a record of them and can refer to themlater. Second, the "offline" features. If you change your ―settings‖, youcan enable this feature. It then actually saves all your emails "offline".This means that you can go through and answer each email without aninternet connection. Gmail will then automatically send all those emailsthe next time you log in. Perfect when you are working in areas withno Internet connection. Google also has unlimited space so theres noreason to delete anything. Instead, archive it all if you want. Here‘sanother tip: Click on settings, then click on labs, and enable "send &archive". Now when you respond to an email and send it out, it willautomatically archive the email for you!Resources:Each of the following resources are well known and have goodreputations. Check each out and determine for yourself which one youwould benefit from and want to go with…Name Cheap - Domain Name RegistrarGVO Hosting - Website HostingThe ―go to‖ Web hosting service for many of the top Internetmarketers.Aweber - Sequential Autoresponder ServiceThe ―go to‖ autoresponder service for most top Internet marketers. 4
  5. 5. Nanacast.comCreate your own membership sites, premium rss feeds, and podcastsin minutesAutomate delivery of digital and physical products, services, premiumrss or podcasts, including on demand print and shipment!Automate your own affiliate program, manage affiliate brokers,automate affiliate bonus offer delivery, customize promotions withcoupons and more!More ResourcesIf you enjoyed this product, you might also like:"How To Make Money In 30 Days”"The Great Canadian Giveaway” – Top Canadian Marketers provideyou with FREE products and services for your online marketingsuccess! 5