T HE MA N C HESTER C H URC H OF C HRIST, MA N C HESTER, N H                                   M a r 18, 2 0 0 9

  THE ...
T HE MA N C HESTER C H URC H OF C HRIST, MA N C HESTER, N H                                                 M a r 18, 2 0 ...
T HE MA N C HESTER C H URC H OF C HRIST, MA N C HESTER, N H                                                  M a r 18, 2 0...
T HE MA N C HESTER C H URC H OF C HRIST, MA N C HESTER, N H                                           M a r 18, 2 0 0 9

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March 18, 2009


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March 18, 2009

  1. 1. T HE MA N C HESTER C H URC H OF C HRIST, MA N C HESTER, N H M a r 18, 2 0 0 9 THE BULLETIN All Together now! Manchester Church of Christ 66 Mammoth Rd. Manchester, NH 03109 603.623.5559 We certainly find ourselves substantially mht_church@comcast.net inconvenienced by the sewer www.mhtcoc.org backup, but our little exercise in flexibility and getting out of our Elder’s Link: March ruts has also been a fresh breath Lee Davis – ladnlad@comcast.net of air and makes us appreciate 547-8876 the blessings that we have in a place to meet. Larry Glass – larrycalling@yahoo.com Thanks to everyone who This past Sunday was a 887-1741 worked so hard and helped to unique experience in the life of make it possible. If you have any concerns that the this congregation, due to the elders should be aware of, or need condition of our building — we to speak to with them, please met in a movie theater. If you contact Lee or Larry this month. missed the experience of Our Worship Services meeting with the whole Sunday AM: 8:30 & 11:00 congregation, you missed a Bible Class: 10:00 really great event! We haven’t Sunday PM: 6:00 met together as a whole Small Groups: congregation (because of our West Side Small Group: 6:15PM at numbers) for years. This Sunday Doug Paul’s we did — and maybe we ought Merrimack Small Group: 6:00PM at to do it more often! There were Stuart Peacock’s some adjustments that we had Nashua Small Group: 6:00PM at Paul to make and there were a few Mosier's (but only a few) logistical Wednesday PM Devotional/Bible hiccups; but what a great time of Classes: 7:00 worship and fellowship. News Items? Please submit before 11AM each Tuesday. This Sunday, being the fourth Sunday evening will be a sermon on Sunday, one of our shepherds was scheduled 2 Timothy 2 — a chapter full of excellent to speak at the pulpit; but we’ve rearranged counsel about the Christian life, not just for the schedules a little and I (Park) will be in evangelists, but also for every Christian. If the pulpit. The shepherds will, instead, take you’re not going to a small group study on the pulpit on April 5, when I’ll be out of Sunday night at 6PM, be sure to join us to town (celebrating a certain little boy’s worship the Lord and learn from God’s second birthday). This Sunday’s sermon will word. center around the leaven of the Pharisees and Sadducees. PAGE 1
  2. 2. T HE MA N C HESTER C H URC H OF C HRIST, MA N C HESTER, N H M a r 18, 2 0 0 9 “So then you are no longer strangers and Our Family aliens, but you are fellow citizens with the saints, and are of God’s household,” Ephesians 2:19, NAS95. Coming up in March... Myron & Gloria Potter.....232- this week are peanut butter, 3866 rice, and rice mixes. If your email or phone numbers Attention ladies There is a ladies Special contribution Just a have changed since the printing day next Saturday, March 28th in reminder that next Sunday, of the directory please let Kim Biddeford, Maine. See the March 29th will be a fifth know. We don't want anyone to bulletin board in the foyer for Sunday, which means a be missed when there are more information. contribution will be taken for important messages. Gander Brook The winter of 2007- our building fund. Service opportunity Doug Paul is 2008 brought such a heavy Teen devo There will be a still in need of volunteers to take snow load on the porch that it devotional at the Moser's on the Lord's supper to shut- ins. almost collapsed. The damage is Friday, March 27th at 7pm. Girls Sign up sheet is on the bulletin so severe that the whole porch board in the foyer. needs to be replaced- for $90K. bring snacks, guys bring drinks. There is a flyer and forms in the foyer if you are interested in This and that... helping with funding. What else? Help needed The Lauzon's will be Sonshine basket There is a basket in moving to Dublin, NH on April the foyer marked for Doreen 18th and could use some help Lee. She is quite depressed so it Wednesday Night Dinner moving. Please let Peter or would be nice if we could fill this Debbie know if you are basket for her. Little wrapped available. items could include: note cards, Postponed until further chocolates, nice pens, small notice. Directory updates journals, lotions, & magazines. Lisa Marchesseault.....44 Please bring items by Montelona Rd., Goffstown, Sunday,March 29th. 03045, 497-4010 Pantry revival Please continue to Tony & Julie Casella.... bring items for our food pantry cas3110@comcast.net and place them in the box in the Betty Baron.....622-4199 foyer. The requested items for Prayer Concerns Worship Leaders Health: Doreen Lee, Pat Arel, Bill Sunday, March 22, 8:30AM Scripture .....................David S. Waisnor, Rosemary Landry, Dawn & Songs .........................Doug P. Lord’s Supper .............Rick G. Kassidy Law, Deniza Chase’s niece, Prayers ....................Mark C. & Larry G. Coordinator ................Pete S. Marge Simon, Penny Ranger, Manley Scripture ....................Mike M. Jones, Michael Anderson's brother Lord’s Supper ............Stuart P. Sunday, March 22, 6:00PM Leadership: Ministers, Elders, Coordinator ...............Stuart P. Songs...........................Ken B. Deacons Evangelism: Bible studies in Sunday, March 22, 11:00AM Wednesday, March 25, 7:00PM progress, our website, MNFM Songs ........................Gerry M. Songs..........................Mark C. Return to the Lord: Brethren who Prayers ....................Pete S. & Barry F. have forsaken the assembly PAGE 2
  3. 3. T HE MA N C HESTER C H URC H OF C HRIST, MA N C HESTER, N H M a r 18, 2 0 0 9 Li f e Af t e r Li f e (P a r t 2) P a r k Li n s c o m b Well, a couple of weeks and a bodies lose the spirit (given by God — asked about death: minor disaster has passed since the last Genesis 2:7) that moves or animates installment of this series, but life goes them, and our bodies begin to return to Are the dead conscious? According to on — and indeed, that is the point of the dust from which we were made. Luke 16:19ff (see also 1 Sam. 28:8-19) this series of bulletin articles, life does the dead do have consciousness, though go on. In the first installment of this At death one’s spirit enters the what they know seems to be limited. series I talked about the three realms of realm of Hades or Sheol, the spirit There are religious groups who existence that the Bible tells us about: world of all the dead that I talked about advocate “soul sleep” — complete lack this physical realm in which we now in the last article. Again, in this spirit of consciousness in death — based on live, a realm called Sheol or Hades in world of Hades there is a place called their misunderstanding of Old the Bible, and what we will call the Paradise (or Abraham’s bosom) and a Testament passages speaking from the eternal realm. This week I’ll talk about place described as torment. Spirits of point of view of humans who observe death. the dead who are innocent or saved go the inanimate (and therefore to Paradise, while the spirits of those unconscious) bodies of the dead. Mortality — the destiny of who sinned and remained in their sins in death and decay — is not the original the physical world go to the place Do the dead know what’s going on in state of man, but a result of the first sin described as torment (see Luke 16:19ff). this world? Again, according to Luke of Adam and Eve (see Gen. 2:16,17; In these separate regions of Hades our 16:19ff and 1 Sam. 28:8-19, there seems Gen. 3:19; Gen. 3:22-24). But since that spirits stay (Luke 16:26) until the to be little knowledge of what is time, death is an appointment that resurrection (Rev. 20:11-13), This happening in the physical world. everyone, except a very, very few will logically implies that there is some form Samuel had to ask why Saul had ever avoid. Enoch walked with God and of judgment that must occur shortly disturbed him. “was no more” (Gen. 5:24); Elijah was after we die, a judgment of guilt or taken up in a chariot of fire (2 Kings innocence. The final judgment (as in Is it possible to talk to the dead? There 2:11,12); and those who are alive when Rev. 20:11-15) is probably best is only one instance of such a thing Jesus returns (1 Cor. 15:51,52). For all understood as a kind of sentencing happening in the Bible (1 Sam. 28:8ff), the rest of us it is an appointment (Heb. judgment, proclaiming our eternal but it should be pointed out that the 9:27), which doesn’t always give us destiny based upon the previous necromancer or spiritist (one who “fair warning”; the Bible is full of judgment of guilt or innocence, based claims to be able to communicate with teachings about the uncertainty and on our deeds (for example, Matt. 16:27; the dead) in this story is actually fragility of life (for example, Isa. 40:6- Rom. 2:6; 2 Cor. 5:10) or our partaking surprised at Samuel’s appearance. God 8), though we often don’t give it much of the Lord’s grace (for example, Titus forbids such a practice (Deut. 18:9-14) thought (Eccl. 7:2). 3:5; Eph. 2:8,9; and others) in the and insists that everyone who follows physical world. Him must seek their spiritual Essentially, death is separation. information from His prophets (the Physical death is separation of the Staying in one region of Hades writers of the Bible). physical body from the spirit or soul or the other (Paradise or torment) is (for example, Psalm 146:3,4). Spiritual solid proof that the doctrine of What about those near death death (I’ll talk about that more in Purgatory (from the Catholic Church) is experiences you hear and read about? another article) is also separation: erroneous and false. No matter how Although some of the descriptions I’ve separation of our spirit or soul from the many prayers may be said on behalf of read seem fairly credible, the actual Lord. By the way, the terms soul and those who have died, the great fixed experience of death isn’t described spirit mean pretty much the same thing chasm (Luke 16:26) prevents any cross anywhere in the Scripture — our only (for example, Job 4:11; Isa 26:9; 1 Cor. over, any changing of status. In other sure guide to matters of the spirit — so 15:45; Philippians 1:27), although words, we must get right and stay right when asked, we ought to simply say that “soul” seems to carry the subtle with the Lord in this physical world, we don’t know. difference of “life” with it, while because once we have died, our spiritual “spirit” is more the substance of our state is unchangeable. soul. So, when death occurs, our spirits are separated from our bodies; our A few questions are often PAGE 3
  4. 4. T HE MA N C HESTER C H URC H OF C HRIST, MA N C HESTER, N H M a r 18, 2 0 0 9 Our Congregational Calendar Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 Bible class 7PM Happy Birthday: Gloria Dion 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 Bible class 7PM Happy Birthday: Happy Birthday: Happy Birthday: Nicole Hillhouse Rachel Devoe & Happy Don Dion & & Adrian Ortega Louise Roy Anniversary: Lynn Millette Tony & Julie Casella Te e n N e w s Yo u n g A d u l t s • There is a devotional at the Moser's on • Come join us for Bible class on Sunday Friday, March 27th at 7pm. Girls bring morning! snacks, guys bring drinks. Our Statistics Sunday Morning Worship (combined) 104 Contribution T he Ma n c h es te r c h u r c h o f C h r is t 66 M a m m o t h R d. M a n c h e s t e r , N H 03109 PAGE 4