The Sustainable Future Eco Landmarks at GI2013 INSPIRE Forum


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The Sustainable Future Eco Landmarks at GI2013 INSPIRE Forum

  1. 1. Sustainable Future Eco-Landmarks ©TM ®
  2. 2. 2013How do we shift in a world that is massively old paradigm?John Strohl in LinkedIn No coherent agreement A lot to be done isnt "new“ Old paradigm problems are complex,compound, massive
  3. 3.  A lot to be done IS new Need for collective action Need fornon-hierarchicalself-organizingflexible structure2013
  4. 4.  A way to CONVINCE & PERSUADE (right people in right time)on the ‘desperate’ element (LACK OFTIME) NEW THINKING tools CONTROL to eliminate external obstacles VIRTUAL representation playground based on REAL LIFE problems TANGIBLE & ACCEPTABLE outcomes Paradigm STRUCTURAL ELEMENTS carefully selected… but above all, we need…2013
  5. 5. Cinema… From a scientific tool turned to auniversal fine art with a little help from Hollywood, Eisenstein& similar leverages This is how it passed to the big audience
  6. 6. Cinema… From a scientific tool turned to auniversal fine art with a little help from Hollywood, Eisenstein& similar leverages This is how it passed to the big audience
  7. 7. Multimedia… From software toinfotainment &edutainment with a little help from inter-disciplinary teams,graphic designers, directors& similar leverages. This is how it passed to the big audience
  8. 8. Same thing will happen today…Sustainable Developmentwill be promotedwith a little help fromWorld Nature &Culture HeritageEco-Landmark offers the leverage
  9. 9. UNESCOMonumentswill turn to:Sustainable paradigmsDevelopment practicesfunctional & useful & familiarThis is how Sustainable Developmentwill pass to the big audienceDrivers & enablers
  10. 10. LeverageCultureContext
  11. 11. Collaborative networking practiceto minimize risksPrevention is better than cure;and promotion is better than preventionA way to raise awarenesson Sustainable DevelopmentA global Business opportunitywith a cause: exponential Sustainability awareness riseEco-Landmarks
  12. 12. Production methodA group chooses an UNESCO’sMonument and transform it intoa virtualSustainable Future Eco-Landmark in two yearsWe use UNESCO’s World Heritage monumentsThey are among the seven Sustainability Puzzle partsProduct:Tangible prototypesEco-Landmarks
  13. 13. Home Business Education PublicadministrationLocalcommunitiesCountries Whole regionsTouristDestinations(Eco-Landmarks)
  14. 14. Smart-phones; tablet; pc All sustainability parametersare taken intoconsiderationwith no obstacles whatsoever Implementation, at any stagecan be promoted any timeany place, to any audience There exist all digital advantageswith no obstacles from status quo
  15. 15. RecognizableAbout 1000 worldwideEverywhere - everlastingAttract attention - publicityPilot practicesEasy local support‘Save the Planet Unlimited’ startup is looking for seed capital 50.000 € for 6 months
  16. 16. Sustainable characterhigh added valueAttract financial interestHave a human story to tellLast but not least,Unique & non-renewablecapital in danger‘Save the Planet Unlimited’ startup is looking for seed capital 50.000 € for 6 months
  17. 17. a. green movement critical mass &sustainable development supportersb. tens of millions of: Smart-phones users Tablets users Laptops users PCs users
  18. 18. Eco-Landmarks:business opportunityBenefits for usersBenefits for investorsExit plan selling to… Facebook (Facebook Vacation:61 Percent of Users Take Breaks From Site), LinkedIn, Google,Yahoo, Dropbox, Netflix, PayPal, Yelp, Groupon,Yammer,Instagram etc no more, no lessor continue based on Metis intellectual capital(see abstract)
  19. 19. Next phase: one or more applications among the rest ofsustainability puzzle will be launchedHome Business Education PublicadministrationLocalcommunitiesCountries Whole regions
  20. 20. 2012 ReportClimate change is taking place before our eyes2012 Global PollEnvironmental Concerns at 20-year Record Lows2013 NewsScientists have to join forces with ‘salesmen’to communicate with the big audience(Testimonial: Andreopoulos science communication expert)However, that is not all…
  21. 21. Green movement blames political will absence (the easytarget) (Testimonial: Metis NGO member of most ‘green’ coalitions worldwide)‘Al Gore’ style presentations have reached their limits(Testimonial: Andreopoulos is accredited Climate Reality presenter)UNFCCC summits (COP) are beating about the bush(Testimonial: Metis is Accredited Observer to the UNFCCC)World Environmental Education is taught like nothing ishappening (Testim.: AndreopoulosWorld Environmental Education Network member)National governments are blocked among big corporations& bureaucracy unwilling to change (Testimonial: everyday news)The NewYorkTimes cancelled its Green blog (… goes without saying)Big corporations are doing ‘business-as-usual’ (Climate Change Crisis effects)
  22. 22. Professional approach and human carePlanet’s salvation is…a volunteering task NO MORE;it has to shift to a professional task;A new business model with a causehas to be used
  23. 23. A third important element:contextA sustainability discussion with no context - and no listening- is not effectual for companies or individuals
  24. 24. contextEco-Landmark offers the context
  25. 25. Acropolis& surrounding territory
  26. 26. Foursquare, Wikivoyage,Google Culture Institute;EthicalTraveler; Trip AdvisorUN Sustainable DevelopmentKnowledge Platformno more, no less
  27. 27. 2010Eco-Landmark offers culture
  28. 28. Innovative grid with:7-step procedureSmart ingredientsData mining tools(see abstract)
  29. 29. 30 yearsCommunicationNewTechnologiesGlobal networkingEnvironmental awareness30 years… and what were we hatching?
  30. 30. Columbus Egg: an intriguing mechanical puzzle from JapanFinding the right disk combination weight inside the egg is unlocked.This weight then allows you to stand the egg upright !!!The number of positions:5 disks, each with 10 orientations, give 105 =10.000 positions.all reachable and solvable.More or less, the ways to Sustainable Development , but alwaysreachable & solvable
  31. 31. LeverageCultureContext
  32. 32. Metis WorldAwareness Network•AndreasAndreopoulos, Dimini,Volos, Magnesia,Thessaly, Hellenic Republic•Tel +3024210-62979, +306977-967491, Skype: paramythas• •• National Bank of Greece IBAN account nr: GR2601103970000039767032244SHIFT (BIC) ETHNGRAA• Follow us on linkedinEco-Landmarks ©TM ® is a business opportunity with a causeYou‘d better get occupied withGlobal Fisheries Crisisand Smart Fishingto develop a practiceThanks again